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Updated October 9, 2015 - 11:23 PM EDT
US Scraps Program to Train Syrian Rebels
US SecDef Predicts Terror Attacks on Russia
  Russia, Iran Deny US Claims of Cruise Missiles Crashing on Iran
  Rebels Down Helicopter in Syria, Unclear If It's Syrian or Russian
  Syria Expands Western Offensive Backed by Russian Strikes
  Rand Paul: No-Fly Zone in Syria 'Could Lead to World War III'
14 Years In, NATO Talks Extension of Afghan War
  US Troops May Have Exceeded Authority in Bombing Hospital
Israelis Kill 6 Palestinians Amid Cycle of Violence
US Admiral: North Korea Could Nuke America
NATO to Send More Troops to E. Europe, Citing Russia/Syria
FBI Claims It Disrupted 'Dozens' of Possible ISIS Recruits
Syria Intervention Is a Mistake: US Can't Run Entire Middle East  by Rep. John J. Duncan, Jr.
Putting Parchin to Rest  by Robert Kelley
US Massacre in Kunduz Exposes Bankruptcy of Obama's National-Security Policy  by Bob Dreyfuss
Switching Sides in the ‘War on Terrorism’  by Justin Raimondo
Why Bombing a Hospital Is a War Crime by Robert Koehler
The Republican Revival of Romney's Foreign Policy  by Philip Giraldi

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Pinochet Directly Ordered Killing on US Soil of Chilean Diplomat, Papers Reveal
Woman: Apple Butter Led to $2,000 Fine From TSA
Judges Refuse to Align Clinton Email FOIA Lawsuits
Hillary Compares NRA to Iranians, Communists
Mortar Attack on Baquba; 131 Killed Across Iraq
Mortar Attacks Kill 27 in Iraq: Police
Protesters Scuffle With Police in Iraq's Kurdistan Region
Popularity of 'Putin the Shiite' Sky High in Iraq
Wary of Escalation in Syria, US Is Waiting Out Putin's Moves
Syrian Militant Group Recasts Itself as Moderate Option
Hints of Soviet Helicopter Tactics From Afghanistan
Turkey Bans TV Channels Close to Erdogan Foe Ahead of Polls
Pro-Kurdish Party Hopeful of PKK Ceasefire as Turkish Election Nears
Child Killed Playing With Munitions on Street in Turkey's Southeast
Turkey Urges NATO to Keep Up Its Patriot Defenses
Yemeni Loyalists Move Closer to Retaking Taez Province
Yemeni President Dismisses Houthi Concessions as 'Maneuver'
Amnesty Tells the US to Stop Selling Arms to Saudi Arabia
Police Impose Fresh Restrictions on Muslims at Temple Mount
8 Israelis Wounded in Stabbing Attacks, Palestinian Killed in Clashes With Police
Israel Blames 'Lone Wolves' for Recent Stabbings
Bennett Calls for Armed Israelis to 'Eliminate the Enemy'
Netanyahu Clarifies: Temple Mount Ban Applies to Both Jewish and Arab MPs
Abbas to Israeli Government: Stay Away From Our Islamic and Christian Holy Sites
Israeli Arab MPs to Defy Al-Aqsa Ban
Jerusalem Police Install Metal Detectors Around Muslim Neighborhoods
Jerusalem Mayor Calls on Civilians to Carry Weapons in Wake of Terror Attacks
Israel Right-Wing Demonstrators Clash With Police, Search for Arabs
Beirut Protest Turns Violent, Politicians Postpone Talks
UN Announces Libya Unity Govt; 2 Sides Must OK Names
In Libya, the ISIS's Black Banner Rises by the Mediterranean
Nigeria: Troops Kill 100 Terrorists, Lose Seven Soldiers in Yobe
South Sudan's Warring Sides Violated Ceasefire Over 50 Times: Monitors
Tunisia's Tourism Industry Struggles to Survive
Mexican Army Head Is Unhappy With Law Enforcement Role
UN Human Rights Official: Mexico Must Withdraw Army From Streets
The War at Home
Feds Liken Ending Bulk Surveillance to Opening Prison Gates
I Showed Leaked NSA Slides at Purdue, So Feds Demanded the Video Be Destroyed
Trump: 'No-Good Traitor' Bergdahl Would Have Been Executed 30 Years Ago
Ex-Adviser to Obama Says Susan Rice Accused Israeli Leader of Racism
Congress Probing US Spy Agencies' Possible Lapses on Russia
Two Airmen Killed in 1952 Crash in Alaska Identified
Anti-Drone 'Death Ray' Can Blast Vehicles Out of the Sky From a Mile Away
NATO Supreme Commander Supports Independent MSF Investigation
Afghan Medical NGOs Faced Growing Danger Long Before MSF Hospital Tragedy
Doctors Without Borders to Review Work in Afghanistan After Airstrike
NATO May Need to Stay Longer in Afghanistan, Germany Says
Death Toll in Airstrike on Doctors Without Borders Hospital May Rise, Group Says
US General: Most Taliban Open to Peace Talks in Afghanistan
For Afghans in Kunduz, Taliban Assault Is Just the Latest Affront
Afghan Agents Shoot Two Would-Be Suicide Bombers in Kabul
India Says Ready to Hold Terror-Related Talks With Pakistan
Nawaz to Take Up Indian Ceasefire Violations Issue With US Leadership
Press Group Calls for Probe Into Killing of Indian Journalist
US, Philippines Forge Closer Military Ties Amid China Tensions
Former Italian Missionary Kidnapped in Southern Philippines
US Mulls Sailing Near Disputed South China Sea Islands: Pentagon Official
North Korean Capital Shows Flashes of Prosperity Amid Country's Isolation
European Commission President: Europe Needs Better Relations With Russia
UK Deploys Troops Over 'Russian Aggression'
ICC Prosecutor Plans Probe Into 2008 Georgia-Russia War
Russian Mayor Invites Donald Trump to Crimea
Kosovo Lawmaker Fills Parliament With Smoke to Protest Serbia Deal
US Officials Are Frustrated by Lack of Progress in Trade With Cuba
US University Sues CIA for Information on El Salvador Massacre
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