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Updated October 12, 2015 - 11:13 PM EDT
Afghan Taliban's Reach Widest Since 2001
  Pentagon to Pay Families, Won't Provide Details on Hospital Bombing
  By Evening, a Hospital; by Morning, a War Zone.
Why Syria's Christians Can Never Go Home
  US Weapons Fueling Proxy War With Russia in Syria
  Rival Rebels Seize Key ISIS Villages in Syria's North
  US Touts ISIS Killing of Iran General as 'Psychological Blow' to Syria
  Iraq Claims Airstrike Hit ISIS Leader's Convoy, Several Killed
128 Dead in Turkey After Blasts at Peace Rally
  An Attack Designed to Sow Division Appears to Have Succeeded
  Police Crack Down on Mourners After Blasts Rock Turkish Capital
Iran Parliament Approves P5+1 Nuclear Deal
  Iranian-American Journalist Convicted in Iran Espionage Trial
Israeli Airstrike Kills Pregnant Woman, 2-Year-Old in Gaza
US Caught Faking It in Syria  by Thomas Harrington
The Neoconservatives' Fairy Tales About Syria  by Matt Purple
Right-Wing Americans Who Made a Doc About Argentina  by Eli Clifton
No Justice, No Peace  by Justin Raimondo
Leader Without Glory  by Uri Avnery
Trim the Pentagon's Shadow Work Force  by William D. Hartung

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Ex-CIA Agent Detained in Portugal Over 2009 Italy Kidnapping Conviction
Spying Case Against US Envoy Is Falling Apart, and Following a Pattern
Nepal Elects Communist Party Leader New PM
Would Rand Paul Pardon Edward Snowden?
Officer in Bergdahl Hearing Recommends No Jail Time, His Lawyers Say
The War at Home
President Obama Says Hillary Clinton 'Made a Mistake' With Private Server, but Didn't Endanger National Security
Clinton Camp, Democrats Blast Benghazi Committee After Ex-Staffer's Claims
Clinton Emails Became the New Focus of Benghazi Inquiry
In Debate Preview, Bernie Sanders Criticizes Hillary Clinton for Iraq Vote
House Votes to End 40-Year Ban on Sending American Oil Overseas
Military Looks to Upgrade Its 'Tactical Biometrics' With Identity Dominance System 2
Five Wyoming Veterans Sue Company Over Toxic Burn Pits in Iraq
Taliban Attack UK Military Convoy in Afghan Capital Kabul
RAF Helicopter Crash: Five NATO Staff Die in Afghanistan
Portraits of Some of the Victims in Kunduz Hospital Bombing
Five Al-Qaeda Terrorists Killed in Pakistan 'Encounter'
Baloch Rebels 'Likely to Join Mainstream Politics'
Kim Declares North Korea Ready to Stand Up to Any US Threat
Taiwan Leader Warns Successor to Keep Status Quo With China
Blockade Politics in Nepal
Barred From Remote Island, Myanmar's Opposition Sees Dirty Tricks in Campaign
Suicide Bombers Kill at Least 38 at Market and Refugee Camp in Chad
Twin Suicide Bombings Kill 11 in North Cameroon: Sources
Nobel Peace Prize Celebrating Tunisian Democracy Could Be Premature
Central African Republic Rebels, Peacekeepers Clash
Moroccan Government Cracks Down on Journalists and Activists
Sudan's Bashir Urges Rebels to Resume Talks, Only One Notable Group Shows Up
Egypt Signs Deal for Two French Warships
Tens of Thousands Rally for Congo Leader's Bid to Extend Rule
South Africa Plans to Leave International Criminal Court: ANC
Ukrainian Forces and Rebels Clash Despite Truce
Russia Backs Bigger OSCE Mission in Ukraine
Merkel Aide Urges Bigger, More Aggressive German Military
Hundreds of Thousands Protest in Berlin Against EU-US Trade Deal
Belarus Election: Alexander Lukashenko Wins Fifth Term With Election Landslide
Social Democrats Hold Off Far-Right in Vienna Elections
Mexico Posts Probe Into 43 Missing Students Online
Cubans Risking Their Lives En Route to US as Thaw Triggers Immigration Policy Fears
3 Palestinians Killed, 4 Israelis Wounded in Latest Violence
Israeli Government Rejects Police Recommendation to Seal Off West Bank
His Home Thrice Destroyed, Palestinian's Legal Battles Against Israel Continue
Israelis Take to the Streets to Protest Security Situation
Manicured Fingers Throwing Stones: Palestinian Women Join Unrest
Israel Arrests 400 Palestinians in 10 Days: Officials
Arab Citizen Rams and Stabs Four Israelis, Police Stop Suspected Palestinian Car Bomb
4 Bedouins Stabbed in Dimona, Jewish Suspect Arrested
Anti-Arab Attacks on the Rise in Israel
Jailed Palestinian Leader Barghouti Lauds 'New Generation of Palestinians'
Netanyahu: Indict Arab MP for Incitement
Executions, Bombings and Airstrikes Leave 113 Dead Across Iraq
UK Denies Reports of Permission to Shoot Down Russian Jets
Iraqi Kurdish Protests Urge Regional President to Quit
Protesters Attack Party Offices in Iraq's Kurdistan Region
Australian Wheat Exporter Made Secret Payments of $220m to Saddam's Iraq, Court Hears
Turkish Military Says Syrian Jets, Missile Systems Harass Its Warplanes
Syrian Forces Make Gains Under Russian Air Cover
Women and Girls Crucial in Fight Against ISIS Ideology: Experts
Russian Military Reports 64 Airstrikes on ISIS in 24 Hours
Syrian Refugee Crisis
Packing Up Again: Syrians Leave Jordan for New Refuge
Refugees, Stuck in Grinding US Process, Wait and Hope
Tighter Security in French Port Breeds Growing Defiance Among Refugees
Dutch PM Condemns Attack on Shelter for Syrian Refugees
Thousands Rally Against Erdogan After Ankara Attacks
Kurdish Party Leader Calls Turkey 'Mafia State' Over Bombings
Kurdish Insurgents Halt Militant Activities in Turkey Until November Election
Turkey Sees ISIS Hand in Blasts, Vows Election Will Go On
Turkey Imposes News Blackout on 'Gruesome' Blast Images
ISIS Suspects Arrested in Turkey
Turkey Twin Blasts in Ankara: In Pictures
Turkish Editor Jailed Pending Trial for Insulting Erdogan
Middle East
Jordan Parliament Accuses Israel of 'State Terrorism'
Qaeda in Yemen Claims Killing of 'Sorcerers'
Iran Tests New Precision-Guided Ballistic Missile
Mideast Needs Grants, Not Loans for Refugee Crisis: Lebanon
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