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Updated October 15, 2015 - 11:18 PM EDT
Pentagon Knew Bombed Afghan Site Was Hospital
  Obama to Halt Afghanistan Troop Withdrawal
  Global Panel Seeks Probe of US Attack on Hospital
  Afghan Official: Taliban Insurgents Kill 29 Border Police
New Secret Docs: The Drone Papers
SecDef: We Will Deter Russia's 'Malign' Influence
Confusion as Pentagon Arms Syria 'Arab Groups'
  US, Russia Talk Air Safety Deal, But US Declines Deeper Talks
  FM: Russia Supporting Iraq in Fight Against ISIS
State Dept: Israel May Be Using Excessive Force
  IDF Preps Escalation, but Believes No Guiding Force Behind Attacks
US Sends Ground Troops, Drones to Cameroon
Iran Ratifies Nuclear Deal After OK by Guardian Council
US Navy Report: Saudi Blockade Slows Aid to Yemen
Of Course, It Is an Intifada: This Is What You Must Know  by Ramzy Baroud
What Did Clinton Mean When She Said Snowden Files Fell Into the 'Wrong Hands'?  by Dan Froomkin
So-Called Email Privacy Bill Re-Authorizes Snooping of Emails and More  by Mark Fitzgibbons
The Debate and the Myth of the Antiwar Democrat  by Lucy Steigerwald
Time for America to Abandon Afghanistan  by Ted Galen Carpenter
In Afghan Hospital Attack, Fog of War Isn't a Good Enough Explanation  Los Angeles Times

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Pundits Said Clinton Beat Sanders – but Did Viewers?
Sanders Would 'Absolutely' End NSA Spying
Hillary Clinton Defends Intervention in Libya
What Clinton Left Out About Her History With Gadhafi
Exposed: The US Army Tested Its Own Nuclear 'Dirty Bombs'
Antiwar Youth Conference Unites Against Militarism
143 Killed as Iraq Launches Another Attempt at Baiji
Iraq Liaises With Syria, Russia, and Iran to Bomb ISIS
Iraq Says Assault to Retake ISIS-Held Ramadi Looming
ISIS Battles Insurgents as Syria Army Prepares Assault
Top Cuban General, Key Forces in Syria to Aid Assad, Russia, Sources Say
Iran Sends Fighters to Syria, Escalating Its Involvement
Russian Jet Flew Up to 'US Plane in Syria for Identification'
Is Clinton's No-Fly Zone in Syria Really on the Table?
Christians, Others Fighting to Survive in Age of ISIS
Mother Feared to Have Taken Children to Syria Said She Was 'Doing What Was Best' for Them
Turkey Summons US Envoy Amid Reports of Weapons Aid to Syrian Kurds
Ten Kurdish Militants Killed as PKK Ceasefire Call Fails to Halt Clashes
Turkey Suspends Ankara Police, Intelligence, Security Chiefs After Bombing
Inside the Hospital That America Attacked in Kunduz
ISIS Is Making These Afghans Long for the Taliban
Afghan Journalists Defy Taliban Threats
China Says Has Not Militarized South China Sea
Japan, China Agree to Promote Dialogue Despite UNESCO Dispute
Philippine Army Rejects Call for Negotiations to Free Hostages
Pakistani Leaders Knew Osama bin Laden Was in Pakistan, Says Former Defense Minister
Nine US Governors Ask the Congress to End the Blockade of Cuba
Cocaine Air Corridor Zips Past Peru's Military
Off-Duty Haiti Policeman Killed by Gunmen
The War at Home
US Judge Orders Mentally Ill Man Medicated in Terrorism Case
CIA Torture Survivors Sue Psychologists Who Designed Infamous Program
Florida Sheriff Fumes Over Giving Up Armored Carrier
Young Palestinians Sound Off on Current Unrest, Israeli Occupation
IDF to Beef Up Gaza Border Fence as Protests Persist
Police Chief Rebuffs Ministers' Calls to 'Enforce Israeli Sovereignty in East Jerusalem'
Israeli Army Moves Into Cities Amid Sharp Response to Palestinian Attacks
Rising Violence Challenges Ideal of United Jerusalem
Islamic Movement Head Prevented From Leaving Israel
Jerusalem Grows More Grim and Polarized With Clampdown
Israeli Cabinet OKs Removing 'Inciters' From Temple Mount
State Dept Clarifies Kerry's Link Between Terror and Settlements
4 Settlers Held Over Clash With Palestinian Villagers
Iran, Japan Agree on Investment Pact After Sanctions End
In a Tehran Without Night Life, a Bridge Becomes a Gathering Place
Award-Winning Iranian Filmmaker Gets 6-Year Prison Sentence
Yemen/Saudi Arabia
Yemen Landmines Kill 5 Civilians, 12 Anti-Rebel Fighters
US Okays $495 Million Sale of Sikorsky Helicopters to Saudis
Egypt Northern Sinai Bomb Kills Civilian, Soldier
Egypt's Last Islamists Standing Offer 'Polite' Opposition
Central African Republic
UN Official Says French Learned Early of African Abuse
Armed Groups, Parties Boycott Central African Republic Talks
Triple Suicide Bombings Kill 7 in Northeast Nigerian City
Guinea's Main Opposition Leader Diallo Pulls Out of Election
Amnesty Says 14 Civilians Killed in Burkina Faso Coup Attempt
Sudan Accused of Withholding Rations for Darfur Peacekeepers
Tanzania President Warns Against Violence Ahead of Polls
Ukraine's Pro-Russian Rebels Reject Dutch MH17 Report
Soldier Killed in East Ukraine, Minister Blames Rogue Group
Ukraine Expected to Win UN Council Seat – and Face Russia
Ex-CIA Agent Convicted in Italy Has Asked for a Pardon
The German Lynchmob: Islamophobe Movement Returns With a Vengeance
Swiss Army Jet Crashes in France, Pilot Injured
Serbia Cries Foul Over Kosovo, Germany Says Complaints Unfounded
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