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Updated October 16, 2015 - 11:19 PM EDT
Pentagon Knew Target Afghan Site Was Hospital
  US Tank Smashes Into Bombed Hospital, Destroying Evidence
  Obama to Halt Afghanistan Troop Withdrawal
New Secret Docs: The Drone Papers
  Flawed Intelligence and the Limits of Drone Technology
  US Military's Expanding Footprint in East Africa and Arabian Peninsula
  Lethal Bureaucracy Behind Obama's Drone War
  Ramstein 'Involved US Drone Programs,' Says Former Drone Operator
Pentagon: Arms Airdrop Went to Arabs, Not Kurds
  Russia Assures Turkey They Aren't Arming Syrian Kurds
  Iraq Claims to Have Taken Key Oil Facility – Again
IAEA: Iran Met Deadline, Nuclear Inquiry Completed
  US Falsely Claims Iran Missile Test a ‘Violation’ of UN Resolution
Israel Furious After US Calls Crackdown 'Excessive Force'
To End Wars – Trump vs. Sanders  by Patrick J. Buchanan
Lies, Damn Lies and Presidential Statements About War  by Bruce Fein
Palestinians in Jerusalem Need Their Own Leadership  by Daoud Kuttab
Is Hillary Clinton Above the Law?  by Justin Raimondo
The Fog of Intelligence  by Tom Engelhardt
Hillary Defends Her Failed War in Libya  by Conor Friedersdorf

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Creating an Architecture of Assassination
Manhunting in the Hindu Kush
Alphabet of Assassination
Decoding the Language of Covert Warfare
The Life and Death of Objective Peckham
What Do We Really Know About Osama bin Laden's Death?
Iraqi Troops Advance in Baiji and Ramadi; 72 Killed
Mosul Pilgrims Stuck in Kirkuk; ISIS Out to Seize Their Homes
Sir John Chilcot to Set Timetable for Publication of Iraq War Report
White House: No Evidence Reports of Cuban Troops in Syria Are True
Syrian Army, Russian Jets Target Rebel Towns North of Homs
Russia Says Hotline With Israel Set Up to Avoid Syria Clashes
Water a 'Weapon of War' in Syria's Divided Aleppo
Syrian Refugee Crisis
World Bank May Compensate Syria's Neighbors for Refugee Costs
Turkey Seeks EU Cash, Visas, for Help on Refugee Crisis
EU Boosts Power of Border Agency to Deport Migrants
Sweden Could House Tens of Thousands Refugees in Tents: Migration Agency
Norway to Send Back Syrian Refugees Who Came From Russia
Hungary to Seal Off Croatian Border to Keep Out Migrants
Ankara Bombing Perpetrators Used Tea House to Recruit for ISIS – in Plain Sight of Authorities
Small Turkish Town Haunted by Lost Sons, Hand of ISIS
Turk's Denial of Any Armenian Genocide Not a Crime: EU Court
Yemen/Saudi Arabia
US Support for Saudi Strikes in Yemen Raises War Crime Concerns
Yemen Houthi Rebels Say Fire Missile at Saudi Base
US State Department Retracts Claim That Temple Mount Status Quo Was Violated
Israeli Arab Woman Held Without Trial for First Time in a Decade
Teenager Becomes a Focus in Israel-Palestinian Conflict
A Capital Divided: Will East Jerusalem Be Closed Off?
Netanyahu 'Open' to Meeting With Abbas to End Terror Wave
Israeli Police to Limit Prayers at Al-Aqsa Mosque
'I Won't Have Czechs Flying Me'
Iran Reveals Huge Underground Missile Base With TV Broadcast
Chinese Admiral Visits Iran, Wants Closer Defense Cooperation
Bahrain Denies Buying Israel's Anti-Missile System
UK Firm's Surveillance Kit 'Used to Crush Uganda Opposition'
Police Arrest Ugandan Opposition Presidential Candidate Before Rally
Sisi to Tighten Grip on Egypt Despite New Parliament
Dozens Killed as Suicide Bombers Hit NE Nigeria Mosque: Witnesses
Sudan, Accused of Blocking Peacekeeper Rations, Gets UN Food Post
Chad Arrests 62 Women for Wearing Veils After Bombings
New Role for German Soldiers in Mali?
Four Wounded in Violence in Central African Republic Capital
Military Families on Edge as US Delays Afghanistan Troop Withdrawal
Doctors Without Borders Presses Probe of Hospital Bombing
NATO: US Decision Paves Way for Sustained NATO Presence in Afghanistan
A Timeline of US Troops in Afghanistan Since 2001
Russia Mulls Re-Establishing Control of Tajik-Afghan Border
After Kunduz Falls and Violence Spreads, More Afghans Eye Europe
The War at Home
Feds Arrest Fox News Commentator, Allege He Lied About CIA Past
Amnesty: US Congress Must Launch Urgent Inquiry Into Obama's Drone Use
There's a Fight Brewing Over the Pentagon's 'Slush Fund'
The Tea Partier Who Loves Wasting Billions on Cold War Weapons
Tech Giants Warn Cybersecurity Bill Could Undermine Users' Privacy
Richard Olson Made US Speical Representative for Pakistan, Afghanistan
In Marine Unit Focused on Integrating Women, Seven Sex Assaults Reported
Colorado Prison Town Mixed on Possible Guantanamo Transfer
Police Union Head Calls for Boycott of Pumpkin Patch Over 'Black Lives Matter' Sign
US Exploring Deal to Limit Pakistan's Nuclear Arsenal
Obama to Discuss Nuclear Security Concerns With Pakistan
Hacker Who Allegedly Passed US Military Data to ISIS Arrested in Malaysia
Indian Troops Kill 3 Militants in Kashmir Gunfights
Myanmar Signs Ceasefire With Eight Armed Groups
China Hosts 10-Nation ASEAN Amid South China Sea Tensions
A Remote Corner of China Wants Access to the Sea. the Obstacle Is North Korea.
Kazakh Leader Says He and Putin Worried About Tajikistan
US, Scottish Investigators Have Two New Suspects in Lockerbie Bombing
A British Mom Spent 10 Months in ISIS-Held Territory. She Said It Wasn't Her 'Cup of Tea'
Germany Vows Tougher Control of Spy Agency After New Revelations
Berlin Imam Arrested for Supporting ISIS
Thousands Cheer Catalan President Questioned in Court Over Referendum
No EU Deal at Any Price, Merkel's Brussels Allies Warn Cameron
Australia to Charge Two Men Over 'Terrorism' Killing of Police Officer
Exiled Opposition Leader Arrested Upon Return to Venezuela
Pinochet Regime Tied to Ex-Nazi Medic's Enclave: Leaks
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