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Updated October 19, 2015 - 11:20 PM EDT
Hospital Was in 'Restricted' Database Before Attack
Airstrike Hits Syria ISIS Convoy, Kills 40 Fighters
  Pentagon: Al-Qaeda Financier Slain in Syria Airstrike
  Report: Russia Blocked Israeli Overflight of Syria, Lebanon
Iraq Aims to Advance North on Highway to Mosul
  Iraqi Kurdish Civilians Bear the Brunt of Turkish Airstrikes
  Fighting Moves East as 251 Are Killed in Iraq
30 Yemeni Fighters Killed by Saudi Friendly Fire
  Yemen Government Agrees to Attend UN Peace Talks
Violence Escalates in Jerusalem and West Bank

Five Turkish Soldiers, 28 PKK Killed in Weekend Fighting

US Officials: Iran Complying Too Fast With Nuclear Deal
Snowden, Ellsberg Hail Drone Leak From New Whistleblower
The New Cold War and the Death of the Discourse  by Justin Raimondo
Turkey – Success Story Turns to Disaster  by Eric Margolis
How Can Anyone Still Be an Interventionist?  by Jacob Hornberger
What Israel Is Up To in Jerusalem  by Ran HaCohen
Dealing With the Syrian Quagmire  by Jo Comerford & Mattea Kramer
Yes, the US Can Leave Afghanistan  by Andrew J. Bacevich

More Viewpoints

US Marines Are Warned Agaainst Reading Leaked 'Drone Files'
Study Reveals Media's Refusal to Acknowledge Civilian Victims of US Wars
Spyware Sold to Govts Still Spreading Despite Hacks Against Vendors
The War at Home
Judge May End Impasse That Halted 9/11 Case at Guantanamo
Dept of Transportation Planning to Require Drones Be Registered
Flare-Up on Benghazi Committee as Hillary Clinton Testimony Nears
Snowden Says Hillary Clinton's Bogus Statements Show a 'Lack of Political Courage'
'Flawed' Study Casts Doubts on Mixed-Gender Units in US Marines
TSA Dropping the Term 'Anomaly' for Transgender Passengers
NYPD Has Some Scary-Sounding X-Ray Vans – and It's Refusing to Talk About Them
New Credit Card Fraud Protection Creates Confusion – Even for FBI
Obama's Tank Take-Back Ticks Off Some Florida Law Officers
Afghan TV Stations Face Taliban Threat After Kunduz
Taliban Threats to Afghan Journalists Show Shift in Tactics
Afghan Right Watchdog Accuses Taliban of 'Grave' Violations
German Hostage Freed in Afghanistan
First Women's Studies Program Launches in Afghanistan
Iranian Forces Fire Eight Mortar Shells Into Pakistani Territory
Eight Suspected Militants Killed in Karachi Encounter
Three ISIS-Linked Terrorists Arrested in Karachi: Sources
Pakistan Says Has Eliminated Uighur Militants From Territory
Pakistan to Appoint Ex-General as New National Security Advisor
China's Lighthouses in Spratlys Beckon Recognition From Passing Ships
In a Region Disturbed by Ethnic Tensions, China Keeps Tight Lid on a Massacre
China's Xi Lauds Britain for 'Visionary' Openness, Prods Others to Emulate
Taiwan Ruling Party Replaces Presidential Pick With Party Chief
As Tibetan Exiles Vote, Candidates Discuss Views on China
South Korean President Park Geun-Hye Urges Obama to Cooperate More With China
Obama: Willing to Talk With North Korea on Nukes
North Korea Rejects More Nuclear Talks, Demands Peace Treaty With US
Many Topics Off Limits at Reunions for Koreans Divided by War
More Than 180 Ethnic Rohingya Flee Shelter in Indonesia
Indonesia's Aceh to Close Churches After Pressure From Muslim Groups
Japan Shows Off Naval Power as US Signals Wider Engagement in Western Pacific
Villagers in Northern India Kill Muslim Accused of Smuggling Cows: Police
Sri Lanka Says Would Consider Visit by China Navy Ships
Muslims From Violence-Torn Rakhine Voice Support for Myanmar's Suu Kyi
Turnout Low in Egypt's Long-Awaited Parliamentary Election
US Group Scales Back Plan to Monitor Egypt Election
Brotherhood Missing From Ballots as Egypt Votes
In Egypt Vote, Ultraconservative Islamists Try Balancing Act
Female Suicide Bombers Kill 11 in NE Nigeria: Police
Nigerian General Jailed for Losing Battle to Boko Haram
African Union Urges Faster Plans for Troop Deployment to Burundi
UN Threatens Sanctions Over Libya
Guinea President Wins Second Term, Opponent Vows to Protest
French Algerian Diaspora Marks 1961 Crackdown
UK to Block Teenagers' Passports to Stop Them Joining Militants
Scottish Leader Sturgeon Tells Cameron: 'We Will Decide on Independence'
Blair Made Deal With Bush Over Military Action in Iraq a Year Before the War: Leaked Emails
US Army Plans for More Equipment Caches in Europe
Russia's Resurgent Drone Program
Montenegro Police Fire Teargas at Anti-Government Protesters
Russia in Syria: Moscow to Increase Missions in Syria to '300 a Day'
Russia's Aim in Syria Is Defeat of ISIS, Not Prop Up Assad: Russian PM
Relief Trucks Enter Besieged Syrian Towns
Cuba Denies It Has Sent Troops to Syria to Help Assad
Ex-Pentagon Chief Gates Says Syrian Program Was 'Nuts'
Fighting Moves East as 251 Are Killed in Iraq
American Surveillance Drone Crashes South of Iraq
Smoking Gun Emails Reveal 'Deal in Blood' George Bush and Tony Blair Made as They Secretly Plotted the Iraq War
One Man's Escape From the ISIS-Ruled City of Mosul
Second New Zealand Contingent Heads to Iraq
Iraq Slaps Arrest Warrant on Trade Minister Over Graft
Syrian Refugee Crisis
As Some Syrian Refugees Arrive, Michigan Makes Case for More
Syria 'Safe Zone' Needed to Stem Migration Amid Fears of New Wave: Turkey
Swiss Parliament Shifts to Right in Vote Dominated by Migrant Fears
Stabbed German Candidate Henriette Reker Elected Cologne Mayor
Czechs Under Fire for Harsh, Lengthy Migrant Detentions
Remote Greek Village Becomes Doorway to Europe
Migrant Crisis: Slovenia Army to Help Police
Croatia Diverts Migrants to Slovenia After Hungary Border Closure
Thousands of Migrants Surge Into Slovenia in New Route
Diyarbakir on the Brink as Turkey Targets Kurds
Turkey Would Shoot Down Planes Violating Its Air Space: PM
Roadside Bomb Kills Two Soldiers in Turkey's Southeast: Sources
In School on Syria Border, Turkey's Challenges as EU Gatekeeper Are Clear
Iran Deal 'Adoption Day': US Approves Conditional Sanctions Waivers
Two Killed in Shooting at Shi'ite Ceremony in Iran
Iran FM Wants 'Humanitarian' Solution for US Reporter
Iran Rejects Criticism of Its Missile Test
Iran's Law Approving Nuclear Deal: Full Translation
German FM: Iran Nuclear Deal Is an 'Opening' for Diplomacy in Middle East
Hundreds of Sudanese Ground Troops Join Saudi-Led Campaign in Yemen
Yemen's Abundant Guns Fuel Its Messy Civil War
Emirati Officer Killed in Drive-By Shooting in Yemen's Aden
Hundreds of Israeli Settlers Firebomb Palestinian Villages in Eastern Hebron
Netanyahu Rejects 'Absurd' Call for International Observers on Temple Mount
Israel, US Signal Security Ties Back on Track After Iran Feud
Hamas Asks Russia to Help Stop Israeli 'Aggression'
Wall Placed Between Jewish, Arab Jerusalem Neighborhoods
'The Martyrs of Jalazone': Life in a West Bank Camp
Israeli Towns Move to Ban Arab Workers From Schools
Poll: Arab Israelis See Al-Aqsa Protection as Key to End Violence
New York City Mayor in Israel Amid Tensions
US Military Chairman in Israel for Meetings, Amid Violence
Bennett Slams Netanyahu for Saying He Wants to Meet Abbas
'Sadism and Savagery I've Never Seen Before': Max Blumenthal & Chris Hedges Discuss 2014 Assault on Gaza
Israeli Arab Cleared of Suspicion of Being Terrorist Mulls Lawsuit
Middle East
UN to Deploy Peacekeepers to Protect World Heritage Sites
US Blocks Some Anti-Drug Funds for Mexico Over Human Rights Concerns
Bogota, FARC Rebels Reach Agreement on Colombia Missing
Venezuela Opposition Leader to Be Jailed During Trial
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