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Updated October 22, 2015 - 11:16 PM EDT
Obama Vetoes 2016 Military Spending Bill
American Killed in Iraq Hostage Rescue Operation
US Tells Iraq to Choose Them or Russia in War
  Iraqi PM Under 'Tremendous Pressure' to Ask Russia for Help
  50 Killed in Fresh Iraq Bloodshed, 365 Bodies Found in Mass Graves
US Slams Russia for Letting Syrian President Visit
  Russia Says ISIS, al-Qaeda Discuss Unifying in Syria
  Seized Town Formally Joins Syrian Kurdish Region
Webb Drops Out of Dem Primary, May Run as Independent
  Biden Will Not Seek 2016 Democratic Presidential Nomination
FBI Director: Fewer Americans Trying to Join ISIS Abroad
US Plans $1 Billion Annual Hike in Israel Military Aid
22 Yemeni Civilians Killed in Rocket Fire Around Taiz
Torture, Iran, and Secrecy: CIA Director Brennan's Emails
Drones, Torture, and the Impatient State  by Lucy Steigerwald
Why Is Benjamin Netanyahu Trying to Whitewash Hitler?  by Ali Abunimah
Obama Has Threatened Vetoes Over Guantanamo, and Caved in Every Time  by Jenna McLaughlin
How Popular Is Peace?  by Michael C. Desch
What Clinton Got Wrong About Snowden  by John Kiriakou
Remember When US Officials Loved Assad?  by Jacob G. Hornberger

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In Rare Admission, US Says Evidence Against Ex–Gitmo Inmate Was Unreliable
Trump Vows to Shut Down US Mosques to Defeat ISIS – but Admits He's Not Sure That's Legal
AF Tells Whistleblower's Mom She's on ISIS 'Hit List'
F-35 Jet Cost to Rise if Canada, Others Skip Orders
50 Killed in Fresh Iraq Bloodshed, 365 Bodies Found in Mass Graves
Iraq's Ruling Alliance, Militias Urge PM to Seek Russian Strikes
Two Armed US Predator Drones Crash in Iraq, Turkey
Iraqi Forces Claim Found 365 ISIS Bodies in Baiji Graves
ISIS Not Alone in Looting Syria Cultural Heritage: Study
Iranian-Trained Shiite Fighters Rally to Syria Offensive
'Syrian-Arabs' Expected to Take Lead in Next Anti-ISIS Phase
Putin Uses Assad Visit to Talk Up Kremlin Role as Syria Broker
Qatar Says Could Intervene Militarily in Syria but Prefers Political Solution
Shipping Traffic to Syria Surges as Russia Steps Up Offensive
Syrian Army Denies Russian Ground Forces Fighting in Syria
Syrian Refugee Crisis
Germany Considering Use of Military Aircraft to Deport Refugees, Report Says
EU's Juncker Summons Leaders Over Balkan Refugee Crisis
Hungary Will Not Open 'Corridor' for Migrants: Government
Boat Migrants Come Ashore at British RAF Base in Cyprus
Migrants 'Torch Tents' in Slovenia Camp
Slovenia Plans to Increase Number of Police Reservists to Handle Migrant Crisis

Hungarian Journalist Sacked for Kicking Refugees Plans to Sue One of Them

US-Made Drone Found in Southern Turkey
Erdogan Seen With Little Choice but to Share Power After Turkish Vote
Aftermath: Ankara Bombings Leave Turkey More Polarized Than Ever
Taliban Insurgents Active Close to Kabul, Threat Level Disputed
Kunduz Faces Tough Resurrection After Brief Taliban Takeover
US Navy Delegation Visits Chinese Carrier Amid Maritime Tensions
11 Indian Nuclear Scientists Died Mysteriously: Report
Two Chinese Diplomats Shot Dead in Philippines: Police
Sri Lanka Judge Says War Crimes Claims Are 'Credible'
Sounds of War Recede to Background in an Eastern Ukraine City
Ukraine Ceasefire Helps Volunteers Bring Dead Soldiers Home
James Bond Is Back, Stylish, Camp and Sexily Pro-Snowden
US Navy F18 Jet Crashes in Cambridgeshire Fens (UK), Pilot Killed
Russia, Belarus to Create Joint Defense Mechanism Within Two Years: RIA
Romania's Ex-President Iliescu Faces Prosecutors Over Killings at 1990 Rally
France PM Valls Promises Crackdown After Cars Burned in Riot
Netanyahu and the Holocaust
Netanyahu Says Palestinian Gave Hitler Idea for the Holocaust
After Netanyahu Comments, Germany Says Responsibility for Holocaust Is Ours
US State Dept: Netanyahu Holocaust Comment Not Backed by Scholarly Evidence
Outrage on Twitter Over Netanyahu's Holocaust Remarks
Opposition Blasts Netanyahu for 'Distorting' Holocaust History
'Caught on Camera': Extrajudicial Killings of Palestinians
Israeli Knesset Rejects Opposition Two-State Solution Bill
Palestinians Hope UN List Will Spur Talk of Protections
UNESCO Condemns Israel for Limits on Al-Aqsa Mosque Access
Man Misidentified as Terrorist Killed in Jerusalem After Assaulting Soldiers
Anger, Fear Permeate Memorial for Lynched Eritrean
Ex-Israeli PM Sued in US Over 2010 Flotilla Raid That Killed American, 8 Turks
Palestinian Driver Injures Israelis, Shot and Wounded
Police Chief: 'Hundreds' to Be Arrested in East Jerusalem
Iran Supreme Leader OKs Nuke Deal, Accuses Obama of 'Threats'
Iran Won't Give Up Uranium Stockpile Until Military File Closed: Khamenei
US to Raise Iran Missile Test at United Nations on Wednesday
Conglomerate Controlled by Iran's Supreme Leader a Winner From Nuclear Deal
Bahrain Opposition Condemns 'Excessive' Police Force
Bahrain Charges 24 With Trying to Set Up ISIS Branch in Kingdom
Egypt Loyalists Take the Lead in Parliament Elections
Poor Election Turnout in Egypt Might Strengthen Sisi's Hand
Egypt Replaces Central Bank Governor Hisham Ramez
Nigerian Troops, Hunters Kill 150 Boko Haram Extremists
20 Shot Dead by Suspected Islamists in NE Nigeria: Locals
Suspected Boko Haram Suicide Attack Kills Two Niger Soldiers
US Offers Niger Surveillance Planes as Islamist Attacks Continue
DR Congo
Congo Opposition Leader Makes 'Peaceful Uprising' Call
Army Disperses Anti-Government Protesters in Congo Republic
Pygmy and Bantu Leaders Sign Peace Deal in Southeast Congo
Three Years After US Consulate Attack, Benghazi Still at War
New South Sudan Peace Talks Held to Save Deal
France Awards 360 Million Euros in Aid to Mali: Hollande
Al-Shabab Recruits Return to Kenya After Quitting Group
South African Police Fire Stun Grenades as Students March on Parliament
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