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Updated October 28, 2015 - 11:14 PM EDT
Iraq: We Never Requested US Ground Operations
  US to Launch Ground Action in Iraq, Syria
  US Confirms Iran Invited to Next Syria Talks
  'No Consensus' in Free Syrian Army About Talks With Russia
  Turkey Confirms Attacking Kurdish YPG Forces in Syria
Saudi Airstrikes Destroy MSF Hospital in Yemen
  Obama Officials at Odds Over Saudi Airstrikes
Closest Nuclear Close-Call: The Okinawa Missiles of October
  The US Army Lost Track of 27 Ballistic Missiles
US Threatens to Send More Ships Near Chinese Island
Senate Passes Controversial Cyberspying Bill CISA 74 to 21
How the Neocons' Iraqi De-Baathification Created ISIS  by John Hay
We Perpetuate War by Exalting Its Sacrifices  by Sheldon Richman
Why Republicans Miss the Giant Benghazi Scandal Right Before Their Eyes  by Michael Brendan Dougherty
‘Freedom of the Seas’ Means American Global Hegemony  by Justin Raimondo
Taking Selfies in Iraq and Afghanistan  by William Astore
Israel Takes on the First Amendment  by Philip Giraldi

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Obama: No Evidence of a 'Ferguson Effect'
Islamists Rise as Chaos Descends in Yemen's Cosmopolitan Port
Bikini Islanders Seek US Refuge as Sea Levels Threaten Homes
Northrop Grumman Wins USAF Long Range Strike Bomber Contract
Pakistan Says Militants Firing From Afghanistan Kill Seven Soldiers
Fearing More Jailbreaks, Afghanistan Rushed Inmates Out of Helmand
Afghan Troops Launch Offensive to Regain Key District in Kunduz
Britain Says to Maintain Military Presence in Afghanistan in 2016
State Department Still Without New Plan to Fight Drugs in Afghanistan
105-Year-Old Afghan Refugee Seeks Better Life in Europe
Beijing Calls US Warship's Route in South China Sea a 'Provocation'
Angry China Shadows US Warship Near Man-Made Islands
US Will Fly and Sail Where 'International Law Permits' Despite Rebuke From China
China Army Says West Trying to 'Falsify' Communist Party History
Libyan Helicopter Shot Down Outside Tripoli, at Least 12 Killed
Egyptians Vote in Run-Offs With Loyalists in the Lead
Six Hostages Killed in Central African Republic by Rival Groups
Somali Army Clashes With Al Shabaab Militants in Gedo Province
Tanzanian Opposition Party Challenges Vote Count, Cites Rigging
UN Lifts Security Zone Around Mali Town as Security Improves
Catalan Parties Start Independence Roadmap, Rajoy Vows to Block It
Sympathizing With Islamists Is Not a Crime, German Court Rules
Russia Says Case Against Convicted Arms Dealer Bout Fabricated by US
Amid Renewed US-Cuba Ties, UN Condemns Embargo for 24th Year
US Still Isolated at UN General Assembly Over Cuba Embargo
Israel Only Country at UN to Join US in Supporting Cuba Embargo
Colombia Finds Unharmed 4 Survivors of Rebel Ambush
Prosecutor in Trial of Venezuela Leader Gives New Details
Policemen and Tribal Leaders Among 105 Killed in Iraq
Bombs Kill Four in Iraq, Mortars Target Police Training Center: Sources
ISIS Captives Say They Faced Blade as Rescue Came
Iran Has Over 1,000 Troops in Iraq, Less Than 2,000 in Syria: US General
Russia Confirms Death of Service Member in Syria
Obama, Saudi King to Raise Support for Syrian Opposition: White House
Syria Suggests US Should Have Spent Rebel Training Funds on Aid
Syrian Refugee Crisis
EU Risks 'Tectonic Changes' as Migrant Flow Swells to Over 700,000
Despite Conflict, Refugees Continue to Arrive by Boat in Yemen
Istanbul Has More Syrian Refugees Than All of Europe Says David Miliband
Syria Deal Means Talking to Assad: Visiting French MP
Abbas Turns to EU for Help on Israeli-Palestinian Violence
American Killed in Palestinian Attack Was Peace Activist
Three Palestinians Shot Dead After Knife Attacks: Israeli Army
Israel Sentences Islamic Leader to Jail for Incitement
French FM Tried to Arrange Summit Between Netanyahu, Abbas
Netanyahu Orders Deputy FM to Cancel Foreign Press Briefing Over Temple Mount Remark
Middle East
Saudi Mosque Suicide Bomber Threatened Shi'ites, Saudi Soldiers: Audio
Iran's Rouhani Says Expects Sanctions to Be Lifted by End-2015
UK Government Condemned for Encouraging Defense Firms to Attend UAE Security Show
The War at Home
GOP Senator: Guantanamo a 'Top-Rate' Facility
Photographer Astonished to Find His Photo in ISIS Propaganda
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Justin Raimondo
‘Freedom of the Seas’ Means American Global Hegemony

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