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Updated October 30, 2015 - 11:25 PM EDT
US to Send Special Operations Forces to Syria
  Lack of Syrian Involvement in Vienna Syria Talks
  Iran Signals Ready to Compromise at Syria Talks
  New Allies in Northern Syria Don't Seem to Share US Goals
  State Dept. Believes Russian Military Hit a Syrian Hospital
  Russian Air Strikes Pose Twin Threat to Turkey
US Has Secretly Been in Combat in Iraq for Months
  Canadian Strikes Linked to 2nd Charge of Civilian Casualties in Iraq
After 13 Years With No Charges, UK Gitmo Prisoner Released
Saudi Airstrike Destroys Bus in Yemen, Kills 10 Civilians
Court Rejects ACLU's Plea to End Phone Data Collection
AF Captain Stopped Accidental Nuclear War 53 Years Ago
Israeli Police Repeatedly Raid Hospital, Seeking Shot Teen
European Parliament Says Europe Should Welcome Snowden
Say, What's Hovering Over American Cities?  by Lucy Steigerwald
America’s Civilian Killings Are No Accident  by Peter Van Buren
Syria Is a Clusterf*ck, and It's About to Get Worse for the US  by Charles P. Pierce
The Revolt Against ‘Democracy’  by Justin Raimondo
Fertility and the Fate of Nations  by Philip Jenkins
Benghazi: How Not to Debate US Foreign Policy  by Jim Naureckas

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Transparency International: Mideast and North African Military Corruption 'Critical'
Mauritanian Detainee Held at Gitmo Transferred Home
Eric Holder Rebuffs FBI Chief on 'Ferguson Effect'
Iran Considered Nuclear Weapons During 1980s Iraq War, Ex-President Says
US Fighter Jets Intercept Russian Bombers Over Sea of Japan
At Least 118 Killed in Iraq as Rockets Terrorize Troops and Iranian Dissidents
Members of Iraq's Ruling Coalition Threaten to Withdraw Support for Abadi's Reforms
Rockets Strike Iranian Opposition Camp in Baghdad
Syrian Refugees Adapt to Life in Iraqi UN Camp Controlled by ISIS
ISIS Targets Journalists in Iraq's Mosul
Delayed Report on Britain's Role in Iraq War Is Expected in Summer
Kerry Seeks to Test Willingness of Russia, Iran to Nudge Assad Out
US Strike Kills Former German Rapper Who Joined ISIS
China, Germany Agree Syria Needs Political Solution
Month of Russian Air Strikes on Syria Kill Nearly 600: Monitor
ISIS Cell Kept Darth Vader Masks to Protect Themselves From Shrapnel
After Russian Strikes, Syria's Newly Displaced Scramble for Shelter
US Approves Sale of 'Smart Bomb' Kits to Turkey
Attacks on the Press Escalate Ahead of Turkish Elections
Turkey Ruling Party Hopes Crackdown on Kurds Will Win Back Support in Heartland
Supporters of Yemen President Hadi Clash With Rebels in Contested City of Taiz
Doctors Without Borders Demands Better Security in Yemen After Hospital Attack
Israel Police Repeatedly Raid East Jerusalem Hospital Seeking Palestinian Rioter
Israel Turning Conflict Into a Religious One, Warns Abbas, With Disastrous Consequences
Palestinian Uprising Shifts to West Bank City of Hebron
Israeli Police to Guard Ambulances Collecting Wounded Palestinians
Two Palestinians Shot Dead After Attacks on Israeli Soldiers: Security Forces
Kerry Warns: Escalation in Israeli-Palestinian Violence Illustrates One-State Reality
Israel Hosts Its Largest Ever International Air Force Exercise
'Desperate' Gazans Face Second Winter in Tents, Animal Shelters: UNRWA
Prosthetic Eye Maker Brings Relief to Wounded Gazans
Israeli Military Prohibits Male Palestinian Youths From Hebron's Jewish Settlement
Netanyahu Considers Implementing Special Security Court to Deal With Terrorism
Iran Is Said to Detain Another American
Mexican Soldier Shoots One-Year-Old American Girl at US Border
Colombia Killing Rebels Despite Truce Offer: FARC
Venezuela Says It Will Sue in US Court Over Sanctions
The War at Home
How the Army's $3 Billion Spy Blimp Went From Boondoggle to Laughingstock
Pentagon Confirms Army Blimp Was Shot Down
Republican Paul Ryan Elected as House Speaker, Replacing Boehner
Over 16,000 Alleged Terrorists Believed Dead, Yet Many Remain Watchlisted
Canada a Terrorist Haven? US Lawmakers Want Homeland Security to Check.
Trump: Obama 'Hates Israel'
Marco Rubio Leads Race for Donations From Sheldon Adelson
American Drone Assassinations May Violate International Law, Experts Say
Black Man Fearing US Police Will Kill Him Flees to Canada
Privacy Groups Challenge Director of National Intelligence to Uphold Transparency Promise
Bombing Kills Tribal Elder, 6 Others in Southwest Pakistan
Osama bin Laden, Taliban Were Heroes for Pakistan: Musharraf
China Naval Chief Says Minor Incident Could Spark War in South China Sea
In Defeat for Beijing, Hague Court to Hear China Sea Dispute
China Ends One-Child Policy: State Media
Two More Japanese Being Held in China, Says Chinese Official
Myanmar Opposition Candidate Attacked With Machetes
Myanmar Student Leader Arrested Amid Crackdown
Myanmar's Army-Backed Party Bullish Despite Suu Kyi Challenge
India Claims Top Militant Killed in Kashmir
Maldives Opposition Critical of 'Draconian' Anti-ISIS Law
Philippine Legislators Angered by Manila 'Bullet Scam'
Ukraine Turns Down Russia's Call to Resume Talks on Flights
Ukrainian Jews Rally for Israel in Kiev
Russia Detains Director of Ukrainian Library in Moscow
As More Children Drown, Volunteers on Greek Island Say Rescues Are Left Largely to Them
Snowden Praises EU Parliament Vote Against US Extradition
EU, US Temporarily Ease Some Sanctions on Belarus
Moldova Faces Turmoil After Govt Falls Over $1 Billion Fraud
Warplanes Bomb Libya's Sirte, Target ISIS: Witness
Egypt Receives 4 US-Made F-16 Fighter Jets
Four People Lynched in Central African Republic's Capital: Sources
Mali's Army Says It Kills Five Islamists Near Burkina Border
South Sudan Rebels Free UN Peacekeepers, but Still Hold Contractors
Anti-Boko Haram Force Set to Begin Joint Raids, UN Rep Says
Rwandan Parliament Agrees to Extend Kagame's Rule
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