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Updated November 1, 2015 - 11:20 PM EST
ISIS Claims It Downed Russian Plane; 224 Dead
Turkey's Ruling Party Wins Majority in Revote
US to Send Special Operations Forces to Syria
  Respinning, Obama Says Troops in Syria Won't Have 'Combat Mission'
  German FM: Vienna Talks Yield No Agreement on Syria Transition
  Next Syria Talks to Include Syrians
  At Least 89 Killed as Syria Attacks Damascus Suburb
Over 3,000 Killed in Iraq During October
  Iraqi Militia Attacks MeK Camp, Killing 26
After 13 Years With No Charges, UK Gitmo Prisoner Released
Italy Rushes More Bombs as Saudis Pound Yemen
Hillary Clinton Hasn’t Learned a Thing from Iraq  by Medea Benjamin
A Glimmer of Hope for Syria  by Robert Parry
Confronting the Obvious Truth: Palestinian Authority vs. the People  by Ramzy Baroud
Mainstreaming Assassination  by Philip Giraldi
Adolf, Amin, and Bibi  by Uri Avnery
Why Is the Daily Beast's Russia Critic Silent About So Many Hideous Abuses?  by Glenn Greenwald

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Germany Reins in Spy Service Over NSA Report
British Police Use Terrorism Act to Seize a Journalist's Computer
Russia-US Rivalry Spreads to Ex-Soviet Central Asia
UN Staff Fired Over Child Porn, Moving Drugs in UN Vehicle
Chief Operating Officer Leaves Jeb Bush Campaign
Over 3,000 Killed in Iraq During October
ISIS Beheads Four Iraq Kurd Fighters After Joint US Raid
Russia Says No Country Can Use Military Force in Syria Without Government Approval
Clinton Backs Decision to Send US Commandos Into Syria
They Freed a Syrian Town From ISIS. Now They Have to Govern It.
Syria Opposition, Rebel Dismiss Iran Idea for Transition
Russia Sees Need for More Military Cooperation With US on Syria
Top US Official Says Putin Winging It in Syria
Sanders Expresses Reservations About Obama's Deployment of Troops to Syria
Trenches, Tactics Help Rebels Survive Syria Onslaught
With Anti-ISIS US Troops in Syria, What Is the Strategy to Win Back Raqqa From ISIS?
Key Republican Lawmaker: Intensified Syria Effort 'Overdue'
Two Anti-ISIS Campaigners Shot, Beheaded in Turkey: Activist
Turkey Has Killed 2,000 Militants at Home and Abroad: Erdogan
Turkey's Critical Media Fear Deeper Crackdown if Election Bolsters Erdogan
International Media Call on Turkish President to Protect Journalists
US Spends Nearly $260 Million on Hospitals in Afghanistan and Doesn't Know Where Some of Them Are
Days Before Runaway Military Blimp, Another Blimp Accident in Kabul Killed Five
Probably the Largest' al-Qaeda Training Camp Ever Destroyed in Afghanistan
$8.4 Billion Spent on Counter-Drug Efforts in Afghanistan, Still Leading Producer of Opium
The Next Wave: Afghans Flee to Europe in Droves
Militant-Linked Charity Jamaat-Ud-Dawa on Front Line of Pakistan Earthquake Aid, United Nations Says
North Korea Digging Tunnel at Nuclear Test Site, Possibly for Future Test: Report
European Union Sides With United States on South China Sea Incident
Mexican Mayor Detained With Cartel Suspect
Six Males, at Least Three From Street Gangs, Killed in El Salvador
Weekend Reviews
Checkmate on the Devil's Chessboard
Base Nation Reveals Destructive Tentacles of US Hegemony
Syria Burning: Charles Glass on the Roots & Future of the Deadly Conflict
Don't Read Japan Restored Unless You Enjoy Working With Some Rather Fanciful Conjecture
Brazilian Cluster Munitions Suspected in Saudi Arabia-Led Coalition Attack
Yemen's Houthis Say Efforts to Find Political Solution Have Failed
Yemen's Shiite Rebels Release 20 Detainees in Western Region
UN Warns of Dire Food Situation in Yemen's Taiz
Yemen Child Prodigy Badly Burned in Wedding Bombing
Germans Race to Capture the Iranian Market
PA: Palestinian Baby Dies From Inhaling Tear Gas Fired by IDF
Israel Legalizes Hundreds of Settler Homes in West Bank
Netanyahu Tries to Clarify Holocaust Remarks, Still Blames Palestinians
Palestinians: ICC Must Accelerate Probe Into Israeli War Crimes
Draft Israel-Palestinian Resolution Gets a Yes, No, and Maybe
Report: Shin Bet Opposed to Benjamin Netanyahu Plan to Outlaw Islamic Movement
Israel Restricts Palestinians' Entry Into Part of Hebron
Knife-Wielding Palestinians Strike in West Bank, Jerusalem; Two Dead
Border Cop Suspended for Threatening to 'Gas' Palestinians
Hillary Clinton: Not Even 'The Allure of Mother Moon' Would Impress Netanyahu
Israel Hands Over Bodies of Seven Suspected Terrorists to Palestinian Authority
Ukraine Soldier Killed by Rebel Fire at Donetsk Airport
Ukraine Calls Deadly Depot Blast a Terrorist Act
Employees of Raided Ukrainian Library in Moscow Say They Were Framed
NATO Rapid Reaction Force Trains in Poland
Russian Calls for Cold War Civil Defense Training to Be Revived
Refugees Worry After Rightist Party Wins in Denmark
Merkel Deputy: Germany's Ability to Act on Migrants Threatened
Witness: Unidentified Warplanes Are Striking ISIS in Libya
EU Mulls Libya Sanctions Over Stalled UN Peace Deal
Obama Ejects Burundi From Africa Trade Pact
Mauritania Will Not Prosecute Repatriated Guantanamo Detainee
Congo Opposition Holds Ceremony for Killed Protesters
Hundreds Leave Kenya University Fearing Extremist Attack
The War at Home
FBI Planes That Flew Over Police Protests Had Sophisticated Surveillance Cameras
Senators Probe IRS Use of Surveillance Tools
Donald Trump Is the Latest Threat to the F-35
Americans Still Dying
Marine Pilot (CA) Returning Home From Mission Against ISIS Killed in Crash in UK
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