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Updated November 5, 2015 - 11:19 PM EST
US Planes Shot Doctors Fleeing Kunduz Hospital
  Afghan Taliban Splinter Group Names New Leader
Intel Points to ISIS Bomb on Russian Plane
  ISIS Affiliate in Egypt Insists It Brought Down Russian Plane
Pentagon Vows More Arms Drops to Syria Rebels
  Russian FM: Negotiators Must Decide Which Rebels Are Legitimate
  US: Growing Russian Presence Not Making Significant Gains in Syria
Revised Defense Bill Sails Through US House
Pentagon Farmed Out Its Coding to Russia
Pentagon Spent $10 Million on ‘Paid Patriotism’
UN Libya Envoy Gets £1,000-A-Day From One Side in War
Ex-President Bush Sr. Raps Cheney, Rumsfeld in Biography
Turkey’s President Gets His Majority – at a Terrible Price  by Conn Hallinan
NY Times Buries Whistleblower’s Shocking Drone War Disclosures  by John Hanrahan
My Torturer Gets Cameron's Red Carpet  by Mohamed Soltan
The Mistress of Deception  by Andrew P. Napolitano
The Perils of Obama's Latest Undeclared War  by Conor Friedersdorf
The Lesson of CISA's Success, or How to Fight a Zombie  by Natasha Lennard

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Congressman Introduces Bill to End Warrantless Stingray Surveillance
MI5 'Secretly Collected Phone Data' for a Decade
UK Internet Data Will Be Recorded Under New Laws
UK Government Proposes More, Not Less, Electronic Snooping
How Guy Fawkes Became the Global Face of Protest
56 Killed in Iraq as Fighting Continues Near Ramadi
Baghdad Urges Erbil to Remain Committed to Iraq
Iraqi Oil Ministry Official Freed After Brief Kidnapping: Police
Kurdish Intelligence Chief Says Deadly Raid Freed Baathists
Iraq Leaders Attend Funeral of Invasion Backer Chalabi
Twice Attacked Church Reopens in Baghdad, but Is It Too Late for Assyrians?
Tortured by ISIS, Rescued Before Execution: Freed Hostages Recount Ordeal
Syrian Army Regains Control of Aleppo Supply Route
Rebels Down Government Air Force Plane in Western Syria: Monitor
Jets Believed to Be Russian Bomb Areas Under Local Ceasefire: Syrian Monitor
Russia's Syria Force Grows to 4,000, US Officials Say
Amnesty Condemns Syria for Disappearance of Detainees
Canadian Fighting With Syrian Rebels Killed in Northeast: Monitor
Putin, Erdogan Discuss Syria, Ready for Political Dialogue: Kremlin
Refugee Crisis
Helicopters Winch Lebanese, Syrian Migrants From Sea Off Cyprus
German Bishop: Refugee Zones Like Concentration Camps
US: At Least 120,000 Displaced in Syria Since Russia Strikes Began
Greece Carries Out First Relocation of Refugees to Luxembourg
Germany Earmarks Extra Funds for UN Refugee Efforts
Finland Suspends Decisions on Afghani Asylum Claims
Fight With Kurdish Militants to Continue Until Last One 'Liquidated': Turkey's Erdogan
Clashes With Kurdish Militants Kill 18 in Southeast Turkey
Flush With Victory, Combative Erdogan Demands Turkey Constitution Change
Iran Says No Cooperation With US in 'Fight Against Terrorists'
Iran President Pushes Back Over Anti-US Crackdown
Iran's Doctrine of 'Death to America' May Be Losing Its Following
US Fines Deutsche Bank $258m for Working With Iran
Israel Returns Body of Terrorist, Palestinians Allege Organ Harvesting
Egyptian Flooding Drowns Gaza's Tunnel Business
Al-Aqsa Sheikh Arrested for Incitement
Palestinian Driver Shot Dead After Ramming Israeli Officer: Israeli Police
Court Postpones Demolition of Illegal Synagogue for Fear of Revenge Attacks
President Demands Answers From Netanyahu Over New Hasbara Chief's Comments
Israeli Druze Citizen: 'I Was Attacked for Speaking Arabic'
Saudi, Yemeni Ambassadors Optimistic for Yemen Peace Talks
UN: Aid Rushed to Yemen Island After Cyclone Displaces 40,000
Middle East
Bahrain Detains 47, Seizes Weapons in Anti-Terror Raid
Wielding Riches, Qatar Seeks to Deepen US Ties, Protect Regional Clout
As Canada's Liberal Party Takes Office, US Military Deserters Get New Hope With Trudeau
Detained Ex-Gitmo French Activist May Be Allowed to Leave Canada
India-Born Former Soldier Sworn in as Canada's New Defense Minister
Mexico Investigates Reports of Body Pits in Guerrero State
Mexico Exhumes Body of Student Killed When 43 Disappeared
Amnesty: For Peace, Colombia Must Return Stolen Land, Respect Rights
Shifting Goal Posts Help Venezuela Socialists in Parliament Vote
Students, Police Clash in Honduras Capital During Anti-Graft Protest
Chile Sentences 64 Former-Pinochet Era Officers
The War at Home
Congress Will Honor Dick Cheney With a Statue in the US Capitol
White House Won't Rule Out Executive Action to Close Gitmo
USAF Experimental Rocket Spirals Out of Control After Launching From Hawaii
TSA Airport Screeners' Ability to Detect Weapons Declared 'Pitiful'
75% of Wounded Vets Suffer From PTSD, Brain Injury: Survey
Rights Groups Call on US Agencies to Appoint Human Rights Contact
'Gay' Rape in Military Underreported by Pentagon
Pentagon Reportedly Suspends Missile Defense Program Behind Runaway Blimp
Michael Moore's Gutsy New Film: Our Military Has Not Won a War Since World War II
Afghan Woman Stoned to Death Over Adultery Accusation
Why Central Asia Is Increasingly Worried About Afghanistan
Lack of Trained Staff Means Long Hours for Afghan Air Force Engineer
Afghan Woman Who Ran Secret Schools Under Taliban Wins Education Prize
Afghan Businessman Convicted in Kabul Bank Fraud Is Still Free to Make Money
Pakistan Bans Media Coverage of Militant Groups
Pakistan Army Chief Discusses Counterterror Cooperation With Saudi Leadership
Rivals China, Taiwan to Hold Surprise Meeting Weeks Before Island's Elections
Pentagon Chief to Visit US Aircraft Carrier in South China Sea
US: ASEAN's Lack of Consensus Shows Concern Over South China Sea
China Says Don't 'Hype Up' Freedom of Navigation in South China Sea
China's Xi to Visit Vietnam; Repairing Ties After Rig Row
Myanmar Ruling Party Denies Dumping Ousted Chairman Before Election
Myanmar's Ousted Ruling Party Head to Work With Suu Kyi
Thousands Rally in Myanmar as Attacked Candidate Leaves Hospital
Maldives Declares State of Emergency as Turmoil Deepens
Egypt's President Says ISIS Claim on Russian Jet Crash Is 'Propaganda'
Car Bomb Targeting Police Kills Six People in Egypt
Sharm El-Sheikh Shutdown Affects 20,000 British Tourists
Sisi Says Muslim Brotherhood Can Play Role in Egypt Before UK Visit
Libya Oil Output Drops as Factions Fight Over Energy Assets
Extremism in Libya 'Threatens Us All', Says Egypt's Sisi
Tunisian Lawmakers Suspend Membership in Ruling Party, Threatening Split
UN: South Sudan Wracked by Weapons Buildup, Rapes, Killings
Hi, Um, Hello, US Tech Giants. Mind, Um, Mind Adding Backdoors to That Crypto?: UK Govt

Britain, Concerned About Russian Crash, Halts Sinai Flights

Ukraine Failing to Probe Pro-Russia Protester Deaths, Panel Says
Ukraine Says Could Suspend Arms Withdrawals From East After Rebel Attacks
US Diplomat Says Seeing 'Some Pullback' of Weapons From Eastern Ukraine
Top Diplomats to Meet Friday on Ukraine Crisis
Serbian and Bosnian Governments Hold Historic Joint Session
Three Parties File Appeal to Top Spain Court Over Catalan Secession Plan
US Government Approves Italy's Request to Arm Its Drones
Romanian Prime Minister Victor Ponta to Resign
Hungarian Media Opposes Plan to Employ Secret Agents
300 Stopped From Leaving Australia for Conflict Zones
Australian Intelligence Says Spike in 'Terrorism' Funding Investigations
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