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Updated November 6, 2015 - 11:29 PM EST
Black Boxes Confirm Bombing of Russian Airliner
  Who Downed Metrojet Flight 9268?
  Report: Airport Employee May Have Planted Bomb on Russian Plane
  Russia: Shocking UK Had Intel on Sinai Plane and Didn't Share It
Pentagon Training Cost $2 Million Per Syria Rebel
  Islamist Rebels Seize Strategy Syrian Town of Murak
  Russia, Syrian Rebels Deny Plans to Meet
US Planes Shot Doctors Fleeing Kunduz Hospital
  No Armed Men in MSF Hospital When US Attacked
Emails: Clinton Group Censored Staff on Israel
PKK Scraps Ceasefire, Erdogan Vows to 'Liquidate' Them
Euro Commission: Millions of Refugees Boosts Economies
House Passes Revised Military Spending Bill, Veto Looms
US Charges Four With Fundraising for Anwar Awlaki
The Never-Ending War  by Ann Jones & Nick Turse
Obama's Catastrophic Syria Folly  by Michael Brendan Dougherty
Judy Miller's Ghost Lingers: Putin, Syria, and the New York Times  by Patrick L. Smith
Who Downed Metrojet Flight 9268?  by Justin Raimondo
Europe's Migrant Crisis  by Philip Giraldi
Redirect Obama's East Asia Pivot  by Bruce Fein

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Ted Cruz Says PLO a 'Terrorist Organization'
George H.W. Bush Was So Bored by Peace He Wanted to Quit
George Bush, Sr. Swings at Son's Aides, Rattling Clan
New Zealand Spy Watchdog Investigating Country's Ties to CIA Torture
The War at Home
House Roll Call Vote on NDAA
New NSA Domestic Spy Program Too Clumsy to Use: US Senator
Carson Hits 'Secular Progressives' Over Pyramid Theory
House Bill Would Require Warrants for Aerial Surveillance
Anonymous Posts Ku Klux Klan List
Army, Air Force Deploy Strykers North of the Arctic Circle
Guantánamo Bay Prisoners Ask Judge to Ban Use of Female Guards
Libya Rival Government Demands UN Explanation About Envoy
Gunmen Snatch Dozens of Tunisians in Libya: Officials
ICC Chief Says ISIS Responsible for Most Libya Killings
Tripoli Faction Seeks Relaunch of Libya Talks, Says UN Envoy Biased
Outgoing UN Libya Envoy Urges Factions to Accept Unity Plan
For Libya UN Deal, Former Rebel Brigades Mean Success or Failure
Egypt's Grand Plans to Boost Tourism Marred After Crash
Egypt's President Sisi Defends Sweeping Security Laws
The Pharaoh's Dream: Sisi Wants a New Capital City for Egypt
4 Dead as Burundi Killings Continue
US Fears Burundi Ultimatum Will Trigger Violence This Weekend
South Sudan Warring Sides 'Stockpiling Weapons'
Niger Air Force Bombs Boko Haram Base, Arrests 20 Militants
Nigeria: Agents Besiege Home of Accused Security Adviser
Somalia to Deport Illegal Migrants From Kenya
Morocco Denies Agreeing to Release Former Gitmo Detainee
Magufuli Sworn in as Tanzania's President Amid Opposition Boycott
Fears of Afghan Woman Who Secretly Filmed Taliban on Bus
Will India Deliver Attack Helicopters to Afghanistan?
China-Taiwan Summit Two Years in Making, Leaders Eye Legacies
Taiwan's Ma Says US Positive on Meeting With China's Xi
China, Vietnam Pledge to Manage Maritime Differences
Military Still Holds Many of the Cards in Myanmar's Election
The Story of a Small but Crucial Town in Myanmar
ISIS Said to Claim Responsibility for Attack on Police in Bangladesh
Maldives Impeaches Vice President as Emergency Law Deepens Crackdown
Heavy Airstrikes on Sinjar; 129 Killed Across Iraq
Former Iraqi Environment Minister Jailed for Corruption
Russia Sends Anti-Aircraft Missile Systems to Syria
Mustard Gas Identified in Syria, Says OPCW Report
Russia Bombs Palmyra, Eastern Syria: Military
ISIS May Have Been Driven From Kobani, but Wounds Remain
Russia Flew 81 Sorties, Hit 263 Targets in Syria in Last Two Days
Refugee Crisis
Sweden Says Can No Longer Guarantee Housing for New Refugees
The Emotional Wounds of Refugee Children
16 Kurdish Rebels Killed by Turkish Military in Latest Clashes
Turkish Colonel, Men Cleared of Killing 21 During Kurdish War
Tired of Gunbattles, Some Turkish Kurds Hope Ruling Party Victory Brings Peace
Obama Administration Concedes That Mideast Peace Is Beyond Reach on His Watch
US Slams 'Offensive' Comments by Netanyahu's New Spokesman
Netanyahu Distances Himself From Tapped Spokesman's Anti-Obama Remarks
EU Expected to Bar Labeling West Bank Products as 'Made in Israel'
Israeli Troops Kill Palestinian Assailant in West Bank: Army
Egyptian Naval Fire Kills Gaza Fisherman: Gaza Health Official
Palestinian Hunger Striker Released From Israeli Prison
Life in Hebron: The Tale of One City, Divided
Mortar Shells Kill 10 Civilians in Southern Yemen
Saudi Arabia, UAE Paying Eritrea to Back Yemen Fight, UN Says
Middle East
Iran's President Criticizes Recent Arrests of Journalists
Bomb Blast in Northeast Lebanon Kills Nine
Bahrain Jails Five for Iran-Linked Militancy, Strips Their Citizenship
Britain Says Resuming Flights From Sharm Al-Sheikh to UK
Seven Major Takeaways From the UK's Proposed Surveillance Rules
OSCE Reports Rise in Truce Violations Along Front Lines
Ukraine Must Reform to Get EU Visa-Free Travel, Says Juncker
Ukraine Snubs Free Travel to Europe Over Anti-Gay Law
Venezuelan Prosecutor's Bid for US Asylum Triggers Dilemma
Chile: Poet Pablo Neruda Might Have Been Killed
Mexico Brings Archaeologists to Graves Where 4 Bodies Found
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