We are in big big trouble, folks – because if any of the White House frontrunners wins the presidency, our foreign policy of perpetual war will not only continue, it will escalate.

From Syria, to Ukraine, to the South China Sea, there isn't a region of the world where these presidential wannabes don't want to intervene.

Iran, Russia, China, ISIS – the legions of our enemies proliferate in their rhetoric, and the answer is always war, and more war.

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Updated November 9, 2015 - 11:19 PM EST
ISIS Video Celebrates Downing of Russian Plane
  Early 'US, UK Intel' on Sinai Plane Bombing Came From Israel
  In August, British Plane Dodged Rocket at Sharm El-Sheikh Airport
  Report: Israel Doubts Egypt's Sisi Will Survive ISIS Gains
Growing Calls for ISIS War Authorization Vote
  US Escalates Syria Strikes, But Little Coalition Help
  Syrian Troops Kill 58 ISIS Fighters at Deir Ezzor Airbase
Pentagon Cites Russia Tensions to Justify New Nukes
  Secret Missile Testing Off California Coast Fuels Growing Anger
Jordan Policeman Kills Two Americans at Training Center
Judge Halts Nearly-Dead NSA Phone-Records Program
The Sham Syrian Peace Conference  by Gareth Porter
America's 'Establishment' Has Embraced 'Deep States'  by Philip Giraldi
Were There Norms Dick Cheney Wasn't Prepared to Transgress?  by Conor Friedersdorf
The Russian Question  by Justin Raimondo
Waging Endless War From Vietnam to Syria  by Greg Grandin
Crypto Is for Everyone – and American History Proves It  by Seth Schoen & Jamie Williams

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Trump's ISIS Plan:
'Take the Oil'
Pentagon Plan to Close Guantanamo Expected in Coming Week
Libya: 'Full Alert' in Sabratha as Serbia Embassy Staff Abducted
Presidents of China, Taiwan Meet for 1st Time
Yazidis Long for Home as Sinjar Operation Stalls
The Power of Walls
Another Round of Bombs in Baghdad; 98 Killed Across Iraq
US National Guardsman Deployed to Iraq at 53 Years Old
Iraq: 5,000 Soldiers Trained by US and Ready for Battle With ISIS
ISIS Victims Returning Home, With Thirst for Revenge
Iran Plans to Attend Next Round of Syria Peace Talks
Activists Say ISIS Group Releases 37 Syrian Christian Captives
Russian Soldiers Geolocated by Photos in Multiple Syria Locations, Bloggers Say
UK Defense Chief Says Britain Should Be Part of Coalition Against ISIS in Syria
Syrian Refugee Crisis
Row Over Refugees' Status Reopens Divisions in German Government
Berlin Protesters, Police Clash Near Anti-Migrant March
As Hardliners Crack Down, Iran's President Calls for Freer Media
US Admiral Sees No Post-Deal Change in Iranian Behavior
Iran Criticizes Saudi Arabia Over Execution of Its Citizens
Iran Appoints First Woman Ambassador Since Revolution
Netanyahu-Obama Talks to Set More US Military Aid
For Obama and Netanyahu, Slights and Crossed Signals
Israel Attacks Journalists to Hide Reality Palestinians Face
IDF Highlights Soldier Who Killed 3 Terrorists, Sparking Controversy
Seventy-Three-Year-Old's Death Highlights Israeli Extrajudicial Killings
Six Israelis Hurt in Three Separate West Bank Terror Attacks
Rebellion Against Isaac Herzog Brewing Before Sunday's Labor Convention
53% of Israelis Support Killing Palestinian Terrorists 'On the Spot'
Rocket Fired From Gaza Hits Open Area in Israel
Israeli Forces and Settlers Besiege Hebron
Hebron Becomes the Center of Palestinian Violence
Michele Bachmann Calls for Converting 'As Many Jews as We Can' After Israel Tour
Abbas Urges Sisi: Pressure Israel to Stop 'Assaults Against Al-Aksa Mosque'
Middle East
Turkey: 119 PKK Killed, Anti-Aircraft Guns Seized in 40-Day Hakkari Sweep
US Drone Crashes in Kuwait: Kuwaiti Defense Ministry
Humanitarian Situation in Yemen Could Worsen as It Braces for Another Cyclone
UK's Cameron to Give Strongest Warning Over Possible EU Exit: Media
Germany Said to Still Pay Pensions of Spain's Nazi Volunteers
Kiev Completes Light Arms Pullout From Eastern Front: Army
Croatia's Conservatives Claim Victory in General Vote
Reports of Rioting at Australia's Christmas Island After Detainee Death
The War at Home
Secret Military Operations to Divert LAX Planes for a Week
Mystery Light Above Los Angeles Brings Fear, Anger, and Questions
Newly Released State Department 'Watch Logs' Detail Benghazi Response
Airman Missing From WWII Accounted For
Brennan Hackers Suspected in New Law Enforcement Breach
The ISIS Affiliate in Sinai That Is Eluding Egypt's Security Dragnet
Passengers Wait to Leave Egypt, Russian Inspectors En Route
FBI to Help Russia Investigate Plane Crash in Egypt
Egypt Arrests Rights Activist Over Report of Military Trial: Sources
Russia Sending 44 Planes to Egypt to Repatriate Tourists
Gaps in Egyptian Airport Security Face Scrutiny After Crash
Russia Faces Evacuating 80,000 Nationals From Egypt After Flights Suspended
Airlines Selling Cheap Flights to Sharm El-Sheikh With 15,000 Tourists Still Stranded in Resort
Moroccan King Visits Contested Western Sahara Territory
Morocco Stands Fast on Western Sahara Autonomy Plan
Burundians Flee Capital Ahead of Looming Security Crackdown
Burundi Dismisses Global Alarm Over Threats to Crush Opponents
Burundi Opposition Fear Attacks as Nkurunziza's Disarmament Deadline Arrives
Seven Killed in Clashes After Election Upset in Eastern Nigeria
Dual Suicide Bombings in Chad Village Near Lake Chad Kill 3, Injure 14 Others, Officials Say
Somali Lawmaker Dies After Shooting: Prime Minister
Tunisians Rally in Support of Palestinian 'Uprising'
Clashes Between Police and Protesters in Togo Kill 5: Govt
Exodus From Eritrea After Independence Dream Became a Nightmare
A New Taliban Breakaway Group Claims Support for Peace and Women's Rights
Foreign Aid Workers Shy Away From Afghanistan as Violence Surges
NATO Ponders Future of Afghan Mission as Fatigue, Frustration Mount
ISIS Kidnaps, Kills Seven in Southern Afghanistan: Police
Afghan Mullah Leading Stoning Inquiry Condones Practice
20 Suspected Militants Killed in Khyber Air Blitz
Two Hazaras Shot Dead in Quetta, Two Bodies Recovered in Khuzdar
Taiwan's Ma Says Hopes China Can Use Peace to Resolve Cross-Strait Issues
China Says Splittist Forces in Taiwan Biggest Threat to Cross-Strait Peace
After Historic Meet, Top China Paper Warns on Taiwan Independence
US Navigation Moves in South China Sea Will Continue: Carter
Myanmar Election Unlikely to Resolve Muslim Rohingya Issue
With Suu Kyi Banned, Myanmar Voters Ponder 'Proxy Presidents'
Suu Kyi Supporters Confident After Myanmar's Historic Election
Sanctions Fears Choke Nascent US Trade With Myanmar
Nepal's Indigenous Vow to Continue Crippling Blockade
Sri Lankan Charged With New Assassination Plot in Maldives
Protester Killed in Indian Kashmir After Modi Visit
Bangladesh Police Arrest 7 Militants, Including 4 Pakistanis
Mexico Rights Group Blasts Prosecutors Over Missing Students
6 Arrested in Killing of Mexican Filmmaker's Father, Brother
Venezuela Says US Intelligence Plane Violated Air Space
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