We are in big big trouble, folks – because if any of the White House frontrunners wins the presidency, our foreign policy of perpetual war will not only continue, it will escalate.

From Syria, to Ukraine, to the South China Sea, there isn't a region of the world where these presidential wannabes don't want to intervene.

Iran, Russia, China, ISIS – the legions of our enemies proliferate in their rhetoric, and the answer is always war, and more war.

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Updated November 10, 2015 - 11:26 PM EST
Obama, Netanyahu Look at Aid Hike to $50 Billion
  Netanyahu: Meeting With Obama 'One of the Best I've Had'
Officials: Airport Worker Likely Planted Jet Bomb
  Report: Russia Now Believes Sinai Plane Crash Was Bombing
Scores Killed as ISIS Battles Afghan Taliban
  MSF Spurns Pentagon Offer of Money to Repair Bombed Hospital
Iraq Military: 3 Moves Against ISIS Foundering
  Netanyahu: Syria Deal Needs to Take Israel's Interests Into Account
Senate OKs Revised Military Spending Bill, Obama Will Sign
Jordan Policeman Kills Two Americans at Training Center
Roadside Bomb Kills 16 Yemeni Troops in Maarib Province
Classified Report on CIA's Secret Prisons Caught in Limbo
Judge Halts Nearly-Dead NSA Phone-Records Program
NATO War Games Put Soviets, US on 'Hair Trigger' in '83
Missile Test Terrorism Over Los Angeles  by Dan Sanchez
Republicans Are Right – Debates Need More Substance  by Ivan Eland
The Afghan Battlefield Has Become More Complicated  by Ahmed Rashid
Bush-41 Finally Speaks on Iraq War  by Ray McGovern
On Bended Knee to Netanyahu  by Paul R. Pillar
Hands Off Our Data!
 by Eric Peters

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Pentagon Ready to Pay for the Iraqi Civilians It Kills
Lawmakers Demand Details on Federal Use of Stingray Phone Surveillance
Britain Can Survive Outside EU, Says Cameron
Opaque Terrorist Network on the Sinai Peninsula
French Strike Hits ISIS Oil Facility in Syria
Children Killed in Coalition Airstrike; 82 Killed Across Iraq
UN Prepares for Refugee Exodus When Iraqi Forces Attack Mosul
Why Some Christians in N. Iraq Are Choosing to Stand and Fight
Pace of Canadian Air Strikes Against ISIS Picks Up Despite Trudeau's Vow to End Mission
Iraq Seized Canadian Military Plane Hauling Weapons for Special Forces in Kurdistan
Outrage Builds as Dozens of Iraqis Electrocuted in Floods
Syria Refugee Crisis
France to Take in Just 200 Refugees in November
Merkel Backs Dissident Ally After Coalition Row on Refugee Crisis
One Killed, Five Hurt in Clashes With Kurdish Militants in Southeast Turkey
Turkish Opposition Leader Accuses Erdogan of Seeking 'Constitutional Dictatorship'
Divided and Defeated, Turkey Opposition Faces Decade in Wilderness
Turkey Detains 38 Foreigners Seeking to Join ISIS
Abbas Claims Hamas and Israel Are Meeting to Annex Part of Sinai to Gaza
Netanyahu to Obama: Israel Has Not Given Up Hope for a Two-State Solution
Israeli Officers Shoot Dead Knife-Wielding Palestinian Woman
Israel Lacks Evidence Against Extremists in Arson Attack
Jewish Agency Bans Syrian Jew Who Converted to Islam From Entering Israel
Middle East
Russia Says Stalled Arms Deal With Iran Is Signed and Active
Bahrain Jails 2 Shiites Over Iraq Explosives Training
Executions in Saudi Arabia at a 20-Year Peak: Amnesty
Colombia Rebels Reject Proposal for Ratifying Peace Agreement
Mexican President to Open Debate on Country's Marijuana Laws
The War at Home
The NSA School: How the Intelligence Community Gets Smarter, Secretly
Jeb Bush Eager to Time-Travel, Kill Baby-Hitler
FBI Offer of Assistance in Egypt Crash Probe Goes Unanswered: US Source
Airliner Tragedy Crushes Egypt Hopes of Tourism Revival
Israel Believes Russian Plane That Crashed in Sinai Was Bombed
Egypt Says ISIS Militant Killed in Cairo Shootout
Egypt's Military Holds Investigative Journalist in Undisclosed Location
Egypt Detains 131 People Trying to Cross Into Libya
Seven Killed in Attacks After Governor Removed in Nigeria's East
Suspected Boko Haram Suicide Bombers Attack Mosque in Cameroon
Chad Declares State of Emergency in Boko Haram-Hit Region
West Africa Conference Focuses on Threat Posed by Jihadists
Despite Genocide Warnings, Burundi Says It's 'Not in Flames'
UN: Cutting Support for Somalia Would Risk New Refugee Exodus
India Test Fire Nuclear Capable Ballistic Missile Agni-IV
'Pakistan's Nuclear Missiles Can Reach Beyond India'
Afghanistan Supports Unofficial Dialogue With Pakistan
Myanmar Ruling Party Concedes as Suu Kyi Heads for Poll Landslide
Philippine Court Expected to Decide US Security Deal Is Constitutional: Source
Sri Lanka Minister Resigns Amid 'Floating Armory' Probe
Catalonia Makes It Official: They Want Out of Spain by 2017
Catalan Assembly Votes to Start Process of Breaking From Spain
Spain's Rajoy Says Catalan Independence Resolution to Have 'No Consequences'
Kosovo Fails in Bid to Gain UNESCO Membership
Russian Artist Faces Jail After Starting Fire at Security HQ
Australia Tries to Halt Unrest at Immigration Detention Camp
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