Armistice Day was originally inaugurated to celebrate the end of World War I. President Dwight Eisenhower changed it to Veterans Day at the height of the Cold War, and it soon became the occasion for celebrating militarism rather than honoring veterans. Today it is a day of military parades and mindless nationalism.

The culture of militarism won't get swept away in a day – but we're working toward that goal: the day we can reclaim Armistice Day, and celebrate an end to the slaughter. But we can't do that without your help. Please make your tax-deductible donation to – because it's time to call an armistice and short circuit our foreign policy of perpetual war.

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Updated November 11, 2015 - 11:19 PM EST
US: Plane Likely Downed by Military-Grade Bomb
Syrian Forces Break ISIS Siege of Aleppo Air Base
  Vienna Meeting to Decide Who's a Syrian Rebel and Who's a Terrorist
  Erdogan: Allies Warming to Idea of Syria 'Safe Zone'
  Russia Proposes 18-Month Syrian Reform Plan, Leading to Vote
  206 Killed Across Iraq, Mostly in Air Strikes
America's New, More 'Usable', Nuke in Europe
  Britain Denies Report Nuke Upgrades Will Cost Over $250 Billion
  Pentagon Pushing for More Ground Troops in Eastern Europe
Political Row Slows Iran's Centrifuge Dismantling
Senate OKs Revised Military Spending Bill, Obama Will Sign
Appeals Court Blocks Judge's Order to Halt NSA Surveillance
Veterans Day: Suicide Has Killed More Americans Than Wars
Iran's 'Deep State' Has the Most to Lose From Opening to the West  by Muhammad Sahimi
What We Knew: A Recent History of Deception  by Ted Snider
Obama Keeps Pre-Judging Classified Docs Cases  by John Hanrahan
The Enemy Within  by Justin Raimondo
It's Time to Withdraw From the Middle East  by Phil Torres
'60 Minutes' Pushes Propaganda to Cast Snowden, Manning as Traitors  by Kevin Gosztola

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Myanmar's Suu Kyi Vows to Call Shots After Election Landslide
US Charges Four Men in 'One of the Largest Hacking Schemes Ever'
Netanyahu Reaches Out to Democrats in DC Visit
300 Veterans, Some With PTSD, Are on Death Row: Report
Why Veterans of Iraq and Afghanistan Want Their Own Memorial
206 Killed Across Iraq, Mostly in Air Strikes
ISIS Rounds Up 50 Facebook Activists in Mosul for Posting Pictures
Canadian Military Plane Detained in Iraq for Several Days: Defense
Meet the Only Female Medic on Iraq's Mount Sinjar
Two Blasts Kill 23 People in Syrian City of Latakia, Monitor Says
French Air Strikes Target ISIS Oil Infrastructure
Saudi Arabia Pushes UN Panel to Condemn Iran Intervention in Syria
Syrian Refugee Crisis

EU Report on Turkey's Membership Contains Muted Criticism as It Seeks Nation's Co-Operation With Influx

EU Irregular Migrant Arrivals 1.2 Million in January-October
Germany Tones Down Welcoming Message for Syrian Refugees
Refugee Influx Could Cost Germany $22.58 Billion This Year
Serbia Is Leading the Way in Europe's Refugee Crisis: It Knows What Is Needed From Its Own Dark Past
Slovenia Plans Border 'Hurdles' to Control Migrant Flow
EU Executive Sees British Migration Demands 'Highly Problematic'
Conditions in Czech Detention Center Improve After Criticism
Czech Prime Minister Says No to Any Change in Free Movement in EU
First Syrian Refugees Flight Due to Land in UK Next Week
Red Cross: Yemen Hospitals 'Deliberately' Attacked
American Held by Houthi Rebels in Yemen Dies
Putin Says Russia Working on Penetrating Any Anti-Missile Shields
Russia Sees Sports Doping Allegations as Spiteful 'Political Hit Job'
France Says Foiled Islamist Attack on Navy Personnel
Euro Court Rejects French Comic's Plea Over Fine for Anti-Semitism
Kosovo's Highest Court Temporarily Suspends EU-Backed Deal on Serbs
Ukraine's Military Has Rebounded Despite Budget and Battle Woes
Portugal Leftist Lawmakers Reject Center-Right, Government Falls
Ex-Soldier Arrested in Northern Ireland Over 'Bloody Sunday' Killings
Poland to Sue Russia Over Withholding 2010 Plane Crash Wreckage
Baby, 7-Year-Old Girl Among Six Killed in South Mexico
Colombia Is Again the World's Top Coca Producer. Here's Why That's a Blow to the US
Chinese Navy Visits Cuba, Amid Havana-Washington Thaw
OAS Chief Slams Venezuela Over Election Observation
FARC Rebel Sentenced to 27 Years in US Prison in Colombia Hostage Case
Recognize Israeli Annexation of Golan, Netanyahu Hints to Obama
Netanyahu: Issues of Jerusalem and Temple Mount Are Unsolvable
Israel Arrests 24 Suspected Members of 'Vast Hamas Network' in West Bank
Israeli Forces Kill Two Palestinian Knife Attackers: Police
EU to Ban West Bank Companies Labeling Their Products 'Made in Israel'
UNRWA: Palestinian Refugees Today Feel More 'Left Behind' Than Ever
Palestinian Inquiry: Israel Behind Arafat 'Assassination'
Netanyahu: Israel, US Must Work Together on Iran
Iran Arrests More Than 40 Suspected Militants, Half Headed to Iraq, Syria
France Says US Must Give EU Firms Guarantees on Iran Sanctions
France Won't Dine With Iran Unless Wine Is Served
Iran's Azeris Protest Over Offensive TV Show
Was the Shooting of Two Americans in Jordan Terrorism or Score-Settling?
Three Men Killed in Jordan Attack Worked for US Security Firm
American Fighter Jets Sent to Help Protect Turkish Airspace
Kurdish Militant Attacks on Convoys Kill One Turkish Soldier, Injure 20
Russian Plane Crash May Halve Sharm Al Sheikh's Tourism Income
Egypt Releases Prominent Rights Activist
Egypt Army Releases Journalist After 'False News' Accusation
Libya Army Says 13 Security Personnel Killed by 'Terrorists'
Boko Haram: State of Emergency Declared Around Lake Chad
Police Clash With Opposition Protesters in Congo Mining Hub
Niger Police Seize Bomb-Making Materials in Passenger Bus
Nigeria Protests Over Biafra Activist's Arrest
Senegal's President Condemns 'Excessive Form of Islam'
UN 'Less Equipped' in Burundi Than Before Rwanda Genocide
Afghan Killings: Thousands Protest Over Murdered Hazaras
Afghans Arriving in Germany May Find the Welcome Is Wearing Thin
China to Philippines: No Sea Feud Talk at APEC Summit
China Needs Focus on Military-Industrial Complex, Officer Says
Myanmar Army to Keep Privileges Even With Opposition Win
Pakistan Government, Frustrated by Power Crisis, Changes Tack
Bangladesh Military Policeman Injured in Machete Attack
Hindu Nationalist Killed in Clashes at Indian Celebration of Muslim Ruler

Please Keep Eye on Hun Sen and Our Election, Cambodia Opposition Pleads to World

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