After 9/11, the general craziness and emotion-laden rhetoric led to the double disaster of invading and occupying both Afghanistan and Iraq.

We all know what happened with that.

Now in the wake of the Paris attacks, the War Party thinks they have an argument-proof pretext for invading yet another Middle Eastern country.

We can't let them get away with it. has been countering the War Party's well-funded propaganda campaign for years – and you'll recall that the last time the cry went up to invade Syria we were instrumental in stopping them in their tracks. Now we must stop them again – but we can't do it without your help.

The War Party has millions to spend – and we only have you. That's why your tax-deductible donation is vitally important to keep us going. And has never been more essential than it is today. (Read Justin Raimondo's article on the Paris attacks.)

Please make that donation today – because the voices of reason must not go unheard.
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Updated November 16, 2015 - 11:26 PM EST
Iraq: ISIS Leader Baghdadi Ordered Paris Attack
  French Jews Warned Friday Morning of 'Large Terrorist Attack'
  Europe-Wide Manhunt After Paris Attack Suspect Released by Police
ISIS Threatens Paris-Style Attacks in Washington
  US Urges Allies to Escalate War After Paris Attacks
  White House: ISIS Lacks Capability to Attack US
  Diplomats See Paris Adding Momentum to Syria Ceasefire Deal
France Vows to Continue ISIS War 'Without Mercy'
  ISIS: France Remains a Top Target
Yazidis Burn Muslim Homes in 'Liberated' Iraqi City of Sinjar
Scores of Afghan Troops Defect or Killed in Helmand
Paris: You Don’t Want to Read This  by Peter Van Buren
Let's Not Get It Wrong This Time: Don't Overreact to Paris  by Bret Weinstein
Really Want to Beat Terror? Then Calm Down and Think  by Peter Hitchens
How To Beat ISIS: Quarantine Them  by Justin Raimondo
Mindless Terrorists? Truth About ISIS Is Much Worse  by Scott Atran
One Night in Kunduz, One Morning in New York  by Laura Gottesdiener

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Myanmar President Says Transition of Power Will Be Smooth
Spain Could Detain Netanyahu Over Marmara Raid if He Enters Country
China Says Global War on Terror Should Also Target Uighur Militants
5 Yemeni Guantánamo Inmates Are Sent to United Arab Emirates
More Yazidi Mass Graves; 264 Killed Across Iraq
Turkish Jets Hit Kurdish Targets in Northern Iraq: Security Official
Mass Grave of Yazidi Women Killed by ISIS Found in Iraq
French Mount Attack on ISIS at Raqqa
What French Have Been Doing Against ISIS in Syria
US to Work With France to Intensify Air Strikes in Syria, Iraq: Rhodes
US Delivers Ammunition to Syrian Arab Fighters Battling ISIS
G-20 Leaders Skirt Issue of Russian Bombing in Syria
British Man Extradited to US on Charges to Illegally Sell Lab Equipment to Syria
Turkish State Media Say Soldiers Kill 4 Suspected Militants Near Syria Border
Turkey: Suicide Bomber Wounds 5 Turkish Police During Raid
Turkey Cancels $3.4 Billion Missile Deal With China
British Jihadist May Have Planned Paris-Style Attack in Istanbul
Beirut, Also the Site of Deadly Attacks, Feels Forgotten
Lebanon Arrests Five Syrians, One Palestinian Suspect in Beirut Bombings
Russia Says Hezbollah Not a Terrorist Group
Lebanon Military Tribunal Sentences Armed Group Leaders
UAE Patriot System Shoots Down Houthi Missiles in Yemen
Travel Ban on Women's Rights Advocate
Israel Razes Homes of Four Palestinian 'Attackers'
Shin Bet Arrests Suspect in West Bank Shooting That Killed Israeli Father and Son
Hundreds Attend Funeral of Father and Son Killed in Attack
Palestinian Motorist Dies in What Israel Suspects Was Ramming Attack
Israel Approves Entry of Thousands of Ethopians With Jewish Lineage
PM Demands Probe of Red Crescent for Ignoring Israeli Terror Victims
Middle East
Jordan Says Police Officer Who Killed Americans Was Disturbed, Not a Jihadist
Iran's Revolutionary Guards Target Popular Messaging App in Widening Crackdown
Bahrain: Life Sentences for 12 Shi'ites, Citizenship Revoked
Drone Strike Kills 12 Militants Including Taliban Shadow District Governor in Nangarhar
Suicide Attack on Foreign Convoy in Afghanistan Kills One: Police
Day at Office for Afghan Drug Prosecutor: Paperwork and Death Threats
22 Suspected Militants Reported Killed in North Waziristan Air Blitz
Five Afghan Rockets Land in Pakistan Territory
Policeman Killed in TTP-Claimed Gun Attack in Karachi
North Korea Declares No-Sail Zone Off Coast in Apparent Preparations for Missile Launch
China Welcomes IMF Backing to Make Yuan World Reserve Currency
Five Soldiers Killed in East, Highest Toll in Two Months
Man Pushes Muslim Woman Into Oncoming Underground Train in London
Burundi Opposition Asks UN to Send Peacekeepers Quickly
Burundi Violence: Belgium and EU Act Over 'Rising Risk'
Egypt Police Kill 15 Sudanese Migrants at Israel Border
Three Militants, One Soldier Killed in Tunisia Clashes: Source
Niger Opposition Figure Arrested After Returning From Exile
Mexico Extradites 2 Drug Suspects to US
Police: Canada Mosque Deliberately Set on Fire
Attacks in Paris
Paris Concert Gunman Was French, Known to Have Islamist Ties: Source
Prosecutor: Paris Attackers Worked in Three Coordinated Teams
Assailant in Paris Attacks Identified, Relatives Questioned
'Nothing Stood Out' About Paris Attacker Omar Ismail Mostefai
Passport Trade Raises Doubts Over Paris Attackers' Identities
Holder of Syrian Passport Found in Paris Traveled Through Balkans
Two More Frenchmen Identified as Paris Attackers: Prosecutor
French Intelligence Under Scrutiny in Wake of Paris Attacks
Man Arrested in Germany for Smuggling Firearms and Explosives Linked to French Attacks
Paris Suicide Vests Mark Change of Tactics and New Threat
The Belgium Connection
Belgium Seen Central to Paris Attack Plans, France Launches Manhunt
Belgian Connection: Three Held in Brussels Over Paris Attacks
How Belgium Became a Terrorism Hotbed
The Belgian Neighborhood Indelibly Linked to Jihad
Belgium's Home Affairs Minister Says ISIS Communicates Using Playstation 4
French Attacks Cast Uncomfortable Spotlight on Brussels District
Paris Reacts
Defiant Paris Becomes a City at War
Parisians Fear Terror Attacks Will Divide, Not Unite, the City
The Closing of the Eiffel Tower Shows a Paris Transformed
French Jews Call for War on Jihadism as Terror Engulfs Paris
France Must 'Annihilate' Islamist Radicals, Far-Right Leader Le Pen Says
Muslims React
How Muslims Around the World Condemned the Paris Attacks: 'Terrorism Has No Religion'
Top Sunni Muslim Cleric Condemns 'Hateful' Paris Attacks
Hamas, Hezbollah, Islamic Jihad Denounce Paris Attacks
Muslims Worldwide Strongly Condemn Paris Terror Attacks
In Paris, Muslims Hope for Peace and Brace for Islamophobia
Americans React
Bill Kristol Calls for 50,000 Troops to Fight ISIS
Jeb Bush Urges US Declaration of War Against ISIS
Hillary Clinton: ISIS Is the Iraqis' Fault… Sanders Slams Her on Iraq War
Former CIA Deputy Director: ISIS Strategy Not Working
Paris Attacks Show US Surveillance of ISIS May Be 'Going Dark'
Invoking Nazis, Marco Rubio Hits Hillary Clinton for Not Saying US at War With 'Radical Islam'
Global Reactions
Iraq Says It Shared Information That France, US, Iran Were Targets
Syria's President Assad Says Paris Attacks Result From France's Aiding of Rebels
Obama Urges Russia to Join Renewed Effort to Eliminate ISIS
Netanyahu Says Israel Passed Intel to France About Paris Attacks
Settler Rabbi: Paris Attacks Are Payback for the Holocaust
Canada Still Plans to Halt Bombing, but Will Consider Other Ways to Battle ISIS
Refugee Crisis Meets ISIS
Fire in Calais Migrant Camp 'Not Related to Paris Terrorist Attacks'
Germany Heightens Security Measures, Minister Warns of More Extremists
Tensions in Germany Rise Amid Flood of Asylum-Seekers
Dutch Ramp Up Border Security, Say 'At War' With ISIS
Swiss Need Border Controls After Paris Attacks: Defense Minister
The War at Home
Dismissed Pentagon General Held Wide Influence Behind the Scenes
Boston Public Transit to Display Ads Calling to 'End US Support for Israeli Apartheid'
Ghost Deer Haunt New York Cold War Bomb Site Under Threat From Developers
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