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Updated November 19, 2015 - 11:13 PM EST
Air Strikes Will Have Little Effect on ISIS
  World Unites After ISIS Terror but Strikes May Backfire, Experts Say
  France Wants Grand Coalition, But US Still Seeks to Exclude Russia
  Drone War a 'Recruitment Tool' for ISIS, Say USAF Whistleblowers
  Arab Nations' Intel Tips Often Go Unheeded in West
House Votes to Block Syrian Refugees From US
  Can Terrorists Really Infiltrate the Syrian Refugee Program?
Prosecutor: Paris Mastermind Confirmed Killed
  New ISIS Video Threatens Attack in New York City
Turkey, US Carry Op to Hit ISIS Near Syria Border
  Report: Ceasefire in Damascus Suburb to Be Announced in Shortly
  White House Takes Credit for French Airstrikes on Syria
  Heavy Fighting Leaves 250 Dead Across Iraq
5 Killed, Several Wounded in Tel Aviv, West Bank Attacks
Report: Russian Plane Bomb Was in Cabin, Not Luggage
IAEA: Iran Dismantling Centrifuges Ahead of Schedule
French Middle East Policy Reaches a Bloody Dead End  by Steven Vujacic
Hillary Clinton's Libya  by David Bromwich
The Bigger the Haystack, the Harder the Terrorist Is to Find  by Coleen Rowley
Paris and Freedom  by Andrew P. Napolitano
ISIS Needs the War on Terrorism  by Eric Schuler
Neocons Make Rubio Their Favorite  by JP Sottile

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From Paris to Boston, Terrorists Were Already Known to Authorities
Signs Point to Unencrypted Communications Between Terror Suspects
Mosques Attacked in US and Canada
Cuban Migrant Crisis in Central America Escalates
Feds Offer $5m for 'Key Leader' of ISIS
Heavy Fighting Leaves 250 Dead Across Iraq
Keep Assad in Power to Defeat ISIS in Syria, Says Former UK Military Chief
UK's Cameron Says UN Resolution on Syria Preferable but Action Would Be Legal
British Air Strikes in Syria: Labor MPs Warn They Will Rebel if Not Given Free Vote on Bombing
ISIS Militant Killed on Turkey-Syria Border
Assad: No Political Process While 'Terrorists' in Syria
Army Map Suggests Presence of Russian Artillery Unit in Central Syria
ISIS Says It Has Executed Two Captives From Norway and China
Militants Will Not Advance to Lebanon: Russian FM
Syrian Refugee Crisis
Republicans Clash With Obama Over Syria Refugee Program
Syrian Refugee Policy Roils Republican Presidential Field
Louisiana Police Deny Governor Ordered Them to 'Track' Syrian Refugees
Christian Groups Break With GOP Over Syrian Refugees
Virginia Mayor: Wartime Internment of Japanese Justifies Ban on Syrian Refugees
Jewish Groups Join Call to Accept Syrian Refugees Into US
Honduras Arrests Five Syrians Heading to US With Fake Passports: Report
Canada May Have to Cut Corners to Meet Syrian Refugees Target
Turkey's Role as Migrant Gateway Is Source of New Urgency for EU
How a Syrian Refugee Gets to the US
For Syrian Refugees in US, Fear Gives Way to Hope
Details of Bill Boosting Screening of Refugees From Mideast
Speaker Ryan: Syrian Refugee Bill Does Not Have a 'Religious Test'
Clashes in Turkey's Southeast Leave 12 Dead
Turkey Detains 8 Europe-Bound ISIS Suspects 'Posing as Refugees'
EU to Seek 'Fresh Start' With Turkey, Top Official Says
Iran Smashes 'Terrorist Cell', Warning of Threat From ISIS
Iranian Journalist Sentenced to Jail for Spreading Propaganda
Frankfurt Hosts Iran Investment Confab
Son of Former Iranian Minister Arrested Over Controversial Oil Deal
Paris Attacks Give Netanyahu Cover for Islamic Movement Ban
Arabs in Israel Fear Outlawing Islamic Movement Is Just the Beginning
Israeli Policeman Given Community Service for Beating Palestinian-American Boy
Spanish Court Says Could Revisit Gaza Flotilla Probe
Shin Bet Arrests Five Israeli Arabs Planning to Join ISIS in Syria
Middle East
Two Members of Saudi Security Forces Shot Dead: Interior Ministry
UN Says 5,700 Have Been Killed in Yemen Conflict Since March
Lebanon Arrests Man in Connection With Beirut Bomb Attacks: Security Source
Stranded at Nicaragua Border, Cuban Migrants' American Dream in Peril
Venezuelan Opposition 'Skeptical' of Vote Observers
The War at Home
FBI Director Repeats Call That Ability to Read Encrypted Messages Is Crucial
Bookstore Named 'ISIS' Becomes Target of Vandalism
Telegram Messaging App Shuts Down 78 ISIS Channels
Source: Pollard to Be Barred From Internet on Parole
Presidential Candidate Bush Wants Increased US Presence on Ground in Iraq
Jewish Teacher Stabbed by 'ISIS Supporters' in Marseille
ISIS Attack on 'Crusader France' Also Killed Muslims
Bullets, Bombs, and Body Parts Fly in Violent French Raid
France May Get More EU Help in Mali or Iraq Than Syria
Belgium Under Fire for Paris Attack 'Blunders'
Brussels District Rallies Against Home-Grown Jihadists
Radical's Transformation May Have Begun in Prison
Russian Jets 'Hunting' ISIS Oil Tanker Trucks: Defense Ministry
Russia to Ban All Food Imports From Ukraine
Russia Says Has Stepped Up All Types of Intelligence Gathering in Middle East
Putin on Terrorism: 'To Forgive Them Is Up to God, but to Send Them to Him Is Up to Me'
German Officials Say No Evidence of Terror Plan
German Military Could Support France in Anti-Terror Efforts
Riots in Kosovo Deepen Crisis Over Serbia Accord
Hand Grenade Found at Kosovo Court Amid Political Turmoil
FBI Tips Italy to Possible Targets in Rome, Milan
Sweden Raises Threat Level, Citing 'Concrete Information'
Spain: Unprecedented Security Measures in Place for Soccer Game
Cyprus Closest to Unification in 40 Years, Say Turkish Cypriots
Two Army Soldiers Shot Dead in Bosnia Shooting Spree
Greek Farmers, Police Clash During Tax Hikes Protest
Hungary Detains Two Britons Previously Convicted of Terrorism Offenses
East Europeans Wary of Russia Diplomatic Thaw After Paris Attacks
Police in China Kill 17 Linked to Mine Attack, Report Says
China Insists to UN That It's Combating Torture
Obama Calls on Beijing to Stop Construction in South China Sea
Myanmar's Suu Kyi Says China Ties Deserve Close Attention
UN Panel Rebukes Myanmar Over Treatment of Muslim Minority
Bangladesh Opposition Leaders to Hang for War Crimes
SE Asia Faces Threat of ISIS-Styled Terror Attacks
Nepal Blockade: Doctors Warn of Medicine Crisis
Pakistan Suspends Deal to Accept Deportations From Europe
Germany to Send 130 More Soldiers to Afghanistan
UN Agency Protests Thailand's Deportation of Chinese Refugees
DR Congo
Congolese Troops Raped 14 Women in Three Days, Says UN Office
Congo Police Fire Teargas at Stone-Throwing Students
Boko Haram Is Suspected After Explosion in Nigeria Kills 32
Facebook Activates Safety Check in Nigeria After Yola Blast
Israel Warns Against Trimming Peacekeepers in Egyptian Sinai
Accord but No Admission as Putin and Sissi Talk Sinai
Senegal Debates Banning Burqa to Stop Terrorists Disguised in Islamic Dress
Algeria Book Fair Ban Exposes Stability Debate

South Sudan Struggling to Resettle Refugees Due to Low Oil Prices: President

Canada Sees No Reason to Raise Threat Level
Man Arrested Over Video Vowing to Kill Quebec Arabs
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