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Updated November 21, 2015 - 10:40 PM EST
Pentagon Admits Airstrike Killed Civilians in Iraq
  As France Bombs ISIS, Civilians Are Caught in the Middle
Russian DM: 600 ISIS Killed in Missile Strikes
  Airstrikes Focus on ISIS Oil Industry, But Aren't Halting Exports
  US Lawmakers Say Forget Assad, Focus on ISIS
  Inside the Surreal World of the ISIS Propaganda Machine
27 Dead After al-Qaeda Faction Raids Mali Hotel
  In Mali and Rest of Africa, the US Military Fights a Hidden War
81% of US-Charged ISIS Suspects Are US Citizens
  Manufacturing Terror: FBI Seduced Eric McDavid Into a Bomb Plot
ISIS Kills 15 Yemeni Soldiers, Wounds 30
Benin Police Invade Nigeria, Seize 16 Villages
Belgium on Highest Alert Over 'Serious and Imminent Threat'
To France From Post-9/11 America: Lessons We Learned Too Late  by John W. Whitehead
Don't Blame Edward Snowden for the Paris Attacks  by Amy Davidson
Rohingya and Burmese Generals: How To Fake a Democracy  by Ramzy Baroud
Military Intervention the Problem, Not the Solution  by Peter Certo
The Counter-Containment Racket  by Jacob G. Hornberger
The Truth Emerges: How US Fuelled the Rise of ISIS  by Seumas Milne

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Former US Drone Operators Say Strikes Feed Islamist Militancy
Former Drone Operators Say They Were 'Horrified' by Cruelty of Program
After Paris, EU Plans Crackdown on Bitcoin
UN Approves Resolution Urging Action Against ISIS
Obama Says Summit to Focus on ISIS Militancy
A Dutch ISIS Fighter Is Taking Questions on Tumblr
Syrian Refugee Crisis
Over 900,000 Migrants Arrived in Germany This Year
Tragic Farce of Anti-Refugee Threats: US Was No Sanctuary for Syrians in the First Place
Syria Refugees Issue Divides Syrians Living in Allentown, PA, America's Little Syria
Michael Moore: I'll House Syrian Refugees
Orthodox Union Urges US to Take in Syrian Refugees
Canada to Detail Syrian Refugee Plan Next Week
Send Militants to EU Island Jail, Austrian Far-Right Leader Says
UN to Hold March Summit to Resettle, Place Millions of Syrians
Balkan Border Restrictions 'Untenable', Refugees at Risk: UN
Norway Tightens Asylum Rules as Anti-Migrant Sentiment Strengthens
137 Killed in Iraq; Cleric Wants Security Forces to Resolve Their Conflicts
Russia's Putin Talks of 'Next Phase' in Syria Military Operation
France Hits Back at Russia Over Syria Bombing Campaign
Russians Inscribe 'For Paris' on Bombs Destined for Syria
Syrian Opposition Say Working Towards Saudi Meet, but No Date Set
Iran Appoints First Woman as Ambassador Since Revolution
Russia's Putin Due to Meet Khamenei, Rouhani in Iran
Israel Suspends 1,200 Palestinian Entry Permits in Wake of Deadly Tel Aviv Terror Attack
Amnesty International Condemns Palestinian Terrorist Attacks Against Israelis
Middle East
Russia Orders Lebanon to Shut Its Air Space for Three Days Due to Naval Exercise
Saudi Court Sentences Palestinian Poet to Death for Apostasy: HRW
Jeremy Corbyn: Interventions in Middle East 'Have Increased Terror Threat in Britain'
Militant Group Claims Mali Hotel Assault After Leader 'Returns From Dead'
Hostage Freed From Mali Hotel Says Attackers Spoke English
After Attack, US Urges Americans to Limit Movements in Bamako
50 French Elite Police Forces to Travel to Mali on Friday
Pentagon Says 22 Military and Civilian Personnel Safe in Bamako
Burundi Says Belgium Behind Plot to Overthrow President
Funeral in Pakistan for Militants Killed in US Strikes on Afghanistan Draws Hundreds
Pakistan General: Zero Tolerance for ISIS
North Korea
North and South Korea Agree to Hold Border Talks
UN Asks Vietnam and China to Clarify Fate of North Koreans
China Forces Kill 28 'Responsible for Xinjiang Mine Attack'
Obama to Raise Rights Issues With Malaysia PM
US Approves Sale of Global Hawk Drones to Japan
Indian Army's 'Drone' Crashes in Rajasthan
In Quebec Security Fears May Deepen Rift With Muslims
Canada's New Defence Chief Cautious on F-35 Despite Party Pledge
Americans Still Dying
Fortunately, No American Troops Were Reported Killed This Week
The War at Home
Pollard Lawyers Appeal Terms of Release
Donald Trump Distances Himself From Endorsement of Tracking Muslims in US
Hillary Clinton, Jeb Bush Slam Trump Over Muslim Database Plan
Spooky and Scandalous Past of Ben Carson's Top National Security Adviser
Ben Carson 2016 Immigration Stance: US Should Have a Database on All Immigrants
News Flash: Bomber Lobby Wants More Bombers
Muslims Worry Anti-Islam Rhetoric Will Make Them Targets
Air Force Writes Off Brand New $115 Million Gunship After Pilot Accidentally Flew It Upside Down
When You're Named ISIS for the Goddess, Not the Terror Group
Girl's Misunderstanding Causes Spirit Airlines Bomb Scare
Arabic Speaker Briefly Kept Off US Flight After Complaint
New York Police Form Counterterrorism Force With More Firepower and Training
Los Angeles Police Department Conducts Live Anti-Terrorism Drill
Riverside, California Police Used Apparently Illegal Wiretaps to Make Hundreds of Arrests
Attacks in Paris
Militants May Have Spent as Little as $7,500 on Paris Attacks
Woman Was Not Suicide Bomber: French Cops
Third Body Found at Site of Post-Paris Attacks Police Raid
Brother of Suspected Paris Attack Mastermind Arrested in Morocco
Belgium Charges Suspect With Terrorism Over Paris Attacks
Paris Attacks: ISIS Bomb-Maker Mohammed Khoualed Hands Himself in to Police
No Information on Paris Suspect Stop-Over Report: Colombia
A Second Suicide Bomber in Paris Attacks Went Through Greece: Prosecutors
Bus Driver Who Turned Paris Attacker Skipped Police Watch
Salah Abdeslam: Police Issue New Photo of Possible Disguise as Paris Attacks Fugitive Remains at Large
Paris Muslims Complain of Ostracism After Terror Attacks
Many French Turn to Books Not Guns in Face of Paris Attacks
France Sees Surge in Army Recruitment Enquiries After Attacks
France Says EU Agrees to Reinforce External Border Controls
French Imams Preach Against Violence at Friday Prayers
What Is It Like to Live in the Most Vilified Jihadist Hotbed in Europe?
German Intelligence: We Need to Deal With Terror Like Israel Does
EU Tightens Border Checks, Gun Control After Paris
40 Years After Franco's Death, Spanish Families Look for 'Stolen Babies'
That's One Way to Settle an Argument: Ukrainian MP Filmed Kicking Security Chief in the Head
UN: 729 Human Rights Activists Slain in Colombia Since 1994
Protest Against Haiti Election Turns Violent; 1 Dead
Weekend Reviews
From Sun Tzu to Fourth Generation War
The War That Justified Other Wars
Why There Is No Obama Doctrine
Palestinian Film Looks at Occupation's Absurdities
America the Invader: How We've Invaded or Been Militarily Involved With Almost Every Country on Earth
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