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Updated November 23, 2015 - 11:23 PM EST
In Asia, Obama Desperate to Defend War Strategy
  Centcom Emails Seized in ISIS Intel Doctoring Investigation
  Obama Seeks Answers on Doctored Intel, But Says Won't Change War
  ISIS Has Help Desk for Terrorists Staffed Around the Clock
  Officials: No Credible Terror Threat to US
Report: Israel Has 115 Nukes, 660kg of Plutonium
US Drone Strike Kills Eight Fighters in Somalia
Local Nigerian Officials Endorse Benin Invasion
10 Children Killed in Russian, Syrian Airstrikes Against ISIS
UK Defense Plan: 1000s of Combat Troops on the Streets
Unease, But Little Opposition as France Curbs Freedoms
How Terror in Paris Calls for Revising US Syria Policy  by Gareth Porter
Let the Refugees In  by Sheldon Richman
The Dayton Miracle: Bosnia Armistice, Still Alive at 20  by Nebojsa Malic
Myths of Empire  by Justin Raimondo
Wage War on the Ground Against ISIS? Are You Serious?  by John Glaser
No, the Military Has Not Withered Away Under Obama  by Ryan McMaken

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Journalist at The Australian Detained by Israeli Security
Air Force Loses $115 Million Gunship to a 'Sideslip'
Ex-CIA Director: Snowden Should Be 'Hanged' for Paris

Crimea Without Power After Electricity Pylons 'Blown Up'

Quietly, Guam Is Slated to Become Massive New US Military Base
Baghdad Cancels Flights Over Missile Fears; 101 Killed Across Iraq
Britain Set to Join Air Strikes on ISIS in Syria Before Christmas
Cameron to Seek Parliament's Approval for Syria Airstrikes
Motorcycle Bomb Explodes in Kurdish-Held Syrian Town, Three Dead: Monitor
UK Should Cooperate With Russia Over Syria Strikes: Moscow
Russia Serious About Solution in Syria, German Minister Says
ISIS Women and Enforcers in Syria Recount Collaboration, Anguish, and Escape
Turkey Launches Air Strikes on PKK in Iraq and Southeast Turkey
Turkish Police Arrest Suspected ISIS Scout in Paris Attacks
Turkey's Pro-Kurdish Leader Unharmed After Bullet Hits Car
'We Don't Target Civilians' in Yemen: Saudi-Led Coalition
Landmines Slow Key Advance by Yemen 'Loyalists'
Yemen's PM Visits Marib Province With Ministers
Iran Sentences Washington Post Reporter Jason Rezaian to Prison
World Powers to Help Iran Redesign Reactor as Part of Nuclear Deal
Drone Crashes in Iran Near Iraqi Border: Agencies
Iran's Guard Simulates Capture of Al-Aqsa Mosque
Iranian Border Guards Fire Mortar Shells Into Pakistan
Iran Still Looking for Its Former Lebanon Ambassador Missing in Hajj Stampede
Zuma: Hamas Prepared to Live Side-By-Side With Israel
IDF Shuts Down Second Hebron Radio Station, Citing Incitement
Cash-Strapped Hamas Pays Gazans With Land in Former Settlements
Amid Escalation, IDF to Check Every Palestinian Vehicle on West Bank Roads Shared With Israelis
Israeli Fatally Stabbed, Three Palestinian Attackers Killed in West Bank: Police
Israel Troops Foil Stabbing Attack at Cave of the Patriarchs
US Condemns Killing of American Yeshiva Student
Middle East
Lebanon Arrests Six Palestinians Seeking to Join Anti-Assad Rebels in Syria
Jordan's King Abdullah to Meet With Putin Tuesday Over Militants in Syria
20 Bus Passengers Kidnapped in Afghanistan
Afghan Inquiry Says Poor Leadership Let Taliban Seize Kunduz
Afghanistan Risks Chaos as Political Divisions Produce Power Vacuum
Pakistan, US Agree on Early Resumption of Afghan Peace Process
Slow Road From Kabul Highlights China's Challenge in Afghanistan
Explosion Reported at Japan's Controversial Yasukuni Shrine
Here's Why the US Still Has Bases on Okinawa 70 Years After WWII
Five Reasons the Solution for Okinawa Is Years Off
Bangladesh President Rejects Clemency Appeal by Opposition Leaders
Journalist Shot in Bangladesh After Funeral for Hanged Opposition Leader
China/Hong Kong
China Says US Has Gone Beyond Freedom of Navigation to 'Test' Beijing
Hong Kong Votes Year After Protests in Test of Appetite for Democracy
North Korea Threatens South Korea Ahead of Island Shelling Anniversary
China Urged Not to Repatriate North Koreans Caught Trying to Escape
At Least 3 Protesters Killed, Dozens Injured in South Nepal
Malaysia Calls ISIS Evil, Obama Vows No Safe Haven for Killers
The War at Home
American Muslims Weather a Backlash Following Massacre in Paris
House Intel Chief: No Credible Threat Against NYC
Carson Supports Monitoring 'Un-American' Groups
Trump's Outrageous Claim That 'Thousands' of New Jersey Muslims Celebrated 9/11 Attacks
Marco Rubio Vows US Troops Will Inflict 'Humiliating Defeats' on ISIS
Jonathan Pollard to Work at New York Investment Firm, Lawyers Say
Police Union Chief: Minneapolis Police Worried Protests May Turn Violent
Two Men Kept From Boarding US Flight for Speaking Arabic
Armed Protesters Stalk Peaceful Muslims at Texas Mosque: We Want to Show Force
Southwest Airlines Is Allowing Its Racist Passengers to Kick Muslim Passengers Off Their Flights
Apple Core Thrown Over Fence Puts White House on Lockdown
America and Syrian Refugees
Nonprofits Told Not to Help Syrian Refugees in Texas
GOP Looks to Tighten Screws on Visa Program
Donald Trump: I'll Bring Back Waterboarding to Stop the Syrian Refugees
Biden: Turning Away Refugees 'Would Play Right Into Terrorists' Hands'
Syrian Refugees Surrender to Immigration Agents at US-Mexico Border
Syrian Refugee Crisis: Fear and Hope in an Iowa City
Syrian Refugee Crisis
Some 1,500 Turkmen Flee Syrian War for Turkey: Governor
Australia Says Checks on Syrian Refugees Could Take a Year
Indonesia May Offer Island to Process Refugees to Australia
Honduras Detains Syrian, Pakistanis Traveling Illegally: Police
French Police Release Seven People Picked Up During Raid Last Week
French Police Extend Questioning of Suspect After Attacks
Authorities Missed Many 'Red Flags' Before Paris Shootings
9 Young Men and Their Paths to Terror in Paris
Hollande Hopes to Spur US to Do More Against ISIS
Brussels Maintains Maximum Threat Level for Second Day, Belgium on Alert
Reports: Soldiers Descend on Major Hotel in Brussels
Terrorism Raids in Belgium Yield 16 Arrests
Paris Attacks Suspect Salah Abdeslam Could Be in Brussels 'Ready to Blow Himself Up': Friend
Canadian Embassy in Brussels Closed Amid 'Serious and Imminent Threat'
Russia Says Kills 11 Militants Who Had Sworn Allegiance to ISIS
Western Leaders Agreed to Extend Russia Sanctions by Six Months: Diplomat
Pro-Independence Protest in Catalonia Draws Around 3,000
Explosive Device Goes Off Near Bosnian Army Chief's Car, No One Hurt
Mali Deepens Probe After Deadly Attack on Luxury Hotel
Well-Planned Mali Attack Took Advantage of Security Lapses
Hotel Attack in Mali Reverses Gains in Fight Against Extremism
Mali Hotel Attackers Are Tied to an Algerian al-Qaeda Leader
9 Foreigners Killed in Mali Are Identified
Deadly Suicide Attack Rocks Northern Cameroon, 10 Killed
Five Dead in Burundi Violence, Police Deny Attack on Presidency
Egyptian Cleric: Terror Attacks 'Injustice' to Islam
Opposition Candidate Macri Wins Argentina's Presidential Election
Colombia to Free 30 Jailed FARC Rebels as Peace Talk Gesture
Venezuela Opposition Says Shots Fired at Election Campaign Caravan
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