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Updated November 24, 2015 - 11:21 PM EST
Turkey Shoots Down Russian Plane Over Syria
  Downing of Russian Plane by Turkey Augurs World War III
  Turkmen Forces in Syria Shot Dead Pilots of Downed Russian Jet
  Syrian Rebels Armed With US Missiles Target Russian Rescue Copter
US Troops to Arrive in Syria 'Very Soon'
  US Airstrikes Destroy 283 Fuel Tankers in East Syria
  Syrian Troops Oust ISIS, Reclaim Towns Near Homs
  Report: Canadian Airstrike Killed 10 Civilians in Mosul
US Begins Training of Ukrainian Regular Forces
  Ukraine Nationalists Block Repairs on Sabotaged Crimean Power Lines
US Issues Global Travel Alert Over ISIS Threat
  'Rambo' Appeal, Not the Mosque, Lures Brussels Youths to ISIS
22 Troops Killed in Tunisia Bus Bombing
ISIS Attacks Hotel in Egypt's Sinai, Killing Seven
Obama to Hollande: Stay the Course Against Russia
Court Rules Memos on Targeted Killings Can Stay Classified
They Sow the Cyclone – We Reap the Blowback  by Dan Sanchez
Syrian Refugees Don't Pose a Serious Security Threat  by Alex Nowrasteh
NYT, WAPO Ignoring Civilians Killed by US Drones  by Jeff Bachman
Turkey’s Stab in the Back  by Justin Raimondo
Declare Victory, Come Home?  by Stanley L. Cohen
Has Hillary Learned Nothing From Iraq?  by Scott McConnell

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Army Colonel Retaliated Against for Blowing Whistle on $43 Million Gas Station
The Doomsday Ideology of ISIS
Divided Argentina Awakes to Post-Kirchner Era
Warring Tribes in Southern Libya Sign Peace Deal
Cameron To Increase Britain's Military Spending
Cost of Replacing UK's Nuclear Subs Goes Up £6bn
81 Killed Across Iraq; Canada Accused of Bombing Civilians
Who Is Fighting ISIS in Syria and Iraq?
France Strikes ISIS Targets as Syria Diplomacy Hits 'High Gear'
France Strikes ISIS in Iraq From Newly Deployed Carrier
Australia Leader Talks Down Prospect of US-Led Army in Syria
Syria Opposition Chief Urges Al-Nusra to Break With al-Qaeda
Chemical Attacks 'Routine' in Syria, US Envoy Says
ISIS Execute Two More Gay Men in Iraq
House Anti-Refugee Bill Could Halt Visas for Iraqi Translators
Turkey Seeks UN Security Council Meeting on Turkmens in Syria
Town of Kobani, Scarred by ISIS, Strives to Rebuild
UK Offers France Use of Cyprus Airbase for ISIS Strikes
Letter From Raqqa: 'A Prison Guarded by Men in Black'
Syrian Refugee Crisis
Macedonia, Other Balkan Nations Begin Turning Away Migrants
Turkey 'Turning Away All Syrians Who Try to Cross Border'
Canada to Turn Away Single Male Syrian Refugees
After Paris, Syrian Refugees Face a Darkening Future
Migrants Sew Lips Together in Protest at Greece-Macedonia Border
Syrian Refugees Cling to a Longtime Haven in Michigan
No Discrimination Against Syrian Refugees, UN Urges
Hungarian PM: All the Terrorists Are 'Basically Migrants'
Court Orders French Government to Clean Up Calais Migrant Camp
UAE Blames Islamists for Delay in Anti-Houthi Operations
In Defiance, Yemeni Students Hurl Stones at Houthi Leader
Bibi Times: Netanyahu's Tangled Relationship With Israel's Media
Israeli Jets Strike Hamas Gaza Compound After Rocket Fire
Netanyahu: IDF Has Free Rein to Fight Terror in West Bank
Netanyahu Reprimands Bennett for 'Bullet Between Bibi's Eyes' Comment
Taking Him for Israeli, Palestinian Girls Stab Arab in Jerusalem
Kerry Calls Parents of Terror Victim Ezra Schwartz, Says No Excuse for Palestinian Terror
Middle East
Nasrallah's Speech Right After the Paris Attacks: Condemns ISIS, Embraces Syrian Refugees
Russia Eases Ban on Nuclear Technology Exports to Iran
Report Finds Bahrain Continues to Torture
Turkish Police, Pro-Kurdish Party at Odds Over Alleged Attack on Leader
German Troops to Continue Afghanistan Training Mission
Afghan Leaders Try to Halt Exodus, but Pleas Ring Hollow
Taliban Name New Political Chief in Qatar
China/Hong Kong
China Says Repatriated Dissidents 'Guilty of Crimes'
China Forces Used Flamethrower to Hunt Xinjiang 'Terrorists': Army Newspaper
Hong Kong's 'Umbrella Soldiers' Win Seats in Local Elections
Beijing Court Hears Appeal by Senior Journalist Gao Yu
UN Chief Ban Says 'Positive Signs' on North Korea Visit
US Military Helicopter Crashes in South Korea, Two Dead
The War at Home
Ben Carson: 'I Hope That We Have a Database on Everybody'
Trump: 'It Is Highly, Highly, Highly, Highly Unlikely' I Will Use Nukes
Carson Walks Back Support for Trump's Controversial 9/11 Claim
Donald Trump on Waterboarding: 'Even if It Doesn't Work They Deserve It'
Mike Huckabee 2016: President Obama 'Probably' Wants to Make Americans Memorize the Quran
NSA Leaker Thomas Drake Praises Report Showing US' Failure Toward Whistleblowers
Osprey's Own Rotor Wash Led to Deadly Crash
Boy Donates Savings to Vandalized Mosque, Muslim Community Responds With a Surprise
US Muslim Teen Accused of Clock Bomb Seeks $15 Million
Jonathan Pollard Loses His Job Due to Parole Conditions
Object 'Resembling' Explosives Belt Found in Paris Suburb
In France, Some See the Police Security Net as Too Harsh
300 Searches in Paris Since Attacks: Police Chief
ISIS Fighter Urges 'Brothers' to Emulate Paris: Video
Kerry Says More Cooperation With Russia Possible, Seeks to Reassure Opposition
Broad Russian Laws Targeting Religious 'Extremists' Used Against Pacifist Sect
Belgium Charges Suspect With Involvement in Paris Attacks
Italy Expels Four Moroccan Suspected Jihadists
Kurdish Rebel Leader Says Turkish Intransigence Harms Fight Against ISIS
Lithuania Police Ditch Kalashnikovs After Recent Incidents
Ukraine's Poroshenko Suggests Suspending Cargo Transport With Crimea
Australian War Graves in London Desecrated for Second Time This Year
Kosovo Opposition Presents Petition With 200,000 Names Against Serbia Deals
Mali Releases Photos of Slain Gunmen in Hotel Attack
Mali Begins Three Days of Mourning for Hotel Attack Victims
Belmokhtar, 'The Uncatchable' Desert Jihadist
Low Turnout Continues to Mar Egypt Parliamentary Elections
Egypt's Remaining Islamist Party Cries Foul as It Flops in Election
Egypt Shoots Dead Five Sudanese Migrants Near Israel Border
US to Sanction Four in Burundi Over Violence
Armed Vigilantes in Burundi's Capital Expose Deepening Crisis
South Sudan
UN Urges Deployment of More Peacekeepers to South Sudan
South Sudan Army Begins Withdrawal From Juba as Deadline Nears
Glencore Oil Deal in Libya Branded Worthless by Rival Government
Three Kenyan Soldiers Wounded in Blast Claimed by Al Shabaab
Somali Pirates Hijack Iranian Fishing Vessel With 15 Crew, Says Official
Thailand Indicts 2 for Deadly Bangkok Bombing
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