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Updated November 25, 2015 - 11:19 PM EST
US Troops Suspended Over Attacking Hospital
Turkey Shoots Down Russian Plane Over Syria
  Rebels Killed One Russian Pilot, Russians Rescued the Other
  Syria Rebels Destroy Russian Rescue Helicopter With US Missile
  NATO Envoys Urge Turkey to Show Restraint on Russian Planes
Russia Deploys Defenses to Syria-Turkey Border
  US, France Agree to Escalate Airstrikes on ISIS
  US Uses Banking Records to Decide What Oil Infrastructure to Attack
  166 Killed Across Iraq; Militia Accused of Seizing Hospital
Israeli Strikes Kill 13 Along Syria-Lebanon Border
22 Troops Killed in Tunisia Bus Bombing
ISIS Attacks Hotel in Egypt's Sinai, Killing Seven
Netanyahu Demands Int'l OK of Settlement Expansion
NATO Should Be Worried by Turkish Hit on Russian Plane  by Patrick Cockburn
Why Did Turkey Attack a Russian Plane?  by Philip Giraldi
Paris Used to Justify Agendas That Had Nothing to Do With the Attack  by Trevor Timm
Turkey’s Stab in the Back  by Justin Raimondo
Stop the Political Grandstanding on Refugees  by Eric Schuler
How Western Militarists Are Playing Into the Hands of ISIS  by Max Blumenthal

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Paul Hits Hawks on Downing of Russian Warplane
ISIS Recruitment Thrives in Brutal Prisons Run by US-Backed Egypt
ZOA Chief: Don't Accept Syrian Refugees 'Because They Hate Israel and Jews'
Scottish National Party 'Will Vote Against Syria Airstrikes'
Expert: 20 Percent of ISIS Converts Were Christian
The War at Home
Obama Administration Admits Review of Gitmo Cases Will Take Years
Trump Campaign Manager: Media Suppressing Proof of 9/11 Claim
Carson Blames the Media for 9/11 Mistake
Five Black Lives Matter Protesters Shot in Minneapolis; Police Searching for White Suspects
International Bomb Plotter Jailed for 40 Years in US
Terror in Little Saigon: An Old War Comes to a New Country
4 Crew Members Dead After Black Hawk Helicopter Crashes at Fort Hood
Two Paris Attackers Planned Another Assault, Prosecutor Says
Main French Opposition Calls for End to EU Embargo on Russia
Paris Attack Ringleader Returned to Scene of Crime: Prosecutor
France's Far Right Reaps Political Gains as Fears of Terrorism Grow
War of Words as Belgians Rebuff French Security Sneers
Hostages in N. French Town Safe, No Link to Paris Attacks
Terrorism Response Puts Belgium in a Harsh Light
Belgian Spy Chief Says He Warned on Budget Cuts as Jihadi Threat Grew
Russia Says to Halt Gas Supplies to Ukraine, Mulling Coal Cut Off Over Crimea
Majority of Britons Want to Leave the EU After Paris Attacks
Bomb Blast in Central Athens Damages Cypriot Embassy
Hungarian Police Say 'Bomb Lab' Found, 6 People Detained
Afghan Taliban Ambush Helicopter After Emergency Landing; 3 Die
Taliban Capture 13 Afghan Soldiers After Helicopter Crash
Nuclear Club Eyes Indian Inclusion, but Risks Pakistan's Ire
Pakistan Turns Down Afghan Proposal for Throughway to India
Marium Mukhtiar, Pakistani Female Fighter Pilot, Dies in Crash
Revised Nuclear Deal Between South Korea, US to Take Effect
Reports Say Apache Helicopter in Korea May Have Gotten Tangled in Utility Wires
China Official Says Some Xinjiang Party Members Back 'Terrorist Acts'
Philippines Takes South China Sea Claim to Hague Court
Egypt Probing Explosives Found in DHL Parcels Bound for US
Egypt Plane Crash: Airlines Cancel More Sharm El-Sheikh Flights
Libya Official: Car Bomb Kills 5 at Checkpoint Near Tripoli
Al Shabaab Claims Killing 8 Kenyan Soldiers in IED Attack
Somalia's al-Qaeda Branch Warns Members Against Joining ISIS
Landmine Kills UN Peacekeeper in Mali
Algeria Fire at Camp for Migrants in Ouargla Kills 18
Last Mauritanian Prisoner in Gitmo Pleads for a Case Review
Turkey Downs Russian Jet
Russia Says One Pilot, Rescuer Killed in Downing of Fighter Jet: Agencies
DoD: Unclear Whether Russian Jet Violated Turkish Airspace
Obama: Turkey Has Right to Defend Its Airspace
Russian Foreign Minister Cancels Turkey Trip After Jet Shot Down
166 Killed Across Iraq; Militia Accused of Seizing Hospital
How the US Campaign in Iraq Has Escalated With a New Weapon: Rocket Artillery
Russian Jet Hit Inside Syria After Incursion Into Turkey: US Official
French Jets Destroy an ISIS Command Center in Iraq: Official
Under Iraqi Town, ISIS Militants Built Network of Tunnels
Syria: The World's Most Contested Airspace
Syria's Turkmen Rebels, the Group at the Center of the Russia-Turkey Clash
Iran Says US Has Plan to Divide Iraq, Pleads With Iraqis to Resist
Syrian Refugee Crisis
Germany to Start Deporting Asylum Seekers to Western Balkans
ACLU Sues Indiana Governor Over Refusal to Resettle Syrian Refugees
Canada Pushes Back Deadline for Accepting 25,000 Syrian Refugees
Sweden Tightens Asylum Rules in Bid to Force EU Action
UN Decries Balkans Border Curbs on Refugees; Arrivals in Greece Fall
EU Sets Up 3 Billion Euro Fund for Refugees in Turkey
Norway to Tighten Border Controls
Turkish Warplanes Kill Five Kurdish Militants in Southeast Turkey
Erdogan Son-In-Law Wins Key Post in New Turkey Cabinet
Israel's Defense Establishment Mulls Deporting Terrorists' Families to Gaza
Kerry in Ramallah: US Committed to Palestinian Statehood
Palestinians Fear New Passport Requirements
Israel Extends Military Exemption for Ultra-Orthodox Jews
Middle East
Rebels Blow Up Bridges to Hamper Advance by Yemen Loyalists
No Australian Combat Troops to Fight in Middle East
Iran Expects Nuclear Deal to Be Implemented in Early January
Lebanese Army Intelligence Arrests ISIS Suspect
Can Middle East Tourism Ever Recover?
Bahrain Jails Reporter on Terrorism Charges: Rights Group
8 Killed in 2 Attacks in Southern Mexico
In Mexico, Fear as Victims Vanish at Hands of Police
Meeting in El Salvador on Cuban Migrants Ends in Squabbling
Argentine President-Elect Picks UN Insider as His Top Diplomat
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