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Updated November 30, 2015 - 11:28 PM EST
US Embassy Warns of 'Imminent Attack' in Kabul
Al-Qaeda Recaptures Syria Town From Army
  British PM to Risk Parliament Vote on Syrian Airstrikes
  Russian Airstrikes Kill 30 in Syria's Idlib Province
Pentagon Claims ISIS Fighters Defecting in Iraq
  Iraqi Forces Succeed in Cutting ISIS Supply Lines
Israel DM Rejects Assassination of Palestinians
  Israel Sees Communication as Key to Avoid Air Battles With Russia
16 Killed as Pro-Saudi Forces Advance in South Yemen
Terror Attacks Renew Calls for 9/11 '28 Pages' Release
The Reign of Absurdiocy  by Uri Avnery
Once Again, Media Terrorize the Public for the Terrorists  by Adam Johnson
Regime Change Is the Root of Evil in Syria  by Jacob G. Hornberger
The Phony War on ISIS  by Justin Raimondo
The Collision Course in Syria  by Daniel Lazare
Anti-Muslim Is Anti-American  by Charles Blow

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Ex-US Intelligence Chief on ISIS's Rise: 'We Were Too Dumb'
Predatory ISIS Wrings Money From Those It Rules
Thousands Rally in UK and Spain Against Bombing Syria
Report: Overworked Navy at a Tipping Point
ISIS Mocked With Rubber Ducks as Internet Fights Terror With Humor
Fighting in Anbar Progresses Slowly; 79 Killed Across Iraq
Bomb-Rigged Mass Grave of ISIS Victims Found in Iraq
Iraqis Find 3 More Mass Graves in Formerly ISIS-Held Sinjar
Iraq Suicide Bomber Kills Six in Flashpoint Town
Interview: Iraqi Envoy Says Paris Attack Marks New Global War
German Army Could Deploy 1,200 Soldiers to Syria
Who Is Buying ISIS Oil?
Syria's Assad Says His Enemies Increasing Support for Insurgents
Damascus Attacks Leave One Dead, 30 Wounded
Syria Army Says Turkey Increases Arms Shipments to Rebels
ISIS Executes 3,500 in Syria Since Declaring 'Caliphate': Monitor
Turkmens Flee Russian Bombardments Near Site of Downed Russian Jet
Senators McCain, Graham Call for 20,000 Troops in Syria and Iraq
Syrian Refugee Crisis
Ben Carson Urges More Money for Syrian Refugees in the Middle East
Refugee Crisis: Clashes as Macedonia Begins Building Border Fence to Keep People Out
Turkey to Help EU Curb Migration in Exchange for Cash, EU Membership Talks: Draft
EU Expects 'Immediate' Clampdown on Migrants in Deal With Turkey
Turkey Putting Syrian Refugees 'At Serious Risk of Human Rights Abuse'
Thousands of Syrian Refugee Children Left in Legal Limbo
German Police Tackle Mass Brawl at Berlin Refugee Shelter
'We Were Abandoned': Migrants Tell of Suffering in Italy's Private Shelters
Palestinians Call for Day of Rage in Jerusalem After Teen Reportedly Shot Dead
Netanyahu Suspends Contact With EU Over Israel-Palestinian Peace Process
'Syria Is Dead, Israel Must Prepare,' Top Defense Official Warns
Fifteen Thousand Israeli Arabs Gather to Protest Israel's Ban on Islamic Movement
IDF Closes Third Hebron Radio Station for Broadcasting 'Incitement to Violence'
Jerusalem Policeman Wounded, Attacker Killed: Police
Israel Tests New Barak 8 Missile to Defend Offshore Gas Rigs
Egypt's Coptic Orthodox Leader Makes Rare Israeli Visit
Israel Gives Lebanese-Swede 18 Months for Hezbollah Spying
Middle East
Last-Minute Snag in Lebanon Troops Exchange With Jihadists
Houthi Militia Chief's Brother Killed in Yemen
More Than 900 Saudi Women to Stand in Elections
5 ISIS Affiliate Militants Killed in Afghanistan
Suicide Attack Aimed at Afghan Official Kills Guard
Pakistan Ready for India Talks Without Preconditions
Pakistani Terrorist Killed in Staged Shootout, Say Police Sources
Lie Detectors, Solitary: How South Korea Screens Refugees
S. Korea Enlists Cyber Warriors to Battle Kim Jong-Un's Regime
Taiwan, China Swap Jailed Spies After Leaders' Historic Meet
Djibouti Base Could Be Start of US-China Military Rivalry
Malaysia Invokes British-Era Law to Stifle Critics' Voices
Japan PM's Support Rebounds After Difficult Debate Over Security Laws
Russia and Turkey
Former USAF Official: Turkey Shooting Down Russian Plane Was a 'Very Bad Mistake'
Turkey Shoots Down Russian Plane: Physicists Say Both Official Accounts Scientifically Impossible
Turkish President Says Wishes Russian Plane Downing Had Not Happened
Russian Pilot's Body Returned by Turkey
Kremlin Says Putin 'Fully Mobilized' to Tackle Threat From Turkey
Turkey Warns Against Russia Travel in Jet Downing Dispute
Russia Bans Sports Clubs From Signing Turkish Players in Winter Break
PKK Leader Urges US, EU to Broker Peace With Turkey: Report
Protests as Top Kurdish Lawyer Gunned Down in Turkey
Third Turkish Journalist Arrested Amid Fears of Ankara Censorship
Iran Lures Foreign Investors With New Oil Contracts
Iran Seeks $30 Billion of New Oil Contracts
Iran's Khamenei: Paris Attacks Are 'Blind Terrorism'
Iran Says Tests Will Show How Diplomat Died in Saudi Arabia
'Allah Akbar' Found Scrawled on Planes at French Airports
Ahead of Climate Summit, French Use Emergency Laws to Put Activists Under House Arrest
Paris Attack Suspect Stopped in Belgium Cafe Later, Friend Says
The Men Who Attacked Paris: Profile of a Terror Cell
Nearly 1000 People Denied Entry to France Since Attacks: Minister
Failure to Stop Paris Attacks Reveals Fatal Flaws at Heart of European Security
French Minister Condemns Social Exclusion of Young Muslims
France Attack Guns 'From Ex-Yugoslavia'
Playstation 4 Gamers' Chat to Be Monitored by Anti-Terror Agents, Says Italian Minister
Russia: 3 ISIS-Allied Militants Killed in Dagestan
Protecting Vatican From Terrorists Is 'Enormous' Challenge
Kosovo Police Arrest Opposition Leader for Parliament Unrest
Greek PM Tsipras Takes on Turkey's Davutoglu on Twitter
Thousands Stage Anti-Govt Protest in Moldova
In Spain, New Political Party Makes Gains From Surprising Place – the Center
Rival Militia Forces Battle in Central Somalia: UN
Twin Suicide Attacks Kill Five People in North Cameroon
Gunmen Kill Four Egypt Security Personnel South of Cairo
Three Killed, 20 Hurt in Mortar Attack on UN Mission in Mali
'Lay Down Your Arms', Pope Says in Divided Central African Republic
Attackers Wound Senior Burundi Army Officer: Witnesses
Police Fire Tear Gas on Crowd of Mourners in Eastern Congo
Burkina Faso to Hold Elections to Replace Transitional Govt
Kenya Police: 2 Kenyans Arrested for Spying for Iran
Nigerian Security Agencies Searching for Kidnapped Poles
Morocco Arrests Turks Suspected of ISIS Links

Niger's Main Opposition Names Oumarou as Election Candidate

Bodies of 8 Slain Men Found Dumped in Southeastern Mexico
In Mexico's Guerrero State, Priests Are a Prime Target for Drug Gangs
The War at Home
University of Chicago Cancels Classes After Threat Warning From FBI
Trump: 'I Was 100 Percent Right' on 9/11 Muslim Remarks
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