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Updated December 1, 2015 - 11:24 PM EST
Iraqi PM, Militias Reject US Troop Deployments
US to Send More Combat Troops to Syria and Iraq
  Advanced Russian Fighters Arrive in Syria to Escort Bombing Raids
  Obama Demands That Turkey Close Stretch of Frontier With Syria
Iraq Announces 'Imminent' Assault on Ramadi
  Kurdish Fighters Say US Special Forces Have Been Fighting for Months
  At Least Nine Killed in Baghdad Suicide Bombing
  South Africa Told Bush, Blair That Iraq Had No WMDs
  Ex-Special Forces Head: ISIS Wouldn't Exist if Bush Didn't Invade Iraq
US Embassy Warns of 'Imminent Attack' in Kabul
  Analysts See US Probe Into MSF Airstrike Raising More Questions
107 Troops Missing After Boko Haram Destroys Nigeria Base
Scope of Secretive FBI National Security Letters Revealed
The Real Reason for Turkey's Shoot-Down of the Russian Jet  by Gareth Porter
Avoiding the Trap of Retaliation  by John V. Whitbeck
The US Air Campaign in Syria Is Suspiciously Impressive at Not Killing Civilians  by Micah Zenko
Turkey, Russia, and the Fallacy of 'Collective Security'  by Dan Sanchez
Hillary's Plan To Combat ISIS Won't Work  by Ivan Eland
Libya's Collapse Proves Clinton Learned Nothing From Iraq  by Dan Wright

More Viewpoints

Beloved Japanese Artist Who Depicted Horrors of War Dies at 93
Lori Berenson Heading Home After Serving Peru Terror Sentence
Trump Blames 'Ancient' Technology for Absence of 9/11 Tailgate Videos
Pilgrim Stampede at Border; 97 Killed Across Iraq
Iraq Blames Iran After Thousands of Pilgrims Storm Border Crossing
Jewish Kurds Hold Groundbreaking Iraq Commemoration
Deadly Kurd-Islamist Clashes in Northern Syria
White House: Russia Has Intensified Strikes on ISIS in Syria
ISIS Executes 18 Syrian Soldiers in Palmyra
Putin, Obama Discuss Syria Political Settlement
Syria Denies Using Chemical Weapons in Civil War
France Says Russian Strikes in Syria Must Only Target ISIS
Syrian Refugee Crisis
Hours After EU Deal, Turkey Rounds Up 1,300 Migrants Bound for Greece
Assad Says Terrorists Among Syrian Refugees: Czech TV
EU to Relocate Sweden Asylum Seekers
US Tightens Visa Waiver Program in Wake of Paris Attacks
Video Shows Hungarian Lorry Driver Deliberately Swerving at Refugees in Calais
No Apology for Downing Russian Jet: Turkey
Putin Says Turkey Shot Down Russian Plane to Defend ISIS Oil Supplies
Turkey to Act 'Patiently' Before Taking Any Measures Against Russia, Erdogan Says
Moscow Delays Enforcing Ban on Turkish Produce to Avoid Inflation
US Says Russia Violated Turkish Airspace, but Dialogue Needed Now
Trucks Carrying Turkish Exports Blocked at Russian Border: Association
Five Ways Russian Sanctions Can Hurt Turkey Economy
Nusra Front Demands Obstruct Release of Lebanese Soldiers: Security Chief
In Unexpected Twist, Assad Ally May Be Lebanon's Next President
Iran Gives Investors Glimpse of $30 Billion in Oil Deals
Nuclear Deal Could Give Iran Technologies to Cut Pollution
Israel-EU Peace Diplomacy in Question
EU Foreign Affairs Chief Asks Netanyahu to Clarify Suspension of Ties Related to Palestinians
Netanyahu: Abbas Handshake Was 'Purely Protocol, Not a Meeting'
Google Denies Agreement to Monitor Anti-Israel Videos
PA Orders Hamas TV Off the Air in West Bank
Mixed Verdict by Israeli Court in Burning Alive of Palestinian Teen
Israeli Gag Order: Serious Development Reported in Major Jewish Terrorism Case
Israel, Jordan Unveil $800 Million Joint Plan for 'Red-Dead' Canal
Middle East
Three Saudi Border Soldiers Killed in Attack From Yemen
Turkish Opposition Says Police Bullet May Have Killed Kurdish Lawyer
Crimea Power Blackout: Russia Accuses Ukraine of Sabotage
Ukraine Says Can Restore Some Power to Crimea When Activists Ready
How the Paris Attackers Honed Their Assault Through Trial and Error
Belgium Calls for 'European CIA' After Paris Attacks
Russia: Army Deserter Hid in Woods for 11 Years
Russia Calls Poland's Removal of Soviet War Memorial Offensive
Kosovo Parliament Disrupted With Tear Gas, Again
Greek-Turkish Twitter Dogfight Started in Error: Official
China Sticks to Right to Decide Reincarnation of Dalai Lama
China's Yuan Gains IMF Reserve Status
US Criticizes Imprisonment of China Media Freedom Activist
Philippines Official Confident in South China Sea Arbitration Case
Philippine Court to Rule if US Marine Guilty of Murder
Pakistani, Afghan Leaders Discuss Mending Ties, Reviving Taliban Talks
UN: Nepal Blockade Puts Millions of Children at Risk
UN: Myanmar Released 53 Child Soldiers
Thailand Knew Deported Chinese Were Refugees Awaiting Resettlement in Canada: UN Document
Boko Haram Raids in Nigeria, Niger Kill Eight
Boko Haram Expanding, Chance to Stop It Is Now: UN Official
Decades After Nigeria's War, New Biafra Movement Grows
Should New Calls for Biafra Worry Nigerians?
ISIS Cements Hold on Key Libyan Coastal City Sirte
Libya Crisis: Foreign Intervention Is 'Part of the Problem', Says Algerian Minister Ramtane Lamamra

Two French Men Stopped in Tunisia on Way to ISIS in Libya: Official

DR Congo Raid by Ugandan Islamist Rebel Group Kills 38
ISIS Fighters in Somalia Raid Military Base in Bossaso
Mock Attack on Kenyan University Causes Panic, Ends in Death
Four Dead as Migrant Truck Attacked in Mali: Sources
Roch Marc Christian Kabore Elected Burkina Faso President
3 Men Arrested in Killing of Venezuela Opposition Leader
Venezuela Seeks to Downplay Security Fears Around Vote
17 Dead in Fight at Overcrowded Guatemala Prison
Brazil Police Kill 5 Young Men; Officers Detained
Haiti Opposition Says Transitional Govt May Be Needed
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Turkey, Russia, and the Fallacy of 'Collective Security'

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