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Updated December 4, 2015 - 10:41 PM EST
Wife in CA Attack Pledged Allegiance to ISIS
Obama: 'No Boots' Just Meant No Battalions
  German Parliament Approves Military Campaign Against ISIS in Syria
  Kerry: We Can Defeat ISIS in Months if Assad Goes
  Obama: Putin Has to Oust Assad or Face 'New Afghanistan'
  Syrian Govt, Rebels Both Slam British Airstrikes
  Tensions Between Turkey and Russia Continue to Grow
Iraq PM: Foreign Troops Would Be 'Aggression'
  Air Force Burning Through Bomb Stockpiles Striking ISIS
CIA's Afghan Paramilitaries Regularly Kill Civilians
French Interior Ministry Intends Mass Closure of Mosques
Saudi Warplanes Bomb Another MSF Hospital in Yemen
Nothing to Fear But the Fearful Themselves  by Dan Sanchez
In Syria, Britain Is Making the Same Mistakes All Over Again  by Adam Holloway MP
ISIS Recruitment Thrives in Brutal Prisons Run by US-Backed Egypt  by Murtaza Hussain
San Bernardino Massacre: Perception and Propaganda  by Justin Raimondo
An Invitation to Collective Suicide  by Andrew Bacevich & Tom Engelhardt
Obama Ignores Russian Terror Victims  by Robert Parry

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Cruz: US More Secure With Assad in Power
Chechen Leader: We'll Avenge Man Beheaded in ISIS Video
Report: ISIS in Libya Training to Fly Planes
Former US Official Urges Pentagon to Skip Buying New ICBMs
MPs Slammed for 'Despicable' Laughter After Vote to Take Britain to War
86 Killed as Iraq Premier Warns Off Foreign Troops
Marines Are Flying Over Both Iraq and Syria Regularly as Part of a Rescue Force
Iraqi PM Statement: I Did Not Ask for Foreign Troops, and We Will Treat Any Sent as a Hostile Act
Millions of Pilgrims Throng Iraq's Karbala
US Eliminates a Mid- to High-Level ISIS Figure Every 2 Days, Official Says
ISIS Child Soldiers Kill Captives in Gruesome Video
Syria Air Strikes: Rebels and Damascus Condemn RAF Bombing Raids on ISIS
British Bombers Strike ISIS Oil Fields in Syria
With Russian Anti-Aircraft Missiles in Syria, Israeli Army Prepares for More Surprises
Syria Activists: Russians Expanding 2nd Air Base in Country
German Bundeswehr to Deploy Surveillance Jets to Syria
Syrian Refugee Crisis
Nearly 2,000 Boat Migrants Rescued Off Libya
Clashes as Thousands of Migrants Are Stuck Outside Macedonia
Sweden Readies Emergency Option of Closing Bridge to Denmark Over Refugees
Paris Attacks, Migrants in Focus as Denmark Holds EU Referendum
Turkey Row Leaves Russia Stuck With Abandoned Gas Pipes Worth Billions
Turkey Expresses Condolences to Russia Over Death of Pilot
Russian, Turkish Envoys Meet for First Talks After Plane Incident
Kazakhstan Sees 'Big Danger' in Russia-Turkey Dispute, Urges Calm
Report: Russia Begins Delivery of S-300 Missiles to Iran
Iran Renews Oil Contracts With China, Taps New Buyers
Iran's Hidden Role in Saudi Arabia's Cheap Oil Stance
Saudi Arabia
Saudi Backs Deal That Would Make Assad Ally Lebanon's President
Saudi Execution of Poet Would Be Unlawful: UN Experts
Germany Rebukes Its Own Intel Agency for Criticizing Saudi Policy
Doctors Without Borders Says Clinic Hit in Yemen Was Known to Coalition
Second Medical Facility Bombed by US-Backed Saudi-Led Coalition in Yemen in Just Over a Month
Al Qaeda Militants Quit Yemen Town of Jaar, Still in Zinjibar
Sudanese Army Denies Losing Soldier in Yemen
Shin Bet: Several Israelis Arrested for West Bank Arson Murders
Despite Arrests, West Bank Arson Case Is Far From Solved
Israeli Policeman Stabbed in Jerusalem, Attacker Killed
Netanyahu: Don't Worry, There Will Be Peace 'Eventually'
Israel Denies Billing Palestinians for Medical Treatment of Duma Arson Victims
Netanyahu and Egypt's Sisi Shook Hands in Paris for the First Time
The War at Home
Obama: San Bernardino Shooting May Involve Terrorism
Trump Says He Has 'Real Doubts' Whether Israelis, Palestinians Want Peace
Anti-Defamation League Defends Trump Against Anti-Semitism Charge
Donald Trump: I'm Going to Israel
In Historic Decision, Pentagon Chief Opens All Jobs in Combat Units to Women
Senate Rejects Rand Paul's Crackdown on Refugees
House Panel Finds Secret Service Rife With Problems
Michigan Cops Fume Over Loss of US Military Vehicles
Meet the Anti-Islamic Organizer Who Set Off an FBI Manhunt
US Sentences Russian Taliban Fighter to Life in Prison
Two Army Pilots Killed in Kentucky Helicopter Crash
State of Emergency: 2,200 Police Raids, 3 Closed Mosques, Hundreds of Muslims Detained
France to Write State of Emergency Into Constitution
French Far-Right Eyes Big Gains in High-Stakes Regional Election
Putin Makes Surprise Visit to Crimea After Power Shortages
Putin Calls for Broad International Anti-Terror Front
Russia Upholds Artist's Detention Over Torching of Security HQ
Afghanistan Seeks to Establish Fate of 'Injured' Taliban Chief
Foreign Donors Threaten to Pull Funding to Afghanistan Anticorruption Group
Kargil War: Pakistan Planned to Drop Nuke on India During Conflict, Says Former CIA Officer
Pakistan Refuses to Accept Some Migrants Deported by Greece
Pakistan Court Filing Asks Queen to Return Koh-E-Noor
Malaysia Approves Security Law Slammed by Critics
US Calls for Probe of Reports of Myanmar Military Atrocities
Mum's the Word as Suu Kyi Starts Military Rapprochement
Nigerian Army Arrests 11-Year-Old Alleged Suicide Bomber
Displaced Nigerians Prepare to Leave Camps, Go Home, but Fear Violence
Somali Journalist Killed in Car Bombing: Colleagues
Egypt Opens Gaza Border Crossing for First Time in Months
Venezuela's Socialist Party Risks Unprecedented Defeat
Opposition Win in Venezuela on Sunday May Not Change Much
Venezuela Opposition Figure Warns Against Vote Unrest
Colombia Police 'Wiretapping, Shadowing, and Intimidating Journalists'
Activists: Mexico Releases Alleged Victims of Police Torture
No Transit for US-Bound Cuban Migrants, Says Guatemala
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