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Updated December 6, 2015 - 11:12 PM EST
Obama Urges Congress to Authorize ISIS War
German Parliament Approves ISIS War in Syria
  US Struggling Over 'Moderate' Syrian Rebels Once Tied to al-Qaeda
  Kerry: Syrian Rebels, Govt Could Cooperate Without Assad's Ouster
  Report: Syrian Airstrikes Kill 56 Civilians Around Damascus
US Looks to Ignore Iraqi PM's Objection on Troops
  Iraq Demands Turkey Withdraw Newly Deployed 'Trainer' Troops
US Downplays Turkish Acquisition of ISIS Oil
  US Puts Request for Bigger Turkish Role on Hold Over Russia Tensions
FBI: CA Attack Is Terror, No Indication of ISIS
EU Intel Sees Britain as ISIS' Next Target
Obama Mulls Making Women Eligible for Military Draft
Saudis to Probe Airstrikes Against MSF Hospital in Yemen
Get Rid of ISIS Using This One Weird Trick  by Dan Sanchez
US War Criminals Shielded From Prosecution, Officially Honored  by Glenn Greenwald
Nightmares in Jalazone: Families Deal With Trauma Following Israeli Torture  by Lauren Jappe
PATRIOT, Pre-Crime, and the War on Terror  by Lucy Steigerwald
The United States Is in the Refugee-Creation Business  by Shane Smith
The West's Deadly Mideast Fantasies  by Mike Lofgren

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ISIS Is a Formidable Enemy That Will Not Be Defeated From the Air
Third of Americans Support Sanctions Against Israel
EU Agrees to Collect Air Traveler Data: Alfano
Japan Defense Budget Likely to Top 5 Trillion Yen for First Time
Rep. Dana Rohrabacher: 'Russia Should Be Applauded
Teenagers Executed in Mosul; 95 Killed Across Iraq
UN: 16 Mass Graves Found After Iraq's Sinjar Freed From ISIS
United Nations 'Concerned' About Sunni Abuse by Kurds in Iraq
Former US Official Who Bungled Iraq Occupation Wants to Send Troops Back There Again
Iran Says Russia Free to Use Airspace to Attack ISIS, Syrian Targets
Russian Jets Destroy ISIS Oil Convoy After Putin Accuses Turkey of Buying Oil From Jihadist Group
Russian Killed by ISIS Spurned Militant Recruiters: Family
Most British Muslims Oppose Airstrikes in Syria
Syria Air Strikes Will Help Bring Settlement, Says Cameron
David Cameron Warned by Military Chiefs Not to Claim There Were 70,000 Friendly Syria Rebels
Syrian Refugee Crisis
Cheap and Illegal, Syrian Workers Show Underside of Turkey's Refugee Crisis
Delivery of Shelters for Calais 'Jungle' Migrants Delayed
Greek Minister: EU Provided Inadequate Help for Refugees
St. Kitts Suspends Syrians From Program Selling Citizenship
In a Palestinian Village, the Smell of Fire and Fear Remains
Israel Says Too Early to Try Suspects Over Arson Attack on Palestinian Home
Four Palestinians Killed After Attacks on Israelis in West Bank
Murdered Palestinian Family's Relatives Doubt Israeli Justice
Israeli Generals See US-Russian Coalition Easily Overpowering ISIS
Israel Trained Against Russian-Made Air Defense System in Greece
Lapid: Israel's Global Standing Has Never Been Worse; I Could Change That
Swedish Foreign Minister Accuses Israel of Executing Palestinian Assailants Without Trial
Qaeda Offers Bounty for Head of Yemen Pro-Government Force
UN: Half of Yemen 'One Step Away' From Famine
Is Gollum Good or Evil? Jail Term in Turkey Hinges on Answer
Suicide Blasts Kill Three in NE Nigeria: Say Vigilantes
Nigeria Military Says Boy Trained as Suicide Bomber Against Refugees
ISIS Group Built a Base in Libya From Which to Exploit Tribal Conflicts
France Flies Surveillance Missions Over ISIS-Held Areas of Libya
Italy Hopes to Up Pressure on Libya Militias
Eight Killed in Central African Republic Days After Pope's Visit
Police: 3 Killed in Attack Targeting Burundi General
After Deaths, Egyptians Grow Bolder in Challenging Police Abuse
Eastern Congo Militias Make Mockery of UN Peace 'Enforcement'
Americans Still Dying
Fortunately, No American Troops Were Reported Killed Last Week
San Bernardino Attack
Muslims in America Condemn Extremists and Fear Anew for Their Lives
'Pledge of Allegiance' to ISIS Is No Proof of Group's Involvement
Attorney for Gunman's Family Floats Hoax Theory
Shooters Didn't Fit FBI Profiles, Raising Questions About Strategy
GOP Candidates Seize on Shootings in California as Proof of Terror Threat
Pakistan Assists US on Suspect Tashfeen Malik
The War at Home
After Paris and California Attacks, US Muslims Feel Intense Backlash
Most Americans See Muslims Like Any Other Group After California Shooting: Poll
Following Paris Attacks, NYC Steps Up Outreach to Muslims
Cruz Fires Back at Rubio on NSA Comments
Trump Mocks Rivals, Promises to Take on Terrorism 'So Tough You Have No Idea'
Pentagon Chief: Homegrown Terrorists 'Losers With a Keyboard'
Marine Missing From World War II Accounted For
Ex-Soldier 'Addicted to Killing' Guilty but Mentally Ill
Paris Militant Group Had Links to Britain
Inquiry Into Paris Terror Attacks Widens to Eastern Europe
Belgium Seeks Two New 'Dangerous' Paris Attack Suspects
France's Far-Right on Course to Grab Three Regions
Georgia Strips Former-President Saakashvili of Citizenship in Wake of Ukrainian Role
Tony Blair Claims Support for ISIS Stretches 'Deep Into Parts of Muslim Societies'
Bosnian Muslim Leaders Launch Appeal Against Extremism
Danish Soul-Searching as Voters Snub More EU Integration
Afghan, US Special Forces Free 40 From Taliban Prison in Overnight Raid
Pentagon: No US Ground Forces Involved in Raid to Free Prisoners
Taliban Say They Will Release Recording of Leader to Prove He Is Alive
US to Hasten Return of Okinawa Military-Held Land to Japan
Human Rights Watch Says Top Regional Researcher Barred From Kyrgyzstan
Colombia's FARC Captures Vacationing Soldier, Govt Says
Protests Erupt as Ecuador Scraps Presidential Term Limits
Costa Rica Asks Belize to Accept Stranded Cuban Migrants
Mexico Detains Brother of Leader of Jalisco Cartel
Weekend Reviews
Trumbo: A Witty Film About a Tortured Period
Blacklist Didn't Stop Trumbo From Cranking Out Screenplays
Utopianism Is Not a Strategy
New Book Assesses State of 'America's War Machine' Five Decades After Ike's Speech
The Four Men Who Averted the Apocalypse
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San Bernardino Massacre: Perception and Propaganda

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PATRIOT, Pre-Crime, and the War on Terror

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Get Rid of ISIS Using This One Weird Trick

Ivan Eland
Hillary's Plan To Combat ISIS Won't Work

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The Dayton Miracle: Bosnia Armistice, Still Alive at 20

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What Israel Is Up To in Jerusalem

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