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Updated December 7, 2015 - 11:20 PM EST
Trump Calls for Banning Entry to All Muslims
Obama Urges Congress to Authorize ISIS War
  Pentagon Hypes 'Surging Sales' for US Missile Makers
  Defense Contractors Cite 'Benefits' of Escalating Mideast Conflicts
Apparent US Airstrike Kills Three on Syria Base
  Italy PM: 'No Thank You' to Joining ISIS War
  US-Backed Rebels Fight Turkey-Backed Rebels in Northern Syria
  At Least 32 ISIS Fighters Killed in Strikes in Syria's Raqqa: Monitor
  Turkey-Backed Rebels Seize North Syria Border Villages
Iraq Gives Turkey 48 Hours to Withdraw Troops
  Fighting Continues in Anbar; 117 Killed Across Iraq
Yemen: ISIS Car Bomb Kills Aden Governor
  Saudi-Led Forces Fight Houthi Border Advance, Killing 20: Residents
AP Wrong About NSA Phone Records and FBI
Poland Exploring Program to 'Borrow' US Nukes
ISIS Embraces Calif. Shooters, But No Sign of Direct Ties
Both Libyan Parliaments Announce Power-Sharing Deal
IAEA Final Nuclear Report on Iran Defends Discredited Claims  by Gareth Porter
An American Guilt Trip: This Is How the Terrorists Win  by Thomas Knapp
Guess Who's Against a 'Safe Zone' in Northern Syria? US-Backed Kurds  by Robert Naiman
Up From Imperialism  by Justin Raimondo
Are We in a Clash of Civilizations?  by Ron Paul
Yes, Calling Only Muslims Terrorists Does Result in Disparate Treatment of Muslims  by Marcy Wheeler

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Red Cross Seeks Permission to Work in ISIS Territory
Red Cross Talks to Debate New Mechanism for Upholding Laws of War
Removing the Gag: How One Man Took on the FBI for Nearly 12 Years and Won
Did Republican Presidential Hopeful Ben Carson Confuse Hamas and Hummus?
Western Governors Endorse Prescreening Tourists Outside US
Fighting Continues in Anbar; 117 Killed Across Iraq
Network of Tunnels Used by ISIS Uncovered in Iraq
Fallon Says Air Raids on ISIS Will Make Britain 'Safer'
Syria's Divided Opposition Seeks to Unify Stance
Russia Has Stepped Up Bombing Since Turkey Downed Its Aircraft
Aid Reaches Syrian Rebel-Held Area of Homs: Syrian Observatory
Selling Desperate Syrian Refugees' Body Parts for Profit: Israeli Man Arrested in Turkey for Organ Trafficking
Assad Says British Airstrikes Against ISIS Will Fail
Australian Who Joined Kurdish Forces in Syria Sent Home
Syrian Refugee Crisis
Syrian Refugees Numbers Higher Than Reported; Ethnic Cleansing Rampant
In Wake of Paris Attacks, Refugees Fear Backlash
Russia Accuses US of Cover-Up Over ISIS Oil Smuggling to Turkey
Turkey Angered by Rocket-Brandishing on Russian Naval Ship Passing Istanbul
Turkey Detains Eight ISIS Members on Syria Border: Army
Turkish Energy Projects Unharmed by Row With Russia, Says Erdogan
Three Turkish Security Officers Killed in Clashes With Kurd Militants
Three Killed in Lebanon as Islamist Militant Blows Himself Up
Lebanese Soldier Recalls Terrifying Qaeda Kidnap Ordeal
Clinton Aims to Take US Relationship With Israel 'Next Level'
Kerry: 'Violence, Settlements, Demolitions' Imperiling the Vital Two-State Solution
Israeli Combat Soldiers to Get 50% Raise – to Half of Minimum Wage
Sweden-Israel Rift Deepens Over Comments on Palestinian Deaths
Morocco Sends Ground Troops to Fight in Yemen
Gunmen Assassinate Anti-Terror Judge in Yemen's Aden
Saudi Arabia
German Official: The West Needs Saudi Arabia as a Partner
Taliban Claim Audio Message From Leader Rejecting Death Reports
Von Der Leyen Tells German Soldiers in Afghanistan: 'We're Staying'
Hunted Hazaras Travel 'Death Road' Through Afghanistan
Pakistani Security Seeks to Tamp Down Reporting on California Shooter
ISIS Is Having a Hard Time Taking Root in Pakistan
10 Injured in Bomb Blasts at Hindu Temple in Bangladesh
Muslim MP Delivers Fiery Speech on Rising Intolerance in India
Thailand Says Looking for Four Syrians Amid ISIS Warning
South Korea Protests: Seoul Rally Against Park Geun-Hye
Former Myanmar Military Ruler Than Shwe 'Supports New Leader'
China Inner Mongolia Checkpoint Attacked by Mob
Cuba and US to Discuss Settling Claims on Property
Cubans Stream North, Afraid That the US Will End Its Policy of Welcome
Venezuela Opposition Claims Victory Ahead of Vote Results
Nicaragua's Avowed Anti-US Leader Ortega Eyes New Mandate
San Bernardino Attack
ISIS Calls San Bernardino Shooters 'Martyrs' in Message
'US Shooters Planned Multiple Attacks'
Father of Shooter: Farook 'Agreed With ISIS Ideology'
San Bernardino Shooting Victim 'Had Argued With Killer About Islam'
Massacre Victim/Coworker Ranted About Muslims on Facebook
Pakistani in Shooting Became Hardline in Saudi Arabia: Relatives
From Pharmacy Student to Suspected Terrorist: the Baffling Journey of Tashfeen Malik
Brother of San Bernardino Shooter Is US Navy Veteran
'We Feel Ashamed,' Say Pakistani Relatives of California Shooter
San Bernardino Aftermath
Can Americans Separate Terrorism From Muslims? Yes, Says Poll.
Even in Peaceful Communities, Muslims Feel More Vulnerable
Senate Democrats to Push Multi-Pronged Domestic Security Bill
America Knows Other Cases of Self-Radicalization
Terrorist Attacks by Islamists in the US Since 9/11
Trump: US Should Start Looking 'Very Closely' at Marriage Visas
Christie: San Bernardino Shows Female Syrian Refugees Should Be Barred
Christie Blasts Cruz, Paul for Weakening Homeland Security With Votes Against NSA Phone Snooping
Le Pen's National Front Leads 1st Round of French Local Elections
In French Elections, Clashing Visions of Muslim Identity
France to Extend State of Emergency Indefinitely
French Military Enrollment Triples After Paris Terror Attacks
Joe Biden Likely to Bring Harsh Criticism to Ukraine
Russia Says US Refused Guarantees for Ukraine's Liabilities
International Monitors Threatened by Gunmen in East Ukraine
Man Wielding Machete Stabs One in London Tube Station, Says, 'This Is for Syria'
London Police Treat Knife Attack as Terrorist Incident
ISIS Fundraiser Flees UK Despite Terror Watch
Austrian Minister Calls for Islamic School Closures
Belgian Imam Wages Flemish Jihad Against Foreign Fighters
Clashes Erupt in Athens on Anniversary of Student's Killing by Police
German Official Disputes Torture of Israeli Athletes in 1972
The Balkan Route to Western Europe for Yugoslavia Guns
Armenia Votes on Curbing President's Power, Boosting PM
Boko Haram Suspected as Bombs Kill 30 on Lake Chad Island
Chad Imposes Emergency in Boko Haram-Hit Area
Nigeria Police Make Arrests Over Boko Haram 'Sleeper Cells' in Abuja Area
Woman Killed in Election Violence in Nigeria State: Governor
African Jihadist Group Al-Murabitun Sides With al-Qaeda
Warplanes in Libyan Skies May Signal Next Major Battle in Fight to Contain ISIS
With Burundi's President Sticking to Power, Violence Is on the Rise
Central African Republic Rebel Leader Pledges to Block Elections
Egypt Arrests 9 Police Over Beating Death of Detainee
Burkina Faso Charges Former Coup Leader Over 1987 Presidential Murder
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