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Updated December 8, 2015 - 10:46 PM EST
US Air Strikes Kill 36 Civilians in Syrian Village
  Apparent US Airstrike Kills Three on Syria Base
  Excluded From Talks, Syrian Kurds to Hold Their Own Conference
  ISIS Papers: Leaked Documents Show How ISIS Is Building Its State
Turkey Refuses to Withdraw Troops From N. Iraq
  Sinjar Aftermath Highlights ISIS Resilience in Iraq
  Amnesty: Most ISIS Weapons Were Seized From Iraqi Army
Trump Calls for Banning Entry to All Muslims
  Trump Cites Fringe Group's Unscientific Poll in Call for Muslim Ban
US Donors Gave $220M to Israeli Settlements
ISIS Recruitment Undermines Taliban, Afghan Army
FBI: Calif. Attackers 'Were Radicalized for Quite Some Time'
Does It Even Matter Who Wins the Presidency in 2016?  by Ivan Eland
Pentagon Waste Machine Is Still Well-Fueled  by William D. Hartung
Diana Johnstone Dissects Hillary, Queen of Chaos  by John V. Walsh
The Long Game for the Long War  by Dan Sanchez
Should the US Leave NATO?  by Doug Bandow
Can Washington Separate Its Iran Policy From Israel?  by Trita Parsi

More Viewpoints

NATO Says Won't Send Ground Troops to Fight ISIS
Congressman: 72 Homeland Security Employees on Terrorist Watchlist
Terrorists Mock Bids to End Use of Social Media
Hillary Clinton Accidentally Threatens to Nuke Iran
25 Killed Across Iraq; Turkey Refuses to Withdraw Troops
'Reckless' Weapons Transfers to Iraq Fueled ISIS Atrocities: Amnesty International
Trudeau's ISIS Plan Blasted by Tories, NATO Seeks Volunteers for Iraq Training
Iraq PM Says ISIS Smuggles Majority of Oil Via Turkey
Iraq Asks Germany for Help in Fight Against ISIS
ISIS Terrorists in Iraq and Syria 'May Be Using Weapons Exported to the Middle East by the UK'
Russia Asks for UN Council Talks on Turkey Action in Syria, Iraq
Syrian Opposition Gathers in Riyadh for Talks
Leader of World Chess Body Steps Down Over Alleged Syria Links
Al-Jazeera Says Cameraman Died From Injuries Sustained in Syria
Syrian Refugee Crisis
After Legal Fight, 21 Syrian Refugees to Arrive in Texas
German Politicians Exchange Blame for Refugee Bottleneck
Hamburg Helps Traumatized Refugee Children
More Than 200 Refugee Homes Burned or Attacked in Germany
Iran Made 53 Arrests Linked to ISIS Since 2014: Police
Russia Expects Iran Nuclear Deal to Be Implemented in January
IDF Training for Possibility of ISIS Strike From Sinai or Golan Heights
Amid Palestinian Violence, Israel Tracks Far-Right Jewish Threat
Palestinian Stabs Israeli in West Bank, Shot Dead: Israeli Police
Israel Names New Mossad Chief
Online Store Tells Customer: 'We Don't Sell to Arabs'
UN Envoy Says Yemen's Warring Sides Agree to Peace Talks
Agreement to End Libya Strife a Hard Sell: Analysts
Pentagon Confirms Airstrike Killed Senior ISIS Leader Abu Nabil at Same Time as Paris Attacks
Libyan-American Group Says UN Begins Investigating Ex-Envoy
ISIS Publicly Beheads Two 'Sorcerers' in Sirte, Libya
Senior Shebab Leader Killed in US Strike in Somalia: Pentagon
American Al-Shabab Militant Held in Somalia
Mandera Residents Find Mystery Graves Near Somali Border
Kenya and Ethiopia Sign Cross-Border Agreement
Cameroon: No Missing Girls Among Freed Boko Haram Hostages
Egypt to Appeal $1.76 Billion Award to Israel in Gas Dispute, Freeze Gas Talks
French Judge Issues Arrest Warrant for Ivory Coast Parliament Speaker
The War at Home
GOP, Dem Rivals Condemn Trump's Muslim Ban Proposal
Trump Says Muslim-American Citizens Currently Abroad Also Included in Ban
US Will Add a Third Level to Warnings of Terrorism
Obama Hints at Renewed Pressure on Encryption, Clinton Waves Off First Amendment
Popping Bubble Wrap Sends Air Force Base Into Lockdown
Discrepancies Emerge Over Where Tashfeen Malik Grew Up
Senior Taliban Cast Doubt on Authenticity of Mullah Mansour Audio Message
Suicide Bomber Injures 22 in Afghanistan
Russia to Consider Afghanistan's Request for Arms Supply 'Carefully'
Afghan President Confirms High-Level Visit to Pakistan
Doctors Without Borders Submits Petition to White House for Independent Investigation of Kunduz Attack
China Arrests Four 'Terrorists' in Northern Province
China Military Tells Officers to Hold Their Tongues on Reform Concerns
North Korea Test Site Activity Could Be Bluff, Nuclear Ban Monitor Says
US Temporarily Lifts Trade Restrictions on Myanmar Shipping Hubs
US Agrees Spy Plane Deployment in Singapore Amid China Tensions
Biden Reassures Ukraine of US Support
Ukraine 'in Process' of Resuming Power Supplies to Crimea: Ukrenergo
Small Blast in Central Moscow Injures Three
Russia Loses 'Super-Satellite' After Launch
Russian Activist Sent to Prison for Unauthorized Protests
NATO Flag Burned in Montenegro After Invitation to Join
France's Far-Right Soars in Vote, Joins Mainstream Parties
Thousands Protest in Armenia After Disputed Referendum
German Court Sentences Two Returning ISIS Jihadists to Jail
Latvia's Prime Minister Resigns, New Govt to Be Appointed
Struggle Looms as Venezuela Opposition Vows to Fix Crisis
After Opposition Election Win, US Urges Venezuelan Parties to Talk
Argentina's Macri Backtracks on Ousting Venezuela From Mercosur
Top Finisher in Haiti Vote Complains About Fraud Claims
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