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Updated December 9, 2015 - 11:28 PM EST
50 Killed as Taliban Siege Kandahar Airport
  54 Killed, Dozens Wounded in Taliban Infighting in West Afghanistan
Iraq, Syria Foreign Fighters Doubled in 16 Months
  Syrian Battlefield Increases Chances of Hitting Wrong Targets
  Iraq Claims to Have Captured 60% of Ramadi
Yemen Confirms 7-Day Ceasefire for Peace Talks
  At Least 35 Fighters Killed in Battle Over Key SW Yemen Base
Pentagon: Trump's Call a Threat to National Security
  House Votes to Restrict Travel by Foreigners Who Visited Iraq, Syria
  How Anti-Muslim Are Americans? Data Shows Extent of Islamophobia
Lessons of the Past Hint at Hurdles in Fight to Stop ISIS
US Press Ignores Hatred of Israel as Motive for CA Attack
We Have Nothing to Fear Except Fear-Mongering Politicians  by David Stockman
America’s Reckless War Against Evil  by Ira Chernus & Nick Turse
Turkey's Human Wave Assault on the West  by Gregg Roman & Gary Gambill
Trump: America’s Funhouse Mirror  by Justin Raimondo
Why Syria’s Options Are So Bad  by Ted Snider
Conspiracy Theories and San Bernardino  by Philip Giraldi

More Viewpoints

Poll: Most Americans Want US Ground Troops in Syria
Assange in UK: Five Years Without Freedom – or Charges
UK Veterans Throw Down Medals on Downing Street in Disgust Over Syria Bombing
Pakistan Requests German Weapons for Anti-Terrorism
Two Afghan Trainees Missing From USAF Base
Iraq Forces Advance in Ramadi; 117 Killed Across Country
Iraqi PM Asks NATO to Press Turkey to Pull Troops From North Iraq
Russia Tells UN Turkey Was Acting 'Recklessly' in Iraq
German FM Promises Kurds More Military Support to Fight ISIS
ISIS Commander Among 11 Killed in Syria Air Raids: Monitor
Russia Launches First Syria Strikes From Submarine: Minister
Syria Rebels Fake Execution of ISIS Fighters, Deliver Lecture on Peace
Life Is Slow to Return to Shattered Syrian City of Homs
Syrian Refugee Crisis
UN Urges Jordan to Let 12,000 Stranded Syrian Refugees Enter
Migrant Crisis: Children Drown in Turkey Dinghy Tragedy
US Approves Sale of 'Smart Bomb' Kits to Turkey
Russian Military Helicopters Stationed Near Turkey
US Consulate in Istanbul Cites Possible Threat, Cancels Consular Services
US Fumes at Iran's Reported Ballistic Missile Test
Iran Editor Is Charged With Defying Ban on Covering Ex-President
Air France to Resume Paris-Tehran Flights After Eight-Year Gap
UN Announces 'Press Blackout' Around Yemen Peace Talks
Australian Mercenary Reportedly Killed in Yemen Clashes
Israel Sends Female Palestinian Lawmaker to 15 Months in Prison for Political Activities
Jailed Palestinian MP's Trial Demonstrates How Much the Game Is Fixed
Five Israeli Arabs Arrested for Trying to Set Up ISIS Cell in Nazareth
Netanyahu Defends Contentious Natural Gas Deal as 'National Security' Interest
Saudi Arabia
Human Rights Groups Criticize US Arms Sale to Saudi Arabia
A German Official Becomes One of Saudi Arabia's Most Prominent Critics
East Asia
Taiwan's Likely First Woman President Keeps Cards Close on China Game Plan
China to Sign Nuclear, Aviation Deals With Russia Next Week
US-Japan Funded Raytheon SM-3 Missile Aces Second Test
Maduro Under Pressure as Venezuela Opposition Claims Big Win
Venezuelan Socialists, Opposition Spar Over Legislature TV Channel
Donald Trump and Muslims
Donald Trump Defends Proposed Ban on Muslims: 'What I'm Doing Is No Different Than FDR'
House Speaker Ryan, State Party Chairs Blast Trump on Muslim Ban
Jewish Groups Blast Donald Trump's Call to Block Muslims From Entering US
Pig Head Tossed at Philly Mosque Draws Ire
Muslim Anti-Radicalism Activist Detained in Texas Because Airline Passengers Thought He Looked Scary
America's Muslims Object to Obama's Push for More Self-Surveillance
The War at Home
The Number of Foreign Recruits to ISIS Is Booming, but Not in US
Bernie Sanders Refuses to Answer Questions About ISIS. Bad Move?
Officer Backs Use of Female Guards at Guantanamo's Camp 7
Hacking Group Anonymous Declares Friday 'ISIS Trolling Day'
Oklahoma City Bombing: DNA Extracted From Unknown Leg
US Agent Gets Six Years Prison for Silk Road Bitcoin Theft
EU, US Warn Against 'Attempt to Derail' Libya Peace Plan
Egypt's Sisi Calls for 'International Mobilization' on Libya
Boko Haram Prisoners Sent Home to Nigeria
Polish Sailors Freed After Kidnap Off Nigeria
At Least 20 Killed, 90,000 Flee Somalia Clashes: UN
American, US Resident Extremists Defect in Somalia
Lake Chad Suicide Blasts Stretch Aid Agencies, Displaced 'Live in Fear'
Al Qaeda Video Shows Three Men Purportedly Confessing to Spying, One Shot Dead
Egypt Tourism Down 10 Percent After Jet Downing
UN Report Points to Pre-Election Rights Violations in Congo
Ukraine Power Supplies to Crimea Are Partially Restored, Russia Says
Stolen Dutch Paintings Offered for Sale by Ukrainian Militia
Poland's President Defies Constitutional Ruling Amid Crisis
Polish Foreign Ministry Claims CNN Coverage 'One-Sided'
Paris Attacks 'Ringleader' Abdelhamid Abaaoud Evaded Athens Police
Albanian Protesters Scuffle With Police, Torch PM's Compound
Wartime Bosnian Commander Arrested for Crimes by Islamic Fighters
Cuba Returns US Fugitive in Sign of Renewed Diplomacy
Belize Rejects Costa Rican Proposal to Move Cubans
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