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Updated December 10, 2015 - 8:07 PM EST
SecDef: ISIS Wants Large US Ground Presence
  Pentagon Blasts Cruz's Proposals That Would Lead to 'Apocalyptic War'
  States Increasingly on the Hook to Keep Military Bases Open
US Offers Troops, Copters for Ramadi Offensive
  Iraq Downplays Dispute, But Militias Threaten to Confront Turk Forces
  Turkey Urges Citizens to Leave Iraq, But Not Iraqi Kurdistan
Rebels, Civilians Flee as Syria Govt Retakes Homs
  Hezbollah Ambushes al-Qaeda Convoy, Killing Nine
50 Killed as Taliban Siege Kandahar Airport
  Servicemen Contradict Military's Account of Attack on Hospital
Terrorism as a Twofer
 by Kevin Carson
A Child of Two Empires in the Age of Nuclear War  by Mariko Terasaki Miller
Will Congress Use Trump's Rhetoric to Create Second Class Americans?  by Trita Parsi
A Needle in a Haystack  by Andrew P. Napolitano
Cruz Threatens to Nuke ISIS Targets  by Robert Parry
Blame the West's Interventions for Today's Terrorism  by Stephen Kinzer

More Viewpoints

Year-Old Senate Torture Report: No One's Read It and It Might Be Destroyed
No-Fly List at All-Time High
Trump Attended Fundraiser for Sinn Fein Before London Terror Attack
Turkish Govt-Backed Suit Filed Against Cleric in US
UN Adopts Russian Initiative Restricting Space Weapons
South America Hacker Team Targets Dissidents, Journalists
114 Killed Across Iraq as Conditions in Ramadi Grow Desperate
Suicide Bomb at Baghdad Mosque Kills at Least 11
Russia Asks: Why Is Turkey Bombing Kurds in Syria Who Are US Allies?
Kurdistan Govt Asks Russia to Avoid Kurdish Airspace for Syria Air Operations
In ISIS Stronghold, Residents Trapped in 'Sealed Casket' as Iraqi Forces Close In
New Zealand 'Highly Unlikely' to Send SAS to Iraq
Shi'ite Militias Threaten Turkey Over Incursion Into Iraq
Hundreds of Iraqi Compensation Claims Against the UK MoD Are Thrown Out
Turkish Army Hits Kurdish Militant Targets in N. Iraq Overnight
House Committee Votes to Directly Arm Kurds in N. Iraq
Syrian Opposition Seeks to Close Ranks as Army Gains on Ground
Anti-ISIS Coalition Focusing on Sealing Turkish Border: US Envoy
Turkish PM Accuses Russia of 'Ethnic Cleansing' in Syria
Turkish President Says Iranian and Iraqi Policies in Syria Led to Sectarianism
Syrian Refugee Crisis
Greek Police Remove 2,300 Migrants From Macedonia Border
Syrians to Arrive in Canada on Government Flights Thursday
Yemeni Foreign Minister Says Seven-Day Ceasefire Is Renewable if Houthis Abide by It
Photographing the Cost of War in Yemen
Unknown Attackers Blow Up Catholic Church in Yemen's Aden: Residents
Netanyahu Rejects Trump's Call to Ban Muslims From US, but Refuses to Cancel Meeting
Israel Opposes Women as Sharia Judges to Avoid Setting Precedent for Rabbinic Courts
Four Israelis Wounded in Two West Bank Attacks
Palestinian Shot Dead After Wounding Two Israelis in West Bank Stabbing: Army
Obama to Rivlin: Peace May Seem Distant, but We Have to Try
Israel Revealed It Exported $400k in Gold to North Korea
Israel's Military Boarding Schools to Close
Middle East
Bomb in SE Iran Kills Policeman, Three Others: Iran Media
Saudi Women Are Voting and Running for Office for the First Time Ever
Russian Contractor Denies Halt to Turkish Nuclear Power Plant Project
Colombian Rebels Free Soldier Taken Captive Amid Peace Talks
Toronto Islamic School Shutters Amid Scrutiny After US Attack
President: Costa Rica Will Not Send Cuban Migrants Home
Guatemala Demands Mexico Pledge Over Blocked Cuban Migrants
The War at Home
Feinstein Proposes Social Media 'Terrorist' Rules
San Bernardino Killers Not Part of Larger Cell, Top Prosecutor Says
FBI Investigating Potential 2012 Terror Plot by Calif. Attacker
Feinstein Vows to Offer Bill to Pierce Encryption
FBI Head: Terror Fight Requires Open Backdoors to Encrypted User Data
Search Underway for Afghan Trainees Missing From US Air Base
Donald Trump Wants Bill Gates' Help 'Closing That Internet Up'
Muslim Store Owner in Tears After He's Beaten by New York Man on Mission to 'Kill Muslims'
At Least 9,115 Killed in Ukraine Conflict, UN Says
Putin Says Russia Should Restart Coal Supplies to Ukraine
Putin Orders Government to Take Ukraine to Court if It Fails to Repay $3 Billion Russian Bond
Rebels: Azerbaijani Tanks Shell Breakaway Region Killing One
Azerbaijan Frees Top Rights Activist Leyla Yunus
Text to Mom Announcing Death Reveals 3rd Bataclan Attacker
Hungary's New Export: Prison-Made Razor-Wire Coils
China Denounces Dalai Lama's 'Sympathy' for ISIS
Chinese Justice System Relies on Torture, UN Panel Says
China Military Paying 'Close Attention' to US Plane Deployment
China Seeks South Korean Safety Guarantees After Warning Shots Fired at Ship
Thai Police Investigate US Ambassador on Suspicion of Insulting King
Indian Foreign Minister Says High-Level Talks With Pakistan to Resume
Afghanistan Hopes WTO Membership Can Reboot Its Battered Economy
Cambodia Tribunal Charges Former Khmer Rouge Cadre With Genocide
Central African Republic
US Seeks Transparency on Alleged Rapes by UN Peacekeepers
Central African Republic's Bozize Slams 'Shameful' Election Ban
Burundi Unrest: 7 Killed in Capital in Ongoing Violence
Britain Signs Deal to Extend Military Training in Kenya
Somali Novelist Nuruddin Farah Looks at Family Torn Apart by Islamist Bombing
Reported Bitcoin Founder's Sydney Home Raided by Police
5 Australians to Be Charged With Plotting Terror Attack
Former Aussie PM: Islam Must Accept 'Clearly Superior' Western Values
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