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Updated December 12, 2015 - 10:52 PM EST
60 Civilians Killed as ISIS Bombs NE Syrian Town
  Video: Israeli Commandos Rescuing Wounded Islamic Militants
  Putin: Russia Supporting Free Syrian Army Against ISIS
  Assad: Won't Talk to Armed 'Terrorist Groups' in Peace Process
  ISIS Can Make Fake Syrian Passports: US Report
Iraqi Military Claims 'Great Gains' in Ramadi Fight
  Iraq Complains to UN as Turkish Troops Refuse to Withdraw
House to Probe Centcom for Doctoring ISIS Intel
  State Dept Belatedly Finds 1300 Clinton Emails on Anwar Al-Awlaki
America's Modernized Nukes Roil Diplomacy
  33,480 Americans Dead After 70 Years of Atomic Weaponry
Six Killed as Taliban Attacks in Kabul Embassy Guesthouse
West Pushing Saudis to Make a Deal to End Yemen War
France's Le Pen: Trump's Muslim Ban Goes Too Far
France, Britain, and Italy All Expanding ISIS War Into Libya
Marco Rubio Is Winning the Neocon Primary  by Sina Toossi
So Why Did Turkey Shoot Down That Russian Plane?  by Conn Hallinan
Bombs and Guns Won't Beat Us, but Our Own Hysteria Will  by Simon Jenkins
Millennials: Let’s You and Them Fight  by Thomas Knapp
King Bibi
 by Uri Avnery
Please Don't Say 'Radical' if You Mean 'Violent'  by Sheldon Richman

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Neutral Finland to Boost Iraq, Lebanon Missions to Help France
Turkey Fines Twitter for Content Allegedly 'Praising Terror'
Cuba, US to Restore Postal Service After 52 Years
France's Civil Libertarians Alarmed by Emergency Powers
56 Killed Across Iraq, Including Border Guards Near Saudi Arabia
Turks Keeping Troops in Iraqi Camp, Baghdad Turns to UN
Iraq's Top Shi'ite Cleric Says Government Should Not Tolerate Infringement of Sovereignty
Turkey's Erdogan Says Iraqi Appeal to Security Council 'Not Honest'
ISIS-Linked Groups Were Present at Syria Talks, Iran Says
Russia Says Fight Against ISIS Hindered by Focus on Assad Regime Change
Syrian Armed Groups Get Most Seats in Committee Set for Talks With Assad
UN-Syria Deal on Effort to Assign Blame for Chemical Attacks
Kurdish-Arab Coalition in Syria Forms Political Wing
Iran Recruits Pakistani Shi'ites for Combat in Syria
Syrian Antiquities Chief Says Turkey Refuses to Return Looted Art
Turkey Issues Arrest Warrant for Dozens Linked to Erdogan Foe
Turkey Lifts, Then Reimposes Curfew in Battered Kurdish City
Photo of Burned Palestinian House Takes First Prize in Israeli Competition
Israel: Palestinian Assailant Killed, 2 Protesters Dead
Obama Tells Rivlin: With No Peace Process, US at a Loss on How to Defend Israel Diplomatically
Israeli Politicians Describe Incoming Mossad Chief as Netanyahu's Pet
Dropped for Meeting Hamas, Rob Malley Is Now Obama's 'Czar' for Tackling ISIS
Middle East
Amnesty: Saudi-Led Coalition 'Targeting' Schools in Yemen
US Urges Citizens to Avoid Travel to Lebanon Due to Security Concernss
Trump's Name, Image Removed at Dubai Development Amid Uproar
Spanish Police Officer Killed in Central Kabul Bomb Attack
Afghan Spy Chief Row Highlights Kabul's Conundrum Over Pakistan
Pakistan Test-Fires Nuclear-Capable Missile Following Peace Conference
India, Japan Close in on Military Pacts as Abe Visits
China Army Paper Warns of Lost Wars and Shame if No Reform
Americans Still Dying
Florida Family Shares Legacy of Soldier Killed in Ft. Hood Training Accident
Soldier (LA) Killed in Chopper Crash Remembered as 'Amazing Father, Soldier and Husband'
Katy (TX) Soldier Killed in Blackhawk Crash Remembered in Funeral
Hays (KS) Native Among Ft Hood Helicopter Crash Victims
Tennessee Helicopter Pilot Killed in Crash at Ft Campbell
The War at Home
The Fascinating History of How Jefferson and Other Founding Fathers Defended Muslim Rights
Trump: Cheney Calls Me an Extremist, but He's the One Who Started the War in Iraq
Terror Suspect Pleads Guilty in Planned Attack on Illinois Guard Base
Homeland Security Takes Lead in Search for Afghan Trainees
Defense Contractors Laud Themselves for Steering Candidates Toward Militarism
$700 Million Mine-Hunting Drone Can't Find Explosives
US Muslim Women Debate Safety of Wearing Hijab Amid Backlash
Arson Fire Investigated at California Mosque
Muslim Woman Shot at and Another Nearly Run Off the Road in Florida After Leaving Mosques
UK's Defense Secretary Calls War on ISIS 'Agonisingly Slow'
Investigators Ponder Fate of John Cantlie, Lone Briton Still Held by ISIS
US and Russia Trade Accusations at UN Over Ukraine Conflict
Video: Brawl Erupts in Ukrainian Parliament as MP Attempts to Carry Out Prime Minister
Suspected Recruiter of 'Jihad Jane' Is Arrested in Spain
Paris Attacker Was French Army Reject
Swiss Arrest Two Syrians; Traces of Explosives in Car
EU Needs to Rehabilitate Returning Jihadists: Anti-Terror Chief
Sweden to Share Data Supporting Canada's Arctic Claims
Son of Late Libyan Dictator Kadhafi Freed After Kidnapping in Lebanon
Tunisia Reopens Libya Border
UN Reports Hundreds of Rapes and Murders in Central African Republic
Suspected Boko Haram Suicide Bomber Kills 10 in Cameroon
Witness: 87 People Found Dead After Attacks in Burundi
Ethiopia: Explosion at Mosque Wounds 24 in the Capital
Morocco Says ISIS-Linked Cell Dismantled
Robert Mugabe Warns Zimbabwe Security Services
Twelve Years After Conflict Erupted, Darfur's 12 Year-Olds Have Big Ambitions
Venezuelan Opposition Meets to Set Legislative Agenda
Socialist Dissenters Urge Venezuela Reform After Vote Loss
Colombian Prosecutor Accuses Rebels of 150 Forced Abortions
Argentina's New Government Won't Seek to Revive Deal With Iran
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