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Updated December 14, 2015 - 10:36 PM EST
152 Pro-Saudi Troops Die in Yemen Missile Strike
  19 Civilians Among 51 Killed in Yemen Fighting
  Yemen's Houthis, Pro-Saudi Forces Agree to Monday Ceasefire
  Six Colombian Mercenaries, Aussie Commander Slain in Yemen
45 Civilians Killed in Rebel Damascus Suburb
  ISIS Car Bomb Kills 16 in Central Syria's Homs
  Russia Warns Turkey After Naval 'Close Call' in Aegean Sea
  Thousands of Iraqis Protest Against Turkish Military Presence
French Teacher Made Up Story of ISIS Attack
Islamists Bomb Pakistan Bus Stop, Killing 24
Bergdahl Heading for Harsher General Court-Martial
A Special Relationship: The US Is Teaming Up With al-Qaeda, Again  by Andrew Cockburn
What the Islamophobes Won't Say About the West’s Destruction of the Mideast  by Muhammad Sahimi
Cornering Russia, Risking World War III  by Alastair Crooke
The Decline and Fall of the ‘Mainstream’ Media  by Justin Raimondo
Chicago Police Adopt Israeli Tactics  by Todd E. Pierce
Do You Want Your Children to Die for Montenegro?  by Jacob Hornberger

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Donald Trump: Hillary Clinton Has 'Killed Hundreds of Thousands
How a Conservative Congressman Ended Up on the Terrorist No-Fly List
Hundreds March in London to Protest UK Airstrikes in Syria
Ecuador Signs Deal With Sweden for Assange Questioning
Shi'ite Cleric Threatens Turkish Troops as 81 Are Killed Across Iraq
Iraqi Armed Forces See Chance for Redemption as They Close in on Ramadi
ISIS Bomber Kills Six Iraqi Police Near Saudi Border: Officials
Thousands of Iraqis in Baghdad, Basra Protest Turkish Deployment in North
Baghdad Protest Against Turkey Reveals Iraqi Divisions
Jalawla: Iraqi City Remains a Ghost Town After Being Recaptured From ISIS
Twelve Hezbollah Fighters Killed in Syria
Al-Qaeda's Syria Wing Says Truces Only Benefit Government
Arrested Syrians Had No Toxic Gas: Geneva Prosecutor
Putin Vows to 'Immediately Destroy' Any Threat to Russian Forces in Syria
Israeli Army Veteran Joins ISIS Militants in Syria
Erdogan: Turkey Cannot Count on Iraqi Forces for Border Security
Iran Offers Turkey to Mediate Row With Moscow, Calls for Cooperation
Armed Men Storm Raki Festival in Turkey in Anti-Alcohol Protest
Saudi Arabia
How Saudi Arabia Is Expanding Its Role in the Middle East
Historic Saudi Election Sees Several Women Win Seats
Saudi Female Voter Turnout Nearly 80 Percent in Some Districts
High Court Authorizes Shin Bet to Bar West Bank Arson Suspects From Meeting Lawyers
Obama at Haaretz Conference: Israel Must Bring Those Who Attack Palestinians to Justice
Israeli Military to Install Missile Interceptors on Warships Protecting Gas Drilling Rigs
IDF Strikes Two Hamas Military Targets in Response to Gaza Rocket Fire
The 'Forensic Architects' Investigating Gaza
France: 'Palestinian Territory' in West Jerusalem Too
Middle East
Iran's Possible Next Supreme Leader Being Examined
Yemen: From Rebels Seizing Sanaa to the Rise of ISIS
French Far-Right Collapses, Projected to Fail in Every Region
'Emergency' Measures May Be Written Into the French Constitution
Merkel Dismisses US Request for More Military Help Against ISIS
69 Police Officers Injured in Clashes in Eastern Germany
EU Border Force Plan Faces Resistance From Governments
Europeans Circulate Syrian, Iraqi Passport Watchlist: Diplomats
Ukraine Rebel Commander Killed in Car Blast
David Cameron in Dramatic U-Turn in Negotiations With the EU
Russia-Annexed Crimea Faces Long Road to Power Security
US 'Shocked' at Hungarian Plans to Honor WWII Anti-Semite
Thousands Opposed to New Government March in Poland
Mexico: Mayor Detained Along With Suspected Narco Released
Fearful, Haitian Migrants Flee Dominican Republic for Camps Along Border
Brazilians Take to Streets to Demand Rousseff's Impeachment
US Warns That if Venezuela Ends Oil Subsidy for Caribbean, It Can't Step In
Former Chilean Soldier Charged With Murder After Stunning Radio Confession
'War on Terror'
Terrorists May Have Planned Attacks for Chicago, Intelligence Officials Say
US Visa Process Missed San Bernardino Wife's Zealotry on Social Media
Friend of San Bernardino Shooter Is at Center of FBI Investigation
Malls in Three US States Evacuated on Busy Holiday Shopping Day
Obama to Visit Pentagon to Review ISIS Strategy
Privacy Hawks Turn to White House in Encryption Fight
FBI Director Renews Push for Back Doors, Urging Vendors to Change Business Models
American Muslims
Threats and Violent Attacks Against Muslims in the US, Just From This Week
California Police and FBI Open Hate Crimes Inquiry Into Vandalism of Mosques
Muslim Americans Struggle With Fallout From California Attack
No Consensus About Legality of Trump's Idea of Muslim Ban
Man Arrested on Hate Crime and Arson Charges in Fire at Coachella Valley Mosque
US Sikhs Feel Vulnerable, Join With Muslims to Combat Backlash
The War at Home
Backslash: Anti-Surveillance Gadgets for Protesters
Navy's $700 Million Mine-Hunting Drone Can't Find Explosives
Egyptian Judge Postpones Trial of 739 as Courtroom Cage Too Small
Egypt Lawyer Challenges Law That Says Writers Can Be Jailed
Two Egyptian Policemen Jailed for Torturing Lawyer to Death
Israel Said to Give Egypt Share of Trade Income for Freed Prisoner
Eye on ISIS, Western Powers Coax Libyans to Accord
Children Return to School in Libya's War-Torn Benghazi
Gadhafi's Son to Be Questioned by Lebanon Judge About Cleric
Burundi Army Says 87 Killed in Friday Violence, Including 8 Security Forces
US Warns Citizens to Leave Burundi After Fighting Flares
Shi'ites: Nigerian Soldiers Kill 12, Besiege Islamic Movement
Nigerian Forces Arrest Shi'ite Sect Leader, Kill Two Aides in Raids
Gambia's President Declares Country Islamic Republic
Central African Republic: Heavy Fighting Erupts During Referendum Voting
Senegal, a Peaceful Islamic Democracy, Is Jarred by Fears of Militancy
Burkina Faso Charges Three Soldiers With Murder of Journalist
Afghan Province, Teetering to the Taliban, Draws in Extra US Forces
Doctors Without Borders Raises Death Toll in Kunduz Strike to 42
Turkmenistan Breaks Ground on Gas Pipeline to Afghanistan
China Says Senior Uighur Official Killed During Raid in Unruly Xinjiang
China Security Chief Calls for Better Intelligence on Terrorism
China Navy Carries Out More Drills in Disputed South China Sea
UN Criticizes China for 'Black Jails,' Tolerance of 'Gay Conversion'
North, South Korea End Talks Without Any Breakthroughs
North Korea Slams US Over UN Meeting on Human Rights 'Racket'
San Bernardino Shooter's Radicalization Baffles Pakistani Militants
Japan and India Agree on Train Deal, Defense Tech
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The Dayton Miracle: Bosnia Armistice, Still Alive at 20

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What Israel Is Up To in Jerusalem

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