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Updated December 15, 2015 - 11:10 PM EST
Kerry: US Not Seeking Regime Change in Syria
  Growing Disarray as Free Syrian Army Defections Mount
  Syrian Troops Seize Air Base in Rebel-Held Damascus Suburb
  Kerry: Talks With Russia to Center on Assad's Role in Syria Transition
  Western Free Syrian Army Factions Deny Support From Russia
  UN Official: Russia 'Deliberately' Attacking Aid Supplies in Syria
152 Pro-Saudi Troops Die in Yemen Missile Strike
  ISIS Gains Strength in Yemen, Challenging al-Qaeda
  Critics Try, but Fail to Kill $1 Billion Weapons Deal for Saudi Arabia
Obama Offers Little Substance at ISIS Briefing
Nigeria Army Kills 300 in Crackdown on Shi'ites
Bergdahl to Face Desertion Charge in General Court-Martial
Teacher in Paris 'Made Up' Story of ISIS Attack: Official
Los Angeles Schools Closed After Credible Terror 'Threat'
If You Want Security, Pursue Liberty  by Ron Paul
The Unbearable Lightness of America's War Against ISIS  by Stephen M. Walt
What Truly Conservative Foreign Policy Looks Like  by Stephen Kinzer
The Road to Galactic Serfdom  by Dan Sanchez
Obama's Speech on Terrorism  by Ivan Eland
Blocking Democracy as Syria's Solution  by Robert Parry

More Viewpoints

Turkey-Russia Summit Canceled: Kremlin
Saudi Arabia Announces 34-State Islamic Military Alliance Against Terrorism
In American Mosques, Growing Safety Concerns – and More Armed Guards
FAA Begins Drone Registry Dec. 21
In Australia, Even Learning About Encryption Will Be Illegal Soon
Militants Ordered to Kill Disabled Children; 153 Killed in Fighting Across Iraq
Turkey Withdraws Some Troops From Iraq Camp
Iraqi State Oil Firm Official Shot Dead in Kirkuk City: Police
Plumber Sues Ford Dealer After Truck With Company Logo Used by Extremists in Syria
Swedish Pair Get Life in Jail for Syria Terror Crimes
Syrian Refugee Crisis
UN, EU Launch Scheme to House 20,000 Asylum Seekers in Greece
IMF Sees Migration Crisis Lifting Austrian Economic Growth
Germany Launches Plan to Protect Migrant Women, Children From Attacks
Turkey Says Its Patience With Russia 'Has a Limit': Newspaper
Turkey's Israel Charm Offensive Is All About Russia
Clashes in Southeast Turkey Kill Seven, New Curfews Declared
Turkey Could Hold Separate Referenda on Constitution, Presidential System: PM
EU and Turkey Open Fresh Chapter in Accession Talks
Two-Thirds of Palestinians Support Knife Attacks: Poll
Abbas: Palestinian Violence Is 'Justified Popular Uprising'
Fourteen People Wounded in Car-Ramming Attack in Jerusalem
US Officials: Netanyahu 'Myopic, Untrustworthy, Disrespectful of Obama'
Palestinian Journalists 'Targeted From All Sides'
Israel Releases Four More Egyptians in Prisoner Swap
Outcry Over Alleged Israeli War Crimes Grows Louder as Accused Military Officer Goes Free in UK
Middle East
Saudi-Led Coalition Delays Truce With Yemen Rebels
Lebanon Charges Gadhafi Son in Decades-Old Kidnap Case
EU Referendum Bill Clears Hurdle in British Parliament
Half of UK Voters Want to Leave the EU
Kosovo MPs Stage New Tear Gas Protest
German Broadcaster, DW, Launches Arabic-Language TV Channel for Europe
As Poland Lurches to Right, Many in Europe Look on in Alarm
Italy Delays EU's Renewal of Sanctions Against Russia
With Change of Tone, EU Warms to Turkey, Serbia Membership Bids
Bosnian Experts Find Mass Grave With Srebrenica Victims
The War at Home
Senate Approves 'Torture Report' Author for Army Post
Maryland Man Accused of Tapping Money From ISIS Operatives for a US Attack
In Rahm Emanuel's Chicago Surveillance State, Controlling the Data Is Key
Pentagon Okays Next Step in Competition for Air Force Spy Planes
Court Orders Explanation of Parole Conditions for Freed Spy Pollard
Feuds and Factions: No Easy Road to Implementing Libya Peace Deal
ISIS 'Moving to Access Libya Oil': France
ISIS in Libya Executes Two for 'Witchcraft' and 'Spying'
Nigeria Army Evacuates Dead Shi'ite Muslims After Clashes
Nigeria: Gunmen Kill 15 in Jos Community, Residents Say
US Calls for Inquiry Into Rights Abuses in Burundi
Burundi Starts Trial of May Coup Plotters, Days After Fighting
Rockets Fired at North Mali's Gao: Military, Witnesses
Forces Armed With Guns and Arrows Kill Girl Bombers in Cameroon
Tunisia Jails Six Students for 'Homosexuality': Lawyer
Egypt Says No Evidence of 'Terrorist Action' in October Russian Plane Crash
Another US Patrol in South China Sea Unlikely This Year: Officials
Flying Close to Beijing's New South China Sea Islands
Trial of China Rights Lawyer Lasts Three Hours, Police Block Court Access
China Still Wants North Korea Exchanges After Canceled Concert
From Icon to Politician: As Myanmar Changes, So Does Suu Kyi
Military Rule Jeopardizing Thailand's Future
India to Raise Kashmir Dispute in Talks With Pakistan
Colombia, FARC Rebels Reach Deal on Victims
Costa Rica to Tell Cuba It Cannot Keep Aiding Stalled Migrants
Argentine Police Bus Crashes, Leaving 42 Border Guards Dead
Australian Teenager Pleads Guilty to a 'Terrorism' Charge
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