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Updated December 17, 2015 - 11:25 PM EST
Iraq Rebuffs US Assistance in Ramadi Fight
  ISIS Attacks Iraqi Kurdish Base, Killing Seven
  White House: Turkey Must Remove 'Unauthorized' Troops From Iraq
Saudis Pound Yemen as Ceasefire Falters
  Despite Ceasefire, At Least 42 Killed in Yemen Fighting, Airstrikes
  UK Fueling Yemen Civil War With Arms Sales to Saudi Arabia
Nations Deny Joining Saudi Anti-ISIS Coalition
  Turkey Announces Military Base in Qatar
Russia, West Still at Odds Headed Into Syria Talks
  UN War Crimes Team Won't Investigate Foreign Air Strikes in Syria
  The 500-Mile Front Against ISIS
GOP Debate: The Triumph of ‘Isolationism’
  Anti-ISIS Proposals Floated at GOP Debate Would Be War Crimes
US Aid Projects in Afghanistan Boost Taliban
How the Army Freaked Out Civilians During Calif. Shooting
GOP Debate: The Triumph of ‘Isolationism’  by Justin Raimondo
By Funding Foreign Militaries, the US Is Spreading Terrorism  by Jeremy Ravinsky
Something to Cry About  by John R. MacArthur
A Conspiracy of Fear-Mongers  by Sheldon Richman
More Hillary Chronicles  by Andrew P. Napolitano
The New Nuclear Arms Race  by Katrina vanden Heuvel

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Still No Evidence Linking San Bernardino Shooters to ISIS, FBI Says
FBI Chief: Shooters Did Not Publicly Promote Jihad on Social Media
Cruz's Call to 'Carpet-Bomb' ISIS Draws Scrutiny
Transfers Could Reduce Gitmo Detainees to 90
Trump Wants to 'Penetrate the Internet,' Doesn't Know What the Internet Is
207 Killed Across Iraq; Qatari Royal Family Members Kidnapped
Iraqi Sunnis Fear Revenge Attacks in Sinjar
Italy to Send Troops Near Iraq Combat Zone to Protect Dam Workers
ISIS Fires Rockets at Iraq Base Where Turkish Troops Stationed
Four Turkish Soldiers in Iraq Injured in ISIS Attack: Officials
Amid Battle With ISIS, Iraq Parliament Approves Next Budget
Syria Deal Should Not Hinge on Assad's Fate: UN's Ban
Russian Strikes Against Syrian Opposition Are Helping ISIS: UK's Hammond
Merkel Says Aiming to Resolve Syria Conflict Without Assad
Anti-ISIS Group Says One of Its Journalists Killed in Syria
Russian MPs Say Syria Campaign Won't End Quickly
German Bundeswehr Takes Part in First Syrian Missions
Syrian Refugee Crisis
Refugee Crisis: Conditions in Syria Are Getting Worse, Warns UN Humanitarian Chief
European States 'Complicit' in Illegal Deportation of Syrian, Iraq Refugees
Turkey Mistreated Scores of Migrants, Says Amnesty
Hundreds of Migrants Storm Calais Motorway Attempting to Board Lorries Heading to the UK
Merkel Tells Cameron No Chance of Deal on Free Movement and Migrant Benefits Ahead of EU Referendum Crunch Talks
Turkey Steps Up Security Operations in Southeast, Nine Killed
US Military Says Pulls 12 Fighter Jets From Base in Turkey
Russia Says Turkey Should Pay Compensation for Downed Jet
Lebanon Presidential Election Shelved Until January 7
US Congress Votes to Sanction Banks Doing Business With Hezbollah
Lebanon Denies Syria Request to Hand Over Gadhafi Son
'Not Impossible' Iran Sanctions Will End in January: IAEA Chief
Iran Says It Will Not Accept Any Restrictions on Missile Program
Rouhani: UN's Closure of Probe Into Iran's Nuclear Past Is Political Victory
Jerusalem Attacks Subside, but Not Palestinian Ire, as Israel Clamps Down
B'Tselem: Israel Used 'Excessive' Force Against Palestinian Attackers
Israeli Rights Groups Alarmed by Zionist Video Attack
State Department Re-Issues Travel Advisory for Israel, West Bank, and Gaza
Israeli Troops Kill 2 Palestinians in West Bank Raid
Sheldon Adelson: Palestinians Are Made-Up Nation That Exists Only to Destroy Israel
Middle East
Yemeni Court Sentences US Citizen to Ten Years for Guard's Death
Literary Group Asks Obama to Intercede for Condemned Writers in Saudi Arabia
Amnesty Urges Kuwait to Free Political Prisoners
US, Cuba Reach Understanding on Restoring Commercial Flights
Venezuela May Have Indirectly Aided US Inquiry of Official
Nicaragua Must Compensate Costa Rica for Territory Violations: Court
Colombia's Supreme Court Absolves Army Colonel in 1985 Raid
The Little-Known History of How the Canadian Government Made Inuit Wear 'Eskimo Tags'
The War at Home
Defense Secretary Conducted Some Official Business on a Personal Email Account
Senate Intelligence Panel Not Investigating Cruz Over Debate Statements
McCain Furious Over Russian Rocket Engine Provision
Chris Christie Says He'll Be More Trusted by (Dead) King of Jordan
Homeland Security Retools Terror Advisory System, Adds More Frequent Updates
Clerk Survives After Gunman Calls Him a Terrorist and Blasts His Face: 'I Used to Kill People Like You in Iraq'
Russia Suspends Free-Trade Deal With Ukraine
Kiev 'Ready to Pay Price' After Russia Curbs Trade Ties Over EU Deal
Russian Official Says Can Breach US Missile Defense Shield
Russia Says Out-Of-Court Deal on Ukraine Debt Impossible
Ukraine Says Russia Looted Two Crimean Oil Rigs
Ukraine to Suspend Trade With Crimea in 30 Days: PM Yatseniuk
Latvia to Deploy Soldiers to Iraq, Mali in February
Belgium Says Law Limiting Raids May Have Allowed Suspect in Paris Attacks to Escape
Two Suspected of Links to Paris Attacks Arrested in Austria Refugee Center
EU Launches $2 Billion Plan to Keep Africans From Migrating
UN Chief Says Agreement to Reunify Cyprus 'Is Within Reach'
Finland Seeks Exception From EU Gun Ban
Germany Charges Two Palestinians With Plotting Attack on Israeli Embassy in Berlin
Wave of Arrests After Pakistan School Massacre Has Unclear Results
A Year On, Pakistan Massacre Survivors Say Waiting for Aid, Justice
Pakistan Is Still Trying to Get a Grip on Its Madrassa Problem
Obama Administration Authorizes $1.83 Billion Arms Sale to Taiwan
China Summons US Envoy to Protest US Authorization of Taiwan Arms Sales
China Threatens Sanctions Against Firms in Taiwan Arms Sale
Key Republicans Want More Routine Taiwan Arms Sales
China Tightens Rules on Maps Amid Territorial Disputes
Japan Agrees to Raise Host-Nation Spending for US Military
Philippine Court Puts Off Ruling on US Military Pact
Afghan Forces Seize Two Tonnes of Explosives in Kabul
US Seeks Answers in Case of Missing Laos Activist
Vietnam Arrests Lawyer for 'Propaganda', 10 Days After Beating
Freedom of Speech Reaches 'New Low' in Junta-Ruled Thailand
Shi'ites: Nigerian Army Buries Victims to Hide Massacre Toll
Female Suicide Bombers Kill One in NE Nigeria
US Calls for Investigation of Shi'ite Deaths in Nigeria
Nigeria: Shi'ite Members Killed in Protest Over Army Crackdown
Over 1,000 Refugees of Boko Haram Attacks Return to Nigeria
Sweden Offers Support in Mali to Free Up French Troops Fighting ISIS
ISIS Looking to Gain Control of Oil Fields in Sinai and Libya
Libya Peace Deal Delayed Again Over Logistics: UN
Mozambique Opposition Leader Plans New Offensive in North
Central African Republic Residents March for Freedom From Militias
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