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Updated December 18, 2015 - 11:28 PM EST
US Airstrike Kills 10 Iraqi Troops in 'Friendly Fire'
  US Claims 180 ISIS Fighters Killed in Northern Iraq Airstrikes
US Special Ops Kicked Out of Libya
  Libyan Parliaments Sign UN Unity Deal
Navy SEALs, a Beating Death, and a Cover-Up
  A Guide to the NCIS Investigative Report on Detainee Abuse
  Taliban 'Special Forces' Sent After Growing ISIS Afghan Presence
Yemen Talks Accomplish Little as Fighting Rages
US May Lift Iran Sanctions as Early as January
Erdogan Vows to 'Cleanse' Turkey of PKK as Attacks Kill 25
NY Pizza Parlor Owner Pleads Guilty to Recruiting for ISIS
Jerusalem Approves Settlement Expansion of 891 Units
Technology Is a Mysterious Enemy to Politicians  by Lucy Steigerwald
America's Secret African Drone War Against ISIS  by Nick Turse
Pentagon Should Do Less, Not Spend More  by Doug Bandow
No Easy Answers  by Justin Raimondo
America First – or World War III  by Patrick J. Buchanan
How 'Obscure' Bureaucrats Cause Wars  by Jonathan Marshall

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From Russia With Love: Putin, Trump Sing Each Other's Praises
WikiLeaks: Collusion Between Vatican, Dictators
UNSC Urges Nations to Choke ISIS' Money Supply
US Military to Limit Media Access to Guantanamo
Sweden to Ask to Question Assange
314 Killed as Extent of Fighting in Northern Iraq Is Revealed
Turkey Says ISIS Attack Vindicates Sending Troops to Iraq
Iraq: Italy Deploys Troops to ISIS Frontline to Protect Company Repairing Mosul Dam
At Least Nine Escape Kidnappers in Iraq, Cross Into Kuwait
World Bank Lends Iraq $1.2 Billion to Face Oil and Security Shocks
Syrian Opposition Groups Choose Ex-PM to Represent Them in Talks
Putin Will Not Agree to Outside Force Deciding Who Rules Syria
Iran: 'No Agreement' Seen in Key Issues Before Syria Talks
Arsenals of Weapons Deployed Against ISIS and Syrian Rebels
Syria Activists in Hiding After ISIS Group Killing
Makeshift Oil Refineries Busy in Syria
Russia's Air War in Syria: View From the Warship Moskva
Russia Travel Firm Offers Vacations to Syria Conflict
Syrian Refugee Crisis
EU Sees Little Drop in Migrants Since Turkey Deal: Document
Migrant Crisis: Dutch Town Riots Over Asylum Center Plan
Syrian Who Fled War Only to Arrive Amid US Refugee Panic Mystified by Hostility
EU Demands Italy Use Force to Fingerprint All Refugees
French Police Fire Tear Gas as 'Over 800 Migrants' Storm Channel Tunnel
Humanitarian Aid to Enter Besieged Taiz Under Deal Made in Yemen Talks
Yemen Warring Parties Swap Hundreds of Prisoners
Palestinian Shot Dead After Trying to Stab Israeli Soldiers: Military
Brazil Rejects Israel Settler Leader as Ambassador
Settler Repeatedly Slaps Foreign Human Rights Activist in Hebron
US Presidential Hopeful Ben Carson Cancels Israel Trip Amid Security Concerns
After Five Years, Israel and Turkey Agree on Reconciliation
Middle East
Gulf Arab Defense Spending Drops for First Time in Decade: Report
Hezbollah Says Saudi-Led Anti-ISIS Coalition Is Suspicious
Saudi Arabia Orders Execution of Teenager for Attending a Protest
Pro-Kurd Turkish Students Clash With Police in Ankara
Iran: Khomeini Grandson Gets Cautious Election Blessing From the Top
Obama Says US, Cuba Continue to Have Differences
After Half Century, US and Cuba to Resume Scheduled Flights
Remains of Colombia 'Disappeared' Returned to Families
Haiti Leader Forms Commission to Evaluate Elections
Venezuela Defends Military Official Facing US Indictment
Venezuelan First Lady's Nephews Plead Not Guilty to US Drug Charges
The War at Home
Will GOP Candidates' Strikingly Hawkish Stances Alienate Swing Voters?
Crimes Against Muslim Americans and Mosques Rise Sharply
Obama Says No 'Specific and Credible' Threat Is Facing the United States
Stingrays: A Secret Catalogue of Government Gear for Spying on Your Cellphone
Pentagon 'To Transfer 17 Guantanamo Bay Prisoners'
California Shooters' Ex-Neighbor Charged With Supporting Terrorists
State Department Official: US Revokes Visas Based on Threats
Senators Want Social Media Firms to Hunt for Terrorists
Military Suicides Hold Steady in 2015
12-Year-Old Sikh Boy Arrested in US After Classmate Accuses Him of Carrying a Bomb
Nearly Half of Britons Leaning Toward Voting to Quit EU: Poll
EU Ready to 'Look for Compromise' on British Demands
Cameron Pleads for Leaders' Help to Keep Britain in EU
UK Review Says Muslim Brotherhood Membership a Possible Indicator of Extremism
German Bundestag Votes in Favor of Expanding Military Missions
US to Say Romania Missile Defense Site 'Technically' Ready: Sources
Putin: Russia Did Have People in Ukraine Doing 'Certain Military Tasks'
Putin Says Russia Is Ready to Mend Relations With Georgia
EU Leaders Set June 30 Deadline for New Border Force
France to Press US on 'Low-Cost' Terror Financing
Panel Blasts UN Over Handling of Central Africa Peacekeeper Abuse
Somali Militants Say Behind Attack in Northern Kenya
Tunisia in Low-Key Commemoration of Its Revolt
Niger Government Foils a Military Coup Attempt
Nigerian Court Frees Detained Biafra Activist
Ivory Coast Delays Trial for Murder of Military Leader
UN Rights Chief Blames Burundi Leaders for Mounting Violence
Top US Lawmakers Threaten to Cut Aid to Pakistan
Pakistan Says It's Part of Saudi-Led Anti-Terror Coalition After All
India 'al-Qaeda' Chief Arrested
India Clears Purchase of Russian Air Defense Systems
In UN Vote, Countries Support Sending North Korea to ICC
Afghanistan Wants to Take 'ISIS Radio' Off the Air
China Says Carries Out War Games in South China Sea This Week
Vietnam Builds Military Muscle to Face China
Japan, Indonesia Boost Security Ties, Eye Defense Equipment Transfers
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No Easy Answers

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Technology Is a Mysterious Enemy to Politicians

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A Conspiracy of Fear-Mongers

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The Road to Galactic Serfdom

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The Dayton Miracle: Bosnia Armistice, Still Alive at 20

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What Israel Is Up To in Jerusalem

David R. Henderson
Questioning the Powerful

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