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Updated December 19, 2015 - 11:17 PM EST
75 Killed in Fighting Near Yemen-Saudi Border
  Ceasefire in Tatters as Pro-Saudi Forces Seize Yemen Cities
US Airstrike Kills 10 Iraqi Troops in 'Friendly Fire'
  Obama Vows to Escalate Attacks on ISIS, Admits 'Challenge'
UNSC Endorses Syria Peace Plan, Split on Assad
  Kurdish-Dominated Group Seeks Role in Syria Peace Talks
  Germany Resumes Intelligence Sharing With Syria
  Russian Airstrikes Kill 46 Civilians in North Syria
SecDef Warns of Hard Year Ahead in Afghanistan
  New Afghan Political Group Poses Challenge to Ghani Govt
Budget Bill Allows Privacy-Invading Surveillance
  Obama Fights to Withhold 2,000 Photos of Alleged US Torture
  Some Americans Want to Bomb the Fictional Kingdom in 'Aladdin'
Opposition Party Calls for 'Resistance' as Turkey Kills 69
Ex-Israeli General Advert Supports 'Breaking the Silence'
The Clash of Stupidity: Republican Debate Part V  by Justin Pavoni
Hungry Warrior: The Untold Story of Hana Shalabi  by Ramzy Baroud
Congress Revived the Surveillance State in Name of 'Cybersecurity'  by Trevor Timm
America's Asymmetrical War Against the Muslim World  by Sheldon Richman
Carpet-Bombing: Wall-to-Wall Folly  by Steve Chapman
Israel's Moral Erosion  by Alon Ben-Meir

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Clinton, Rubio, Cruz Receive Foreign Policy Advice From Same Consulting Firm
Budget Bill Leaves No Boondoggle Behind
Russia and Britain Discuss Avoiding Airspace, Naval 'Incidents'
Last-Minute Politics Overshadow Historic Pan-Orthodox Council
That Old Time Spycraft
Friendly Fire Victims Among 77 Killed in Iraq
At UN, Turkey Accuses Iraq of Undermining ISIS Fight
Use by Iraqi Military May Be a Boon for China-Made Drones
Commander: Peshmerga Don't Have Enough Arms in ISIS Fight
Syrian Govt Forces Capture Strategic Rebel-Held Mountain
Up to Nine Russian Contractors Die in Syria, Experts Say
As UN Endorses Syria Plan, Obama Says Assad Will 'Probably' Have to Go
France Demands Assurances That Assad Will Leave Power
Assad Not Likely to Face War Crimes Charges as World Leaders Broker Syria Peace Deal
Iran to Match Stance With Russia in Push for Syria Deal
NATO Agrees Turkey Air Defense Package, Seeks 'Predictability'
No Sign of Peace for Turkey's Kurds After Erdogan Victory
Russia Says Black Box From Jet Turkey Shot Down Is Damaged
Obama Presses Turkey's President to Lower Tensions With Iraq
Turkish FM: Israel Has Met Only One of Our Conditions for Normalizing Relations
Saudi Arabia
Stay Clear of Border Zone, Saudis Warned as Missile Hits
Al Jazeera Blocks Anti-Saudi Arabia Article
Israeli Troops Kill Three Palestinians in West Bank, Gaza Clashes
Shin Bet Torturing Jewish Terror Suspects, Say Lawyers
At Least Four Detained Jewish Terror Suspects Have Dual Citizenship
Israeli Ministry of Defense to Sue Youths Who Faked Kidnapping
Erekat: Palestinians Not Expecting US Support in UN Security Council
Is Israel Headed for Diplomatic Brawl With Brazil Over Dayan Appointment?
Middle East
US Delivers Art to Iran That Had Been Impounded Since 1979
Qatar's Channel to Militants Possibly Dangerous, Possibly Useful
Members of Beirut ISIS Cell Were Groomed in Paris
Dubai Falcon Brings Down Drone in Back Garden
'Urgent Need' for Yemen Ceasefire to Be Respected: Obama
Afghan Forces Retake Helmand District From Taliban
Afghanistan Wins Approval to Join WTO
US Studying Chinese Complaint That B-52 Flew Near Man-Made Island
Taiwan Arms Deal Enough to Give China Bloody Nose, but No More
Vietnam Builds Military Muscle to Face China
Factbox: Inside Vietnam's Military Modernization
Seeking a Belated Agent Orange Cleanup
Pakistan Army Kills 23 Suspected Militants Near Afghanistan
Militants Ambush Philippine Army Convoy as Typhoon Death Toll Hits 41
Six Wounded in Blasts at Mosque in Bangladesh Naval Base
Japan's Far-Flung Island Defense Plan Seeks to Turn Tables on China
India and Russia Eye Nuclear, Helicopter Deals Before Modi's Moscow Visit
Weekend Reviews
The Vietnam War and the Permanent War State
Diana Johnstone Dissects Hillary, Queen of Chaos
Gangsta Jihad: The New Threat – The Past, Present, and Future of Islamic Militancy
Refugee Crises
UN: World's Refugees and Displaced Exceed 60 Million
Bigotry, Panic Reflected in Media Coverage of Migrants and Refugees
UN Refugee Chief Calls for Mass Resettlement to Save Europe's Asylum System
Denmark Defends Plans to Seize Valuables From Refugees
Denmark Plan to Seize Migrants' Assets Draws Protests
Back to Reality for Merkel as Europe Stalls on Refugees
Jordan Deports Hundreds of Sudanese Asylum Seekers
Slovenia's Fence on Croatia Border Threatening Wildlife: WWF
The War at Home
Court Won't Reconsider Ruling Upholding NSA Spying
Sanders: Clinton's Pursuit of 'Regime Change' in Libya Helped Rise of ISIS
Obama Says US Systematically Emptying Guantanamo
Furor Over Arabic Assignment Leads Virginia School District to Close Friday
Whistleblower Who Exposed US's Flawed Security Clearance System Finally Gets His Reward
Mother of Sikh Student Asks Bomb Threat Charges Be Dropped
Congress Just Put Iranian-Americans and Others at Risk for Becoming Second-Class Citizens
Pete Seeger's FBI File Reveals How the Folk Legend First Became a Target of the Feds
Ex-Pentagon Chief Hagel: White House Tried to 'Destroy Me'
French State of Emergency Facing Court Challenges
Tear Gas on French Synagogue Keypad Burns Congregants
Warsaw Raids NATO-Affiliate Spy Center to Change Its Leader
Polish Govt Policies Risk Civil War Former Leader Walesa Says
Russia Sees Court Fight After Ukraine 'Defaults' on $3 Billion Bond
IMF Says Ukraine Loan Program Under Threat
US Missile Defense Site in Romania Becomes Operational
German Police Raid Stuttgart Mosque 'Linked to ISIS'
EU Referendum Will Be in 2016, David Cameron Signals as He Prepares to Campaign for Britain to Stay
11 Killed in Libya Fighting Between Ajdabiya Residents, Qaeda
Libya Peace Deal Won't Be Enough to Restore Former Oil Output
Gunman Kills 3 by Christian Radio Station in Timbuktu
Violence, Fear in Northern Mali Deprive Children of Education
Nigeria Warns Boko Haram Planning Chibok-Style Student Kidnappings
Nigeria Police Shoot Biafra Supporters
African Union Says Ready to Send 5,000 Peacekeepers to Burundi
Burundi Police Accused of Unlawful Killings After Attacks
Central African Republic
Central African Republic Capital Votes Yes to New Constitution
US-Cuba Relations: A Year of Change
Cuba's Castro Says US Can Do More to Normalize Relations
Cuban Migrants in Limbo as Central America Summit Ends
Haiti Opposition Rejects President's Electoral Commission
Costa Rica Suspends Visas for Cubans as Regional Protest
Americans Still Dying
Army Helicopter Pilot From Puerto Rico Killed in Ft. Campbell Training Crash
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