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Updated December 21, 2015 - 11:19 PM EST
6 US Troops Killed in Afghan Suicide Bombing
The Pentagon's Secret Relationship With Assad
  Think Tank: Most Syrian Rebel Groups Ideologically Similar to ISIS
  Syrian Rebels Dismiss Unrealistic UN Peace Roadmap
  Russian Airstrikes Kill 73 in Northwest Syria City
  Hezbollah: Israel Killed Commander in Damascus Airstrike
75 Killed, Scores Wounded on Yemen-Saudi Border
  Yemen FM Says Ceasefire 'Extended,' But Offensive Continues
  Houthi-Fired Missile Hits Saudi City of Najran, Killing Three Civilians
Protests Grow as Turkey Kills 110 Kurds
Iran to Ship Enriched Uranium Stockpile to Russia
Pentagon Ponders Cyberwar on ISIS
Acknowledging the Principal Cause of Radical Islamic Terrorism  by Ted Galen Carpenter
A Lonely Lawyer
 by Uri Avnery
Making a Mess of Things  by Vasko Kohlmayer
The Logic of the Police State  by Matthew Harwood & Tom Engelhardt
Italy's Puppet Master  by Eric Margolis
The Cult of Air Power Won't Destroy ISIS  by Kelley Vlahos

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At Least 75 Killed in Weeks of Ethiopia Protests: HRW
Kiev Has a Nasty Case of Anti-Communist Hysteria
ISIS Threatens Saudi Arabia Over Islamic Coalition
Hasty, Fearful Passage of Cybersecurity Bill Recalls Patriot Act
UAE Sending Colombian Mercenaries to Yemen: Sources
Campaign 2016
Trump Spokesperson: Why Have Nukes if You're Afraid to Use Them?
Trump, Sanders Say US Should Not Try to Topple Dictators
Fault Line: Democrats Divided on How to Wage War on Terrorism
Donald Trump: There's No Proof Putin Killed Journalists
Clinton Makes Up Claim of 'Videos of Trump' Being Used by ISIS
Snowden Slams Clinton's Hawkish Foreign Policy in Third Debate
CBS Edits Out Criticisms of US Policy From Frank Luntz Focus Group With Muslim Americans
The War at Home
Senator Pressures Navy to Take Action Against Admiral in Charge of SEALs
California Governor Declares Emergency in Response to San Bernardino Attack
San Bernardino Documents Reveal Timeline, Shooter, and Neighbor's Years-Long Friendship
Ex-Terrorist Explains How to Fight ISIS Online
Navy Investigating Damage to Submarine That Hit Buoy
In the War Against Sexual Assault, the Army Keeps Shooting Itself in the Foot
At Least 14 Killed in Clashes in Libya's Ajdabiya
UN Works to Ensure Libya Unity Govt Security in Tripoli
Libya's National Oil Affirms Role as Country's Sole Supplier
Burundi Rejects African Union Peacekeeping Force
US Sanctions Burundi Nationals for 'Fueling Violence'
Uganda to Restart Burundi Peace Talks After Violence Escalates
Fears of New Islamist Threat Emerge in Nigeria
Nigerian Troops, Boko Haram Clash in Army Chief's Village
Nigeria Commutes Death Sentences for Troops Who 'Refused to Face Boko Haram'
US Embassy Warns Citizens Over Possible Tunisia Mall Attack
Four Killed in Somalia Shooting, Car Bombing: Police
Niger Arrests Nine Military Officers for Coup Plot
The Hospital at the Center of a Muslim-Christian War in Africa
Cholera Outbreak Threatens World's Largest Refugee Camp in Kenya
International Court Hands Two Men Convicted of War Crimes to Congo
Russian Secret Services Foiled 30 Planned Attacks in 2015: Putin
Putin Salutes Russia's Intelligence Agencies on National 'Spies' Day'
Russia Wants to Maintain Ties With Turkish People, Turkish Leadership 'Not Eternal': Putin
Catalonia's Separatist Bid: The 'Hot Potato' of Spanish Elections
Left-Wing Parties Take the Lead in Spanish Elections
Thousands Rally Against Polish Government as Constitutional Row Drags On
Armenia, Azerbaijan Hold Swiss Talks on Nagorno-Karabakh
Air France Flight Makes Emergency Landing in Kenya After Bomb Scare: Police
Costa Rica Splits From Central America Body Over Migrant Crisis
US and Cuba at Odds Over Exodus of the Island's Doctors
Election Results Ignite Violent Protests in Haiti
Ramadi Braces for Battle as 109 Are Killed Across Iraq
Iraq Military Asks Residents of ISIS-Controlled Ramadi to Leave City
Turkish Troops Move Out of N. Iraq After Obama Appeal for Calm
Kidnappers of Qatari Hunters 'Have One Demand' in Exchange for Releasing the 26 Others
Iraq Welcomes Turkish Withdrawal Announcement
Russia's Putin Says Easy to Work Both With Assad and US on Syria
Putin: Russia Ready to Use 'More Military Means' in Syria if Need Be
Rocket Hits Military Bus in Syrian Capital, Wounds 9
Turkey Dismisses Any Syria Plan With Assad in Place
Germany Says Obstacles Remain for Syria After UN Backs Peace Process
Syrian Refugee Crisis
Turkish News Agency: 18 Refugees Drown, 14 Saved at Sea
As Year Nears End, Migrants Continue to Die at Sea
Faces of Refugees Show Struggle to Resettle in America
Canada Aims to Double Intake of Syrian Refugees Next Year
Far Above Sweden's Arctic Circle, a Ski Resort Hosts Refugees
Germany and Austria Working Together on EU Asylum Law
German Legal Experts Say Refugee Cap Would Be 'Problematic': Report
No Breakthrough in Yemen Peace Talks, but Rivals Will Meet Again
Yemen Negotiators to Form Ceasefire Committee as UN Peace Talks Resume
Iran Says New US Visa Law Goes Against Nuclear Deal
Registration Starts for Iran Parliamentary Election
Shooting of Teen Attackers Sparks Concern at Israeli Use of Force
Police: Palestinian Stabs 3 in Central Israeli City
Benjamin Netanyahu 'Threatens to Strip Jerusalem Residency From 230,000 Palestinians'
Palestinian Pollster: Public Opinion Becoming More Extreme
Shin Bet Expects West Bank Arson Suspects to Be Charged in Coming Days
Far-Right Activists Protest Outside Shin Bet Chief's Home
Reform Movement to Netanyahu: Use Power to Tone Down 'Violent Rhetoric' Against Rivlin, Breaking the Silence
Middle East
Turkish Police Fire Tear Gas on Istanbul Protest Against SE Ops
Kuwait Airways Pulls Profitable Flight to Avoid Doing Business With Israelis
Taliban Take Center of Helmand District
Afghan Official Doesn't 'Like' Taliban in Province, Reaches Out to President on Facebook
China Urges US to Stop 'Provocative Actions' After B-52 Flights
Chinese Foreign Minister Says Situation in S. China Sea 'Stable'
Indonesian Police Foil String of 'Jihad' Attacks
Pakistan Taliban Reject ISIS Leader's Claim
Police in Nepal Clash With Madhesi Protesters, One Killed
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