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Updated December 22, 2015 - 11:09 PM EST
12 Civilians Die in US Coalition Strikes on Mosul
  Iraqi Troops Attack Central Ramadi, Vow Victory in a Few Days
  Iraq PM: We Want US Airstrikes, Not Ground Troops
6 US Troops Killed in Afghan Suicide Bombing
  Divided Taliban Seen as a Growing Problem for US War in Afghanistan
Bergdahl Arraigned on Desertion, Other Charges
Pro-Saudi Forces Advance Into Yemen Capital's Province
In Favoring Mideast Ally, US Glossed Over Rights Record
Israeli Attacks on a Dissident Soldiers' Group Could Backfire
Officials Blame Iran for Failed 2013 Hack on NY Dam
What Orwell Can Teach US About the Language of Terror and War  by Rowan Williams
Hang Up on NSA Phone Tracking  USA Today
When Will Republican Candidates Speak Out About Pentagon Waste?  by William Hartung
War Is Realizing the Israelizing of the World  by Dan Sanchez
Trump's Ban on Muslims Obscures Real Solution  by Ivan Eland
US Should Offer Peace Treaty to North Korea  by Doug Bandow

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Passenger Says Muslims Protect Christians in Islamist Attack on Kenyan Bus
Ukrainian Jews Shocked After City Elects Neo-Nazi Mayor
Would-Be Japan PM Says Defense Shift Could Be Excuse for Attack
Burundi Parliament Slams 'Invasion' Peacekeepers
Obama: Media Stoking ISIS Fears
114 Killed Across Iraq on Eve of Ramadi Battle
ISIS Stopping Civilians Leaving Ramadi Before Attack: Iraq Defence Ministry
6 Civilians Dead in Bombing of Syria Govt-Held Areas: Agency
UN Mulls 'Light' Options to Monitor Possible Syria Truce: Envoys
Russian Jets Could Escort Assad on Iran Trip: Reports
Syrian Refugee Crisis
Vice Chancellor Says Austria Cannot Accept More Than 100,000 Migrants
Refugee Arrivals in Germany Down Sharply in December: Police
Switzerland, EU Intensify Talks to Resolve Immigration Dispute
Global Migration Chief 'Disturbed' at Dangers of Xenophobia
Hezbollah Buries Militant Qantar, Vows to Retaliate Against Israel
Lebanese Ex-MP Arrested in Gadhafi Son Kidnap Case
Abbas Says New Passports Will Refer to Palestinian State
Netanyahu Defends Shin Bet Amid Torture Allegations
Israel Says 'David's Sling' Missile Shield to Be Deployed in 2016
Middle East
Kurdish Militants Kill Two Turkish Soldiers, Wound Six in Bomb Attack: Sources
Saudi Air Defense Intercepts Rockets Fired From Yemen
Iran Woos Indian Refiners to Drive Oil Sales in Cut-Throat Market
Rockets Hit Afghan Capital Kabul
Mullah Accused of Shooting, Killing Afghan-American Woman in Kabul
ISIS Radio Show Seeks New Recruits in Afghanistan
Pakistan-Backed Afghan Peace Talks May Restart Within Weeks
Indonesia: Plot Foiled to Kill Officials, Shi'ite Followers
Syria Funds Suggest ISIS Link to Militants Arrested in Indonesia
Controversial China Anti-Terror Law Looks Set to Pass This Month
China Anti-Terror Law May Restrict Media Reporting on Attacks
Some of China's Most Wanted Live Openly in US and Canada
Philippines Vows Stronger Military to Back South China Sea Claim
US Criticizes Arrest of Prominent Vietnam Activist
US Sanctuary Sought for Threatened Bangladeshi Writers
The War at Home
The War in Afghanistan Follows Obama to His Vacation in Hawaii
Democratic Debate Spawns Fantasy Talk on Encryption
Miami Judge OKs Force-Feeding for Detainees on Hunger Strike
Republican Lindsey Graham Says Quitting Race for White House
Review Finds No Proof San Bernardino Terrorists Met Before Fiancee Visa Approved
ISIS Launches 'Islamic Police Force' in Libya Propaganda Video
24 Libyan Muncipalities Sign Up to Unity Government Deal
Mystery of Lebanese Cleric Missing in Libya Deepens
Canada Looking at 'Wider' ISIS Threats in Libya, Sinai
Nigeria Army Releases, Without Apology, Man Erroneously Detained as Boko Haram Terrorist
Nigeria Shi'ite Spokesman: Wounded Members Dying in Detention
Boko Haram Violence Forces One Million Children Out of School: UN
Niger Opposition Rejects Voter Register, Casts Doubt on Polls
Tunisia Dismantles Cell Recruiting Women for Jihadists
Burundi Security Forces Accused of Violent Repression
South Sudan Rebel Representives Arrive in Juba as Part of Peace Deal
Burkina Issues Warrant for Ex-Leader Compaore Over Sankara Murder
Ugandan Police Arrest Supporters of Opposition Presidential Candidate
Warplane's Black Box 'Unreadable': Russia
EU Officially Extends Russia Sanctions for Six Months Over Ukraine Conflict
French Defence Minister in Moscow for Anti-ISIS Cooperation Talks
Russia Reinforces Armenia Base With Attack, Defense Helicopters: Interfax
Ex-Police Officer Held Over Air France Fake Bomb
Limp Bizkit Frontman Fred Durst Banned From Ukraine
Venezuela Frees Pepsi Workers It Arrested for Not Making Enough Pepsi
US Charges 2 With Corruption Linked to Venezuelan Oil Company
Argentina's Macri Asks for Venezuela Opposition Leaders' Freedom
Colombia Govt Asks Forgiveness for 1988 Paramilitary Massacre
Haiti Officials Postpone Vote Set for This Weekend
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