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Updated December 28, 2015 - 11:27 PM EST
Pentagon Seeks 'New Narrative' on ISIS War
  US Foreign Arms Deals Increased Nearly $10 Billion in 2014
  Think ISIS Has Dealt a Knock-Out Blow to al-Qaeda? Think Again.
US Can't Confirm Iraq Seizing Central Ramadi
  Erdogan: Turkish Troops Will Remain in Iraq
  ISIS Leader: Caliphate Doing Well, Not Afraid of US, Saudi Coalitions
US-Backed Kurds Claim They Seized Syrian Dam
  Syrian Army Kills 17 Islamist Rebels in Booby-Trap Attack
  Final Evacuation of Three Syrian Towns Planned for Monday
Turkish Kurds Demand Self-Rule in Southeast
ISIS, Rival Afghan Militia Trade Brutal Killings
Lawyers Call Bluff on Obama's Promise to Close Gitmo
Ethnic Cleansing by Sunni and Shia Jihadis Is Leading to a Mideast Partition  by Patrick Cockburn
If a Close US Ally Backdoored Juniper, Would NSA Tell Congress?  by Marcy Wheeler
Endless War, Undeclared and Undebated  by Mel Gurtov
British Muslim Family's Refused Entry Reveals America's Hypocrisy  by Ali Gharib

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North African al-Qaeda Says Top Figure Killed in Ambush
Houston Mosque Fire Was Intentionally Set: Fire Dept
Woman Named Isis Says She Can't Book Flights
How a Breakaway Region of Somalia Hopes to Build a New Country
Bergdahl: Taliban Asked Me if Obama Is Gay
Taliban Denies Sharing ISIS Intelligence With Russia
A Year of Taliban Gains Shows That 'We Haven't Delivered,' Top Afghan Official Says
Afghan Militia Beheads Four ISIS Fighters
Kidnapped by ISIS, Saved by the Taliban
Flawed Justice After a Mob Killed an Afghan Woman
Afghan Opposition Group Pressures Ghani on Security Crisis
Behind the Scenes, Pakistan's Military Helped Revive Talks With India
Pakistan Army Chief Visits Kabul as Peace Diplomacy Builds
China 'Expels' French Journalist Over Uighur Article
Taiwan Opposition Leader Says China to Have 'Rational Attitude' Toward DPP
Japan Says Armed China Ship Infiltrates Off Disputed Islands
'Suspicious Package' Suspect Caught at US Air Base in Japan
Tokyo to Propose New Fund for Former 'Comfort Women'
14 Killed in Muslim Rebel Attacks in Southern Philippines
Filipino Protesters Land on Disputed Island in S. China Sea
Bangladesh Police: Arrests of Militants Foil Potential Christmastime Attacks
Malaysia Airlines MH132 Flies in Wrong Direction for an Hour
Catalonia Pro-Independence Party Fails to Agree on New Leader
Zaragoza 2nd Spanish City to Seek Probe Into Franco Crimes
Mother of Paris Attacker Says She Missed Warning Signs
Belgium: Paris Attacks Bomber Worried His Teachers
Hundreds in Corsica Defy Ban After Violent Anti-Arab Protests
Vichy Yearns to Shed Heavy Yoke of Past Shame
France Opens Access to Nazi-Collaboration Era Archives
SNP Delegation to Iran Highlights Scotland's Potential to Create Foreign Policy Initiatives
Three Killed in Breach of Ukraine Holiday Truce
German Lawmakers Irked by NATO Plane Deployment
Austrian Police Say European Capitals Have Been Warned of Possible Attack
Bosnia Says Arrests Foiled Islamist Attack in Sarajevo
Russia's Putin Orders Several Counter-Terrorism Units to Be Set Up on Coasts
Colombia Captures 8 Members of ELN Guerrilla Group
Costa Rica Moves to Deport 56 Cuban Migrants
Egypt Military Says 2 Militants Killed in Northern Sinai
Hamas: Egypt 'Executed' Mentally-Ill Palestinian Crossing Border
Egypt Convicts in Absentia 2 Police Officers Over Deadly Abuse, Torture of Detainees
Ramadi Declared Liberated; 31 Killed, 100 Wounded in Iraq
Russia Says Air Force Has Not Hit Civilian Targets in Syria
Syria: 'Fighters Entering From Turkey, Jordan'
Syrian Refugee Crisis
Fear and Few Answers as Turkish Police Round Up Syrian Refugees
Czech Leader Calls Migrant Wave in Europe an 'Organized Invasion'
German Navy 'Rescued Over 10,000 Migrants' in 2015
How Sweden's 'Most Wanted Man' Brought a Town Together
Refugees Bring New Life to Greek Businesses
A Wary Start to Syrian Refugees' New Life in Kentucky
3 Turkish Soldiers Killed in PKK Attack
Kurdish Group Claims Responsibility for Istanbul Airport Attack
Turkish PM Says Pro-Kurdish HDP 'Rooted in Violence', Cancels Meeting
Turkish Civilians Stuck in Urban War Zone in Southeast
Baby Killed in Clashes Between Turkish Forces, Kurdish Rebels: Medics
Turkey Demands Access to Gaza in Agreement
Syria Anti-ISIS Documentary Maker 'Assassinated' in Turkey
Iran Official Urges Opposition to New US Visa Rules
Iran Accuses Saudi Arabia of Promoting Terrorism
Iran's Rouhani Says It's Up to Muslims to Correct Islam's Image
Gunmen Kill Yemen Intelligence Officer: Security Source
Saudi Arabia Intercepts Ballistic Missile From Yemen: State News
Israeli Targets Foreign Funding of NGOs
Israeli Forces Say Shoot Dead Two Palestinian Assailants
Israeli Troops Raid Home of Jerusalem Stabber
Palestinians Defy Israel's Jerusalem Ban
Hezbollah Leader Tells Israel to Brace for Retaliation Over Qantar's Death
ISIS Leader Reportedly Warns Israel 'We Are Getting Closer to You'
Almost 100 Alleged Far-Right Extremists Jailed, Restricted or Questioned, Supporters Say
Lapid Names 2 Rabbis Who He Says Inspire Far-Right Radicals
Israeli Missile Defense Director Dismissed Over Security Breach
Thousands Protest AU Plan to Deploy Peacekeepers
Burundi Rivals Head for Uganda Peace Talks
Boko Haram Attacks Northeast Nigerian City, Many Killed
Islamic Extremists Kill at Least 15 Tuaregs in Mali's North
Kenya: Roadside Bomb Explodes Killing Extremist Planting It
Benin PM Lionel Zinsou Escapes From Helicopter Crash
Security Tight as Volatile Central African Republic Set for Landmark Elections
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