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Updated January 1, 2016 - 11:16 PM EST
Over 52,000 Killed in Iraq During 2015
  Iraqi Army Likely to Fight ISIS Around Baghdad, Not Mosul
Syria Peace Talks Problem: Who Is a Terrorist?
  Syria Launches Offensive Against Rebels in Golan Heights
Deadly Shooting Hits Pub in Tel Aviv
ISIS Claims Credit for Dagestan (Russia) Attack
White House Delays Imposing New Iran Sanctions
NY Man Planned to Attack Rochester Bar 'for ISIS'
25 ISIS Killed, 31 Wounded in E. Afghanistan Airstrikes
Munich Train Stations Evacuated After Possible Terror Threat
How False Stories of Iran Arming the Houthis Were Used to Justify War in Yemen  by Gareth Porter
Mideast Christians Being Killed – as a Result of Republican Policies  by Doug Bandow
NSA Fans Object When Their Privacy Violated  by Glenn Greenwald
The Mossad Caucus Exposed  by Justin Raimondo
Avoiding War With China:
 by John Glaser
I Revealed Truth About Erdogan and Syria So He Had Me Jailed  by Can Dündar

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Obama Wants Clearer Picture Told of Strategy Against ISIS
UK May Prosecute Twitter if Users Told of Govt Snooping
Dems Brush Off Latest Spying Report
State Department Still Doesn't Have All of Clinton's Emails
Muslims on Twitter Say They Have Better Things to Do Than Join ISIS
Over 51,000 Killed in Iraq During 2015
Syria Releases Opposition Figures Held on Way to Riyadh Meeting: Party
Lebanese Army Helicopter Comes Under Syrian Fire
Lebanese Army Kills Militant on Northeastern Border
Erdogan Vows No Respite in Turkey's War on Kurdish Militants
Russia Expands Sanctions Against Turkey After Downing of Jet
Iran Denies It Fired Rockets Near US Warship in Gulf
Rouhani Expands Iran's Missile Program Despite US Sanctions Threat
Pro-Government Militia Leader Killed in Yemen's Aden
Yemeni Army Commander Survives Car Bombing in Aden
Egypt Parents, 3 Children Killed in Sinai Shelling
2 UN Police Officers From Rwanda Fatally Shot in Haiti
Venezuela Opposition: Court Blocking of 4 Lawmakers a 'Coup'
Fatal Shooting of Palestinian Man Caught on Video
US Treasury Secretary Named in Suit Over Tax-Free Donations to Israel
Palestinian Shot Dead After Ramming Car Into Israeli Troops: Army
'East Jerusalem Men Planned to Set Off Bomb in Eilat Hotel'
'Hate Wedding' Revelers, Including Groom, Freed to House Arrest
Bennett Backs School Ban on Novel About Jewish-Arab Love Affair
Released Suspect in Duma Case Claims Shin Bet Tortured Him
Israel: Why Do So Many Jewish Terrorists Come From the English-Speaking World?
Israel to Spend $3 Billion More to Improve Living Standards of Arab Minority
China Says It Is Building Second Aircraft Carrier
China Warns of 'Complex Changes' in Taiwan Election Year
China Says Consulted Widely on Army Reform, Xi Closely Involved
US-Trained Commandos in Philippines Kill 10 Militants
Afghan Leader Says End to Terrorism a Condition for Peace Talks
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The Mossad Caucus Exposed

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Bad Government Decisions That Seemed Like a Good Idea at the Time

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The Season of Peace Requires Action Not Songs

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The Dayton Miracle: Bosnia Armistice, Still Alive at 20

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What Israel Is Up To in Jerusalem

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Questioning the Powerful

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