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Updated January 5, 2016 - 11:25 PM EST
Likely Nuclear Test Detected in North Korea
US Sees Saudi-Iran Tensions Endanger ISIS Fight
  Saudis Execute Cleric, US Media Blames Iran
  After Executing Regime Critic, Saudis Fire Up American PR Machine
  US Struggles to Explain Alliance With Saudis
  Saudis Court More Diplomatic Hostility Toward Iran
Iraq Blames ISIS for Sunni Mosques Bombings
  Anticipating Attack, Israel Shells Southern Lebanon
  Mass Graves, Executions; 238 Killed Across Iraq
ISIS Attacks Oil Port in Libya's Sidra
Curfew in Yemen's Aden After 22 Killed in Fighting
Taliban Suicide Bombing Wounds 30 Civilians in Kabul
Pentagon Resisted Obama's Bid for Regime Change in Syria, Libya  by Gareth Porter
Get Over It: Iran Will Have Missiles  by Paul R. Pillar
Will the US Fall for Saudi Arabia's Deliberate Provocation?  by Trita Parsi
The Saudis Go Full ISIS  by Dan Sanchez
US Should Stop Supporting Likely Saudi War Crimes  by Ivan Eland
Worse Than a Crime – a Mistake!  by Eric Margolis

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New Report Shows Uptick in Military Suicides Last Summer
US Authorities Begin Deportations of Central American Asylum Seekers
A Redaction Re-Visited: NSA Targeted 'The Two Leading' Encryption Chips
Rubio, Cruz Ratchet Up Foreign Policy Feud
Trump Ad Shows Morocco, Not Mexican Border
Mass Graves, Executions; 238 Killed Across Iraq
How Does ISIS Evade Airstrikes in Ramadi?
Who Is Sending Iraqi Fighters to Syria?
Syria Chemical Arms Probe Found Signs of Sarin Gas Exposure: UN
Iraqi Christian Monk Kidnapped in Syria by ISIS for Second Time
Life in Zaartari Refugee Camp: Photo Essay on What Happens to Those Who Flee Syria's Civil War
Syrian Refugee Crisis
UK Should Take in 3,000 Syrian Children, Say MPs
Denmark Responds to Swedish Border Checks With Own Controls
Two Civilians, Three Security Officers Killed in Turkish Action Against Kurd Rebels
Erdogan: Turkey Needs Israel and Israel Needs Turkey
UN Rights Envoy Resigns, Accuses Israel of Denying Access
Poll: Israelis Say Jewish, Palestinian Terror Should Get Same Treatment
Viral Image of Arab Israelis Celebrating Tel Aviv Attack Is a Fake
IDF Allows Anti-Islam Activist to Spread Hate, Chocolate to Soldiers
Israeli Girl Hurt After Jerusalem Stabbing Attempt: Police
Tel Aviv Shooter Still Armed, at Large and Planning Another Attack, Police Believe
Netanyahu Denies Placing Conditions on Aid Package for Arabs
Al-Qaeda in Yemen Stones Woman to Death for Adultery
Kashmir-Based Militant Coalition Claims Attack
India Air Base Attack Threatens Pakistan Talks, Fifth Gunman Killed
Missed Clues and Lax Security in Runup to Indian Air Base Attack
Afghan Forces End Siege Near Indian Mazar-I-Sharif Consulate
Pakistan Arrests 42 ISIS Supporters
South China Sea Tensions Surge as China Lands Plane on Artificial Island
Sri Lanka President Pledges Land for 100,000 War Refugees
US Shuts Drone Base in Ethiopia
Candidates Call for Halt in Central African Republic Vote Count
Sudan: No School for Thousands in North Darfur
Saudis Inflame World's Shi'ites
Diplomatic Tensions Worsen Over Saudi-Iran Row
Shi'ite Cleric Gained in Status as a Rivalry Deepened
US Raised Concerns With Saudis Before Cleric Execution: White House
Leaked Memo Shows Saudi Arabia Was Fully Prepared for Executions Backlash
Man Shot Dead in Eastern Saudi Arabia: Police
Troubled History of Iran-Saudi Relations
UAE 'Downgrades' Ties as Sudan Severs Diplomatic Relations With Iran
Bahrain: Iran Has No Right to Interfere in Saudi Arabia Executions
Bahrain, Sudan Cut Ties With Tehran as Crisis Widens in Saudi-Iran Split
Pakistan Concerned Over Saudi-Iran Tension
Turkey Says Cannot Support Saudi Execution of Shi'ite Cleric
Germany Will Re-Examine Arms Exports to Saudi Arabia After Weekend Executions
UK Denounces ISIS Video as Propaganda
New ISIS Propaganda Video Features British Militant
New Jihadi John Revealed: Family of British Muslim Convert Say He Is ISIS Killer
UK Grants Asylum to Sudanese Man Who Walked Through Channel Tunnel
Vladimir Putin's Spy Chief Dies Suddenly Aged 58, Kremlin Reveals
Ukraine Utility Cyber Attack Wider Than Reported: Experts
New Elections Likely in Catalonia After Separatist Leader Is Rebuffed
Virginia Governor Becomes Fourth to Visit Cuba Since Detente
Five Freed in US-Cuba Rapprochement Back in Custody: Rights Group
Assassins Were Paid Less Than $30,000 to Kill Mexican Mayor
Governor Says Mexican Mayor's Killing a Warning by Drug Gang
US Says Venezuelan Government Interfering in New National Assembly
Haiti Panel Says Vote Irregularities Due to Incompetence
350 of Colombia's New Mayors and 7 Governors Suspect in Pending Criminal Cases
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