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Updated January 8, 2016 - 11:15 PM EST
74 Dead in Libya Police School Truck Bombing
  Gadhafi's Warnings to Blair Have Been Proven by Thursday Attack
South Korea to Restart Loudspeaker Propaganda
  Kerry: China Must End 'Business as Usual' With North Korea
Iran Says Saudi Airstrike Hit Embassy in Yemen
  Locals Report Heaviest Saudi Airstrikes Yet Against Yemen Capital
Taliban Leaders Split on Return to Peace Process
Kerry: Iran Days Away From Implementation of Nuclear Pact
Cairo Youths Clash With Egypt Troops in 'Lengthy' Gunbattle
Turkey Warns US of Growing Syria Kurdish Territory
Terrorism, the Oregon Standoff, and Mandatory Minimums  by Lucy Steigerwald
America Revisits the Dark Side  by Rebecca Gordon
US Intelligence Ought to Target Israel  by Paul R. Pillar
The Legacy of Murray Rothbard  by Justin Raimondo
Terror Experts Flounder on ISIS  by Jon Basil Utley
How Obama Enables Atrocities  by Robert Parry

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67 Countries the US Is Obliged to Go to War For
Facebook, Google, Twitter, Microsoft, Yahoo Unite to Condemn UK Snooping Bill
The UN Library Announced Its Most-Checked-Out Book of 2015. It's Disturbing.
Egypt Asks Israel to Keep Turkey Away From Gaza
New York to Appoint Civilian to Monitor Police's Counterterrorism Activity
178 Killed in Iraq, Including ISIS Officials
Iraq Military Says ISIS Spokesman Adnani Wounded: State TV
Dispute Over Turkish Troops Throws Future of Mosul Into Question
23 Starve to Death in Besieged Syrian Town: Medical Charity
Syrian Government 'To Let Aid Into Besieged Madaya'
Kerry Says Iran-Saudi Feud Won't Undercut Syria Peace Efforts
Saudi-Iran Tensions
Iran Bans Imports From Saudi Arabia, Faces Saudi Boycotts
China Sends Envoy to Saudi, Iran Amid Feud
Iran Stops Doing Business With Saudi Arabia as Nimr Execution Rankles
Deputy Crown Prince Says Saudis Will Not Allow War With Iran
Turkey Summons Iran Envoy Over Media Linking Saudi Executions With Erdogan
Twitter Sues Turkey Over Fine for Not Removing 'Terrorist Propaganda'
Prosecutors Say No Information December's Istanbul Airport Attack Caused by Mortar Fire
Israeli Bus Driver Refuses Demands to Kick Off Arab Passenger
Bus Driver Praised for Ignoring Calls to Remove Arab Man
Palestinians Attempt to Stab Israeli Forces in 2 West Bank Incidents; 4 Assialants Killed
Mahmoud Abbas Is Here to Stay, Says Mahmoud Abbas
Defiance Among Rogue Settlers as Israel Accuses Jewish Youth of Murder
Palestinian Authority Ambassador to Saudi Arabia: Iran Is Failing to Help the Palestinian Cause
South Korea Seeks US Strategic Assets After Bomb Test
The US Has a Plan to Evacuate Troops' Families and Pets From Korea in Case of Nuclear Attack
What the Seismic Data Says About North Korea's 'H-Bomb'
Some Tension, but Trade Uninterrupted at China-North Korea Border
The Geriatric Trio Behind North Korea's Nuclear Weapons Program
Talks Uncertain as India Says Pakistan Must First Hunt Militants
Pakistan Expels Bangladeshi Diplomat Amid Worsening 'Spy' Row
The War at Home
Hillary Clinton Suggests She May Oppose Obama's $1 Trillion Nuclear Arms Upgrade
Edward Snowden Speaks at Consumer Electronics Show Disguised as a Robot
Video Shows TSA Agent Pat Down 10-Year-Old Girl 'Over and Over'
NYPD Settles Lawsuits Over Muslim Monitoring
Two Palestianian Men Born in Iraq and Living in US Arrested on Terrorism-Related Charges
Report: Adelson Offered Obama $1 Billion to Develop Iron Dome for Israel
Bergdahl Recounts Harsh Treatment by Captors in New 'Serial' Podcast
US Imposes Sanctions on Lebanese Man, Company for Hezbollah Links
Tail Cone of Military Aircraft Lands in Mississippi
Idaho Would-Be Terrorist Sentenced to 25 Years in Prison
Obama Expected to Name New Commander for Mideast
Two Indian Men Extradited to US From Spain for Smuggling Missiles
Car Bomb in Libyan Oil Port Kills Seven, Wounds 11: Guards Spokesman
Two Fires Extinguished at Libyan Oil Terminals, Five Still Burning
Gadhafi Accused Tony Blair of Supporting al-Qaeda and Warned Him Jihadists Would Take Libya and 'Attack Europe'
US Gives 24 MRAPs to Nigerian Army
Outrage in Ghana Over Guantanamo Detainees
Veteran Jihadist Seeks Return of Sharia Law in North Mali
Hutu Militia Kill 14 From Rival Ethnic Group in East Congo: Army
No Winner Emerges in First Round of Central African Republic Election
Man in Fake Explosives Vest Killed Amid High Paris Tension
German Muslims Condemn Cologne Attacks, Fear Consequences
Battle Lines Drawn as Venezuela Political Crisis Grows
Removal of Chávez Images From Venezuela Capitol Raises Tension
Venezuela Opposition Seeks Congress Control of Central Bank
Report: Inert US Hellfire Missile Wrongly Shipped to Cuba in 2014
Germany Leaves Cold War Behind in Cuba Business Visit
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Terrorism, the Oregon Standoff, and Mandatory Minimums

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