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Updated January 10, 2016 - 11:17 PM EST
Saudi Strike on Yemen MSF Hospital Kills 4
  Former Yemen President Rejects Talks With Govt
  UN: Saudi Use of US-Made Cluster Bombs in Yemen May Be War Crime
Botched Iraqi Drone Strike Kills Nine Allied Militia
  197 Killed in Iraq; ISIS Executes Dozens
Airstrike on Syria Jail Run by al-Qaeda Kills 57
  Fake Images of Crisis in Syria's Madaya Making the Rounds
China Blames US for North Korea Troubles
  Music, Leaflets, and Loudspeakers: Koreas Trade Propaganda
197 Killed in Iraq; ISIS Executes Dozens
  Erdogan: ISIS Attack 'Vindicates' Troops to Iraq
  British Soldiers Face Prosecution Over 55 Iraq War Deaths
Obama Unveils 'Propaganda' Task Force to Combat ISIS
  Philadelphia 'ISIS' Gunman Not a Practicing Muslim
Egypt Mufti: Anti-Junta Protests Violate Shariah Law
US Drone Strike Kills 17 ISIS Militants in Afghanistan
We Are the Human Shields of the Political Class  by Shane Smith
Saudi Arabia Executed a Nonviolent Shi'ite Cleric – It Will Cost Them Big  by Giorgio Cafiero
The Deceptive Debate Over What Causes Terrorism Against the West  by Glenn Greenwald
Taking On the Nuclear Goliath  by Robert Koehler
Washington's Multi-Million-Dollar Saudi PR Machine  by Eli Clifton
Media Quiet as Saudis Bomb Yemeni Center for the Blind  by Ben Norton

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Texas Disclosures on Terror Suspect Premature
US to Transfer al-Qaeda Suspect From Guantanamo to Kuwait
General Refutes Claim That Pentagon Delayed Gitmo Transfers
Muslim Woman Ejected From Trump Rally
Saudi Shi'ite Protesters Shout 'Death' to Ruling Family
197 Killed in Iraq; ISIS Executes Dozens
US Drone Crashes in Iraq; Pentagon Says Not Shot Down by Enemy Fire
Marine General Says US Should Step Up Role in Iraq
Special Forces Target ISIS in Hawija, Iraq Official Says
Ramadi, Reclaimed by Iraq, Is in Ruins After ISIS Fight
FBI Says Refugees Used Social Media to Plan Fight in Syria
Aid to Be Delivered to Starving Syrian Towns as Early as Sunday
ISIS Member Executes His Mother in Syria: Monitor
Syrian Refugee Crisis
Migrants 'Face Beatings, Abuse' Trying to Enter Spanish Territory
Hundreds of Syrians Are Turned Back at Beirut Airport
Syrians Return to Damascus After Turkey Introduces New Air-Travel Visas
Syrian Refugees Face Another Winter in Flimsy Shelters
Iran Holds Mass Protests Against Saudi Arabia Amid Tensions
Iran: Saudi Arabia Must Choose Between Hatred or Stability
US Condemns DM's Decision to Expand Settlement Bloc
Israeli Reporter Tests Anti-Stab Vest, Gets Stabbed
Police Kill Suspected Tel Aviv Gunman in Northern Israel After Week-Long Manhunt
Police: No Imminent Threat of Tel Aviv Terror Attack
Israeli Teacher Gets 4-Year Jail Term for Trying to Join ISIS
World Health Organization Calls for Access to Yemeni City
Yemen Rescinds Expulsion of UN Human Rights Representative
Middle East
Turkish Police Detain Pro-Kurdish Opposition in Istanbul Raid
Gunmen Kill Lebanese Intelligence Officer Near Syria Border
First Arrests in German New Year's Eve Chaos Likely to Inflame Asylum Debate
UK Mother Jailed for Taking Children to Live Under ISIS
Belgium Says Found Possible Paris Attacks Bomb Factory in December Raid
Barbes Shooting: Man Tackled by Police for Talking to Journalists After Terror Suspect Shot Dead
Ex-Serb Commander Charged With War Crimes in Croatia
Weekend Reviews
The American Conservative's 2015 Books Symposium
No Heroes for Denmark's 'A War' Movie
Randy Brown's Welcome to Fob Haiku: War Poems From Inside the Wire
Base Nation: the Long Reach of US Military Bases Worldwide
Karl Barth Taught US Not to Use Religion to Mask Stench of War
The War at Home
Latest State Release: Clinton Emails With Chelsea After Benghazi Attacks and More
White House Raises Encryption Threat in Silicon Valley Summit
Silicon Valley Appears Open to Helping US Spy Agencies After Terrorism Summit
'Anti-Israel' Tweets Land New Jersey Teen in Principal's Office
'Hipster Terrorist' Lied About Syria Fighting, Feds Say
FBI Arrest Man Who Says He Is Jesus and Plans to Kidnap Obama's Dogs
ISIS Claims Cairo Attack, Says Was Response to Leader's Call to Target Jews
Three Foreign Tourists Wounded in Attack on Egyptian Hotel
ISIS Claims Libyan Police Center Bombing
Timeline of ISIS Expansion in Libya
EU Pledges 100 Million Euros to Aid Libya's Unity Government
South Sudan
South Sudan President Apologizes for 'Unbearable Suffering' of War
One by One, South Sudan Tries to Name Its War Victims
Ethiopian Security Forces Have Killed 140 Protesters Over Land Dispute
Swiss Woman Abducted for 2nd Time in Northern Mali
Uganda Warns Burundi Threat to African Union Force a 'Mistake'
UN Pulls DR Congo Troops From Central African Republic Mission
North Korea Warns of War Over South's Propaganda Broadcasts
Pentagon Chief Reassures Japan on Security After North Korea Test: US
North Korea Cites Muammar Gadhafi's 'Destruction' in Nuclear Test Defense
North Korea Seeks China Help on Treaty With US, or More Tests
South Korea-Japan Ties Improve in Wake of North Korea's Nuclear Test
South Korea Detects Small Amount of Xenon After North Korea Nuclear Test
North Korea Sanctions Bill Seeks to Deny Country's Access to Cash
US 'Disturbed' by Case of Missing Hong Kong Booksellers
Pakistan Pledges to Cooperate With Indian Attack Investigation
Sri Lanka's President Pardons 'Tamil Rebel' Who Tried to Kill Him
US Considers Ending Program That Lures Cuban Doctors to Defect
Colombian Rebels Demand Remains of Guerrilla Priest
Guatemalan Ex-Dictator Set for Genocide Retrial
Americans Still Dying
Green Beret Killed in Afghanistan Was New Father (WA)
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