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Updated January 12, 2016 - 11:13 PM EST
Iran Holds US Navy Crew After Mechanical Woes
10 Die in Suicide Blast in Istanbul Tourist Area
14 Years Later, Still No Clarity on Gitmo Closure
ISIS Attacks on Iraqi Mall, Cafe Kill 42
  Pentagon: US Bombs Giant Piles of ISIS Money, Destroying Millions
  229 Killed, 131 Wounded in Iraq Attacks
Russian Strike Hits Syria School, Kills 12 Kids
  Hezbollah Claims Russia Directly Arming Them
  Red Cross Aid Convoy Reached Sieged Syrian Town
US Troops in S. Korea Placed on 'Highest Alert'
  How We Know North Korea Didn't Detonate a Hydrogen Bomb
Report: FBI Expands Investigation of Clinton
Iran Fills Heavy Water Reactor Core With Cement
US Nuke Modernization Makes Weapons Seem 'Usable'
Yemen Civilians Suffer Relentless Bombing by Saudi Coalition
To End North Korea’s Nuclear Program, End the Korean War  by Christine Ahn
Not Just Trump Is a Recruiter of Terrorists  by Ivan Eland
The Indefensible War on Yemen Continues  by Daniel Larison
Fear of Assimilation  by Uri Avnery
Prince Salman: Naive, Arrogant Saudi Prince Is Playing With Fire  by Patrick Cockburn
Reality Peeks Through in Ukraine  by Robert Parry

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Hundreds of Thousands Can't Marry in Israel
On Its 14th Anniversary, Will Gitmo Ever Be Closed?
Nations Vow Better Intel Sharing to Halt Terror Attacks
Saudi Prisoner at Gitmo Released After 14 Years
Israeli Author of Blocked Book Sees Sales Soar
UN Peacekeepers Allegedly Paid 13-Year-Olds for Sex in the Central African Republic
229 Killed, 131 Wounded in Iraq Attacks
Saudi-Iran Tensions Sharpen Iraq's Sectarian Divide
ISIS Says It Carried Out Twin Blasts in Eastern Iraq
Starving Families Flee Encircled, ISIS-Controlled City in N. Iraq
'Vicar of Baghdad' Warns of Christian Genocide in Iraq and Syria
Iraq Turkmens Alarmed by Kurdish Trench
Syria Needs New Constitution, Says Russia's Putin
Syrian Opposition Casts Doubt on Peace Talks After Russian Bombing
UN Official Says Starvation Exists in Besieged Syrian Towns
Britain Uses Brimstone Missiles for First Time in Syria
Russia Says Attacked 1,097 Targets in Syria Since New Year
India Treads Cautiously on Syria as Foreign Minister Visits Delhi
Syrian Refugee Crisis
Faced With Debt and Poverty, Syrian Refugees Have No Way of Leaving Lebanon
German Minister Warns Against General Suspicion Toward Refugees
EU Migrant Crisis: Germany Sends Migrants Back to Austria
Turkey Plans to Introduce Work Permits for Syrian Refugees, Minister Says
Swedish Police Probe 'Cover Up of Migrant Sex Assaults'
Migrant Shelter Made of Shipping Containers Opens in France's Calais
ISIS in Failed Maritime Attack on Libya Oil Terminal: Guards
Italy Evacuates 15 Libyans Wounded in Bomb Attack
Libya Plans Oil Loading at Eastern Port for First Time Since 2014
Six Killed in Unrest in Sudan's Darfur, Says Local Official
Niger Presidential Candidate Denied Release From Prison
Mali: UN Must Enable Peacekeepers to Confront Terrorists
'Grand Coalition' Still Uncertain in Spain Despite Catalan Separatist Push
Revolt Network Foments New Brand of Jewish Terror in Israel
Netanyahu Blasts Critics Who Suggested His Incitement Caused Fire at B'Tselem
Top Israeli Army Intel Officer Calls It Quits Amid Report of Internal Struggle
Israeli Author of Blocked Book Sees Sales Soar
Saudi Arabia/Iran
Iran Seeks to Limit Diplomatic Fall-Out From Saudi Embassy Attacks
Masked Men Attack Saudi Intelligence Compound With Firebombs
Al-Qaeda Warns Saudi Arabia It Will Pay for Executing Militants
Why US Businesses Could Lose Out in Iran
On Iran-Saudi Rift, Gulf Arab States Tread With Caution
Yemen Forces Seize Large Weapons Cache in Aden
Mortar Attack on Afghan School Kills Three, Wounds Eight
Pakistan, Afghanistan, China, US Seek Road Map to Peace
The US Spent Millions on Afghanistan Clinics – but Many Are Falling Apart and Hard to Find
Canadian Man Freed by Taliban After Years in Captivity
US May Send Strategic Assets, but Not Warheads, to South Korea
N. Korea Expands Loudspeaker Broadcasts to Counter South
North Korea Holding US Citizen for Allegedly Spying
Philippines: Abu Sayyaf Rebels Pledge Allegiance to ISIS
Japan to Patrol Disputed Islands if China Sails Too Close: Yomiuri
Indonesian Forces Regroup After Failing to Capture Top Militant
Mexico Says Sean Penn Meeting Was 'Essential' to Finding Kingpin Chapo
Venezuela Supreme Court Declares Congress Decisions Void
Genocide Trial for Guatemala Ex-Dictator Rios Montt Suspended
The War at Home
Marco Rubio: We Need to Add to US Surveillance Programs
IG Report: VA Botched Care of Marine Who Committed Suicide
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