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Updated January 13, 2016 - 11:25 PM EST
Iran Frees US Navy Crew After Overnight Detention
  Iran Sanctions Relief Could Begin This Week
  Iran: Arak Reactor Core Removal Not Completed
Syrian Troops, Hezbollah Retake Latakia Town
  Syrian Rebel Figure Accuses US of 'Backtracking' on Assad's Future
  Cameron Admits Claims of 70,000 Moderate Rebels False
Iraqi Sunni Mosques Burned in 'Revenge' Attacks
10 Tourists Killed by Suicide Blast in Istanbul
Pentagon Cheers as Philippines Court OKs US Deployments
US Experts: North Korea Missile Test Video a Fake
Saudi Arabia and Israel: An Axis of Convenience  by Dan Sanchez
US Counterterrorism Policy Is Failing, and Can't Be Easily Fixed  by Christopher A. Preble
You Can't Report Truthfully on Israel Without Facing Its Wrath  by Richard Falk
The Biggest Threat  by Justin Raimondo
Zooming In and Out of Serial Season 2  by Joel Poindexter
Architects of Foreign Policy Blunders Treated Like Montessori School Students  by Bruce Fein

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Homeland Security Asking Hotels to Report Customers for Too Many Condoms
Nuclear Computers Vulnerable as Cyberattacks Rise, Watchdog Says
Philippines Says Southern Rebels Not Linked to ISIS
UN: International Migration Surged 41% Since 2000
White House: Sean Penn Wasn't Working for US Govt
70 Killed in Iraq as Reprisal Attacks Take Place in Diyala
ISIS Video Shows Destruction From US Airstrike on Mosul Bank
Iraq Attacks Shatter Relative Calm After ISIS Losses
Putin Hints That Russia Could Grant Asylum to Syria's President
Iran 'Equips, Trains' Syria Forces: Interior Minister
David Cameron Defends UK Drone Strike Investigation
Mobile Clinics, Medical Teams Needed in Madaya: WHO
Siege, Starvation Left Syrian Town in 'Grim' State, UN Says
UN War Crimes Investigators Gathering Testimony From Starving Syrian Town
Syrian Refugee Crisis
Germany to Speed Up Deportations After Cologne Attacks
Germany Leipzig: Hundreds Arrested After Far Right Rampage
Lebanon Regulations 'Put Syrian Refugees at Risk of Abuse'
Canada Resettles 10,000 Syrian Refugees, Few Problems So Far
'Today the Governor Does Not Want Any Syrian Refugees in Alabama,' Spokeswoman Says After State Files Lawsuit
Gaza Activists' Lawsuit Argues Israel Attacked US Territory in Raid on Ship
Gaza Journalist Says He Was Tortured in Hamas Jail
Israeli Soldiers Kill Three Palestinians in West Bank
US Church Puts 5 Banks From Israel on a Human Rights Blacklist
Palestinian Hunger Striker Reportedly in Critical Condition
Report: Hamas May Have Nearly as Many Tunnels as Before 2014 War
Swedish Foreign Minister Calls for Inquiry Into Israeli Violence
Netanyahu Fears More EU Sanctions Against West Bank Settlements
Middle East
Istanbul Suicide Bomber Thought to Have Entered From Syria Recently: Deputy PM
Yemen Peace Talks Postponed, UN Says
Saudi Arabia Arrests Samar Badawi, Human Rights Advocate
Iranian Fighter Jet Crashes, 2 Pilots Killed: Report
Kuwait Court Sentences Two to Death for Spying for Iran, Hezbollah
Is Jordan Hiding How Many Palestinians Are in the Country?
US Officials Once Had Dim View of Venezuela's Opposition Leader
Venezuela Sinks Deeper Into Messy Political Crisis
Venezuela's First Lady Says DEA Kidnapped Her Nephews
Authorities Search for 17 Abducted in Southern Mexico
Sanctions Impact on Russia to Be Longer Term, US Says
NATO Cannot Limit Missile Defenses to Please Russia, US Says
Russia to Deploy New Divisions on Western Flank, Form Nuclear Regiments
New EU Envoy on Anti-Semitism: Clampdown on Internet Among Top Priorities
French Government Considers Law That Would Outlaw Strong Encryption
Spanish Parliament Poised to Pick Socialist as Speaker
European Rights Body Says Worried by Opposition Crackdown in Georgia
Families Long for Justice After Civilian Bloodshed in Joint US-Afghan Raid
Pakistan Army Officers Involved in Attack on Indian Consulate: Afghan Police
Taliban: Toronto Man Captured in Afghanistan Freed on Humanitarian Grounds
Pakistani Soldiers Search NY Times Reporter's Home
Aide: Pakistan Not Sending Ground Troops to Any Country
In Taiwan's South, Calls for Independence From China Entrenched as Poll Looms
China Is Said to Formally Arrest Four Human Rights Advocates
Vietnam Dismisses China's Accounts of Test Flights
China Makes More Military Reforms, Sets Up Graft Busting Unit
South Korea Leader Calls for Chinese Help to Punish North Korea
North Korea's Kim Calls for Expansion of Nuclear Arsenal
Korean-American Detained in North Korea Was Pastor: Defector
Suu Kyi's Surprise Attendance Seen as Boost for Myanmar Peace Talks
Clashes Occur at Funeral of Rebel Commander in Kashmir
Libya Repels ISIS Assault on Oil Terminal
Weary of Chaos, Factions in Libya Tentatively Shift Toward Peace
Lord's Resistance Army Kidnaps Dozens in Central African Republic
Algerian Army Arrests 7 Armed Libyans Near Porous Border
Torture Rife in Burundi, Opposition Claims
Half of South Sudan Children 'Not in School' Because of Conflict
Ghana's Leader Mahama Defends Accepting Guantanamo Detainees
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