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Updated January 15, 2016 - 11:26 PM EST
Pentagon Admits Killing More Iraq, Syria Civilians
  Turkish Artillery Attack ISIS Targets in Iraq, Syria
  UN Security Council Calls Emergency Meeting on Syria Sieges
  Syria Deal With Russia on Military Support Is Open-Ended
  ISIS Briefly Seizes Northern Iraq Village in Counterattack
Pentagon Chief: Sailors Made ‘Navigational Error’
  Iran Affirms Core of Arak Reactor Removed
ISIS Claims Credit for 'Paris-Style' Jakarta Attack
Al-Qaeda Chief Calls for Attacks Over Saudi Executions
Investigation of SEAL Conduct in Afghanistan Is Reopened
10 Detainees Transferred, Less Than 100 Prisoners at Gitmo
US, Iran Step Back From the Brink  by Patrick Buchanan
Enduring Bases, Enduring War in the Middle East  by David Vine
Israel's Imperial Need to Build Walls and Ban Books
 by David Palumbo-Liu
Caught With Our Pants Down in the Gulf  by Justin Raimondo
A Terrorist Under Every Bed  by Philip Giraldi
The Islamic State's Retro Map  by Philip Jenkins

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Amash Bill Would Repeal New Cybersecurity Law
Netanyahu to Brazil: Settler Leader Only Envoy We'll Offer
Egypt Arrests Facebook Page Administrators Ahead of Revolt Anniversary
Pelosi: I Could See Iran From Bahrain
Ecuador to Cooperate With Sweden to Question Julian Assange
ISIS Takes Over Village Behind Frontlines; 142 Killed in Iraq
More ISIS Attacks Likely as Group Suffers Setbacks: US General
Second Aid Convoy Headed to Syria's Madaya
Australian Soldier Accidentally Wounded in Iraq
UN Chief Decries Starvation in Syria as 'War Crime'
Syrian Refugee Crises
Nine Bodies Washed Up on Turkish Coast as Migrants Keep Crossing
EU-Turkey Migrant Plan Blocked by Italy: Officials
German Parliament Approves IDs for Refugees
Angry Bavarian Politician Takes Bus Full of Refugees to Merkel
Truck Bomb Attack by Kurdish Militants Kills Six in SE Turkey
Turkish Academics Probed for Criticizing Military Operations
EU May Demand Compensation for Israeli Demolition of Donated Palestinian Buildings
Netanyahu Slams Sweden's 'Immoral' Criticism, EU's 'Illegal' West Bank Building
IDF Opens Investigation Into Shooting of Palestinian
Abu Khdeir Family Seeks Demolition of Jewish Terrorists' Homes Too
Middle East
Tunisia's Ben Ali Fades Into Obscurity in Saudi Exile
UAE Billionaire: Gulf Arabs Could Pull Billions in Investment Money From US if Trump Elected
Venezuela Opposition Congress Tries to Start Legislating
Senior Venezuela Military on Trial for Facilitating Drug Smuggling
Mexico: 2 Bodies Found in Area Where 43 Students Disappeared
Former Enemies Share Samba in Colombia's 'Dancing With the Stars'
The War at Home
New Navy Ships Have Trouble Surviving the High Seas
Afghan Airman Missing in US Located, 1 Still Unaccounted For
Twitter Sued by Widow for Alleged Aid to ISIS
Sacramento Man Indicted for Lying About Assisting Militant Group
ISIS Threatens UFC Fighter Tim Kennedy, FBI Investigates
Iran's Swift Release of US Sailors Hailed as a Sign of Warmer Relations
US: Prisoner of War Protections Didn't Apply to Sailors Caught by Iran
Marine Veteran Held by Iran Received Care, His Family Says
Factbox: US, EU, UN Close to Lifting Iran Sanctions. Here's How It Will Work
Human Rights Groups Criticize Use of Cluster Bombs in Yemen Conflict
Egypt Extends Participation in Yemen Conflict
UN Chief Welcomes Release of 2 Saudis Held in Yemen
Behind ISIS Attack on Indonesia, Homegrown Jihadi Intellectual
Police Arrest 3 Men on Suspicion of Links to Jakarta Attack
The US Spent a Half Billion on Mining in Afghanistan With 'Limited Progress'
Despite Urgency, Taliban Yet to Decide to Join Talks: US Official
Philippines Urges Patrols With US Amid Sea Dispute With China
Bangladesh: Police Kill 2 Militants
North Korea Says Davos Snub Over Nuclear Test 'Politically Motivated
Fugitive Terror Suspect From Paris Attacks Contacts Lawyer
Belgian-Moroccan Was Third Person Killed in Post Paris Attack Police Raid
Ukraine Says Would Sign Power Contract if Crimea Part of Ukraine
Putin Denies Setting His Dog on Angela Merkel
Civilian Defense Groups on the Rise in Germany
Nigeria Launches New Investigation of 2014 Kidnap of Chibok Girls
Nigeria's Delta Amnesty Program to Continue for at Least 1 Year
Major Oil Pipeline Hit by Blast South of Libya's Ras Lanuf, NOC Says
UN Envoy Warns of Risk of Violence in Congo Ahead of Vote
Israel Told UN It Was Not Selling Lethal Weapons to South Sudan
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