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Updated January 17, 2016 - 11:12 PM EST
US Sets New Iran Sanctions After Prisoner Swap
  Iran Frees Americans as Sanctions Are Lifted, Frustrating Warmongers
  Huffington Post Withheld Story on Iran-Us Prisoner Exchange
ISIS Kills 135, Kidnaps 400 in Eastern Syria
  Pentagon Admits Killing More Iraq, Syria Civilians
Portugal Court: Turn Over Ex-CIA Agent to Italy
29 Killed as al-Qaeda Attacks Burkina Faso Hotel
Al-Shabaab Overruns Somalia Base, 63 Kenya Troops Killed
North Korea Would End Nuke Tests for Peace Treaty
IAEA Report Imminent, Iran Sanctions Relief Days Away
Turkey Detains Academics as Erdogan Rails Against 'Traitors'
After Me, the Jihad: Gaddafi’s Unheeded Warning to the West  by Dan Sanchez
US Foreign Policy Discussions Need a Colossal Dose of Humility  by Shane Smith
What Obama Gets Wrong About Conflict in the Middle East  by Doug Bandow
GOP Debates are Pure Hawk Without a Paul  by Lucy Steigerwald
The Pentagon's B-52 Message to North Koreans  by Jacob G. Hornberger
Minding Our Own Business Is Supposed to Be What Makes Us Exceptional  by Bonnie Kristian

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Army: Shipments of Live Anthrax Spores Resulted From 'Serious Breaches'
Sean Penn Says Mexico Wants Him in Crosshairs of Chapo's Cartel
Mexico Authorities Find 21 Kidnapped Men Alive
Remembering Alan Rickman's Pro-Palestinian Play About Rachel Corrie
Australia PM Visits Iraq as 44 Are Killed
Iraq's Top Shi'ite Cleric Urges End to Militancy After Diyala Attacks
Pentagon Releases Video of US Bombing 'Millions' in ISIS Cash
Russia Says West 'Politicizing' Humanitarian Crisis in Syria
Severe Malnutrition Confirmed in Syria's Madaya, 32 Deaths Reported in Month: UN
One Syrian's Journey From Hometown Rebel to ISIS Bomber
Syrian Refugee Crisis
Norway Tells 5,500 Migrants Who Arrived on Bikes to Ride Back Across the Border to Russia
Germany Launches Smartphone App to Help Refugees Integrate
German Town Bans Male Refugees From Swimming Pool
EU's Open Borders Are in Danger, German Minister Warns
Facing Partial Eviction, Migrants Scramble in Calais 'Jungle'
In New Year's Melee in Cologne, a Migrant Was One Woman's Savior
European Rights Body 'Deeply Concerned' at Danish Migrant Rule Reforms
Turkey Allows Syrian Refugees to Work Legally for First Time
Addressing Critics, White House Cites Diplomacy in Release of Sailors by Iran
EU Ready to Lift Iran Sanctions on IAEA Green Light: Sources
Kerry to Meet With Zarif as US Signals End to Iran Sanctions in Sight
As Iran Prepares to Sell Its Oil, Officials Look at Ways to Bolster the Price
German Trade Body Urges Speedy Revival of Iran Ties
Israeli Troops Kill Two Palestinians in Gaza Stone-Throwing Clash
Poll: Arab Muslim Youths in Palestinian Territories Say ISIS, Qaeda Distort Islam
Report: Hamas Rejects Iran Offer of Funding in Return for Backing in Saudi Row
Israel's Arabs Face Backlash After Tel Aviv Shooting
In the Grim Vision of Likud's Newest MP, Peace Concessions Can Be Deadly
Finance Minister Kahlon to Resign From Knesset, Keep Cabinet Position
New EU Draft Resolution Draws Stark Distinction Between Israel, West Bank Settlements
Blast Sparks Fire at Major Oil Pipeline in Yemen
Weekend Reviews
Your Data or Your Life
Michael Bay's 13 Hours Is a Coded Message to Benghazi Conspiracy Theorists
Michael Bay's Benghazi Movie 13 Hours Is 'Inaccurate', According to CIA Officer
13 Hours Splashes Blood Across the Screen and Misses Real Story of Benghazi
Randy Brown's Welcome to Fob Haiku: War Poems From Inside the Wire
The War at Home
FBI Chief Says No Evidence Yet Philadelphia Ambush Suspect Tied to Islamist Groups
Michael Bay's Benghazi Movie 13 Hours Is 'Inaccurate', According to CIA Officer
John Kasich, in Rare Break From GOP Liturgy, Offers Mild Criticism of Saudi Arabia
Assault Weapons Improperly Bought for Park Rangers
US Searching for 2 Military Copters After Reported Collision
Burundi Security Troops Gang-Raped Women, UN Says
UN Reports Mass Graves in Burundi
Burundi Ex-Minister, Generals Jailed for Life Over Coup: Radio
Military Victories Over Boko Haram Mean Little to Nigerians
Nigerian Military Under Scrutiny After Shi'ite Group Clashes
Nigerian Protesters Still March to Radio Biafra's Explosive Beat
Nigerian Ex-Military Chiefs in Arms Fraud Probe
Egypt Steps Up Raids Ahead of Revolution Anniversary
Six Killed as Gunmen Attack Food Convoy in Northern Mali
David Cameron Defends Libya Decisions
Burkina Faso Issues Warrant Against Ivory Coast Lawmaker
Zimbabwe President Robert Mugabe Still Alive: Spokesman
Petraeus Calls for More Air Strikes in Afghanistan
US Lists Afghan Branch of ISIS as Terrorist Group
Scores of Pakistani Militants Surrender Amid Dip in Attacks
Pakistan Decides to Launch Major Crackdown Against Terrorists in Punjab
Pakistani Boy Cuts Off Own Hand After Blasphemy Mistake: Police
Pakistan Shuts Down Seminaries Run by Group Accused of Indian Air Base Attack
Manila Says Worried Filipinos Could Join ISIS in Middle East
Indonesia Kills One Militant After Attack, Search for More
Chinese Official Expresses Concern Over Missing Hong Kong Bookseller
Dutch Man Suspected of Killing ISIS Fighter Could Face Murder Charge
Special Kosovo War Crimes Court to Be Set Up in the Hague
Another Paris Attacker Identified Via DNA From Body Parts
Cyprus President Spurns Haste in Peace Talks
Venezuela's Maduro Faces Off With Hostile Legislature
Venezuela President Gets Rare Live TV Criticism
Haiti Faces One-Horse Race as Opposition Boycotts Presidential Vote
Americans Still Dying
Fortunately, No American Troops Were Reported Killed This Week
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Iran Frees Americans as Sanctions Are Lifted, Frustrating Warmongers Around the World

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GOP Debates Are Pure Hawk Without a Paul

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From Sarajevo to Madaya: Starvation as Propaganda

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Hillary Clinton: A Proven Warmonger

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Not Just Trump Is a Recruiter of Terrorists

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What Israel Is Up To in Jerusalem

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Questioning the Powerful

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