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Updated January 19, 2016 - 11:05 PM EST
Insider Attack Kills 9 Afghan Police at Checkpoint
  Soaring Desertions Add to Afghan Military Woes
Saudi Airstrike Destroys Yemen Police HQ, 26 Die
  Cameron Defends UK Arms Sales to Saudis, Attack on Yemen
Iran Says New US Sanctions Illegitimate
  US Sailors' GPS Was Working When They Entered Iranian Waters
ISIS Seizes Arms Depot, Other Areas in E. Syria
  UN: Syria Talk Invites on Hold Amid Disagreements Over Who to Invite
  ISIS Rocket From Syria Hits Turkish School, One Killed, 4 Hurt
US Frustrated at Lack of 'Reliable' Allies in Libya
Will Iran Nuclear Deal Change US's Middle East Politics?  by Gareth Porter
Desert Storm Anniversary Reminds Us That Even Victorious Wars Are Problematic  by Ivan Eland
Heinous, Ideological Enemy? The US Has Been There Before  by Lev Golinkin
Humiliation and Herd-Think  by Dan Sanchez
Iran Deal Leaves Tehran Looking Stronger  by Patrick Cockburn
Rubio's Iran Tantrum and the Hawkish Loathing of Diplomacy  by Daniel Larison

More Viewpoints

Is Iran Taking the China Road?
by Patrick J. Buchanan
EU Wants Stricter Controls Over US Snooping Powers in Data Pact Talks
US Decries Rising Violence in Central America but Will Continue Deportations
Trump Promises He'll Force Apple to Manufacture in the US
Search Off Hawaii Finds Life Rafts, No Sign of 12 Marines
Benghazi Film Flops at the Box Office
Sunni Parliament Boycott Over Sectarian Violence; 129 Killed in Iraq
HRW: Iraq Militias Escalate Abuses, Possibly War Crimes
Iraqi Sunni Lawmakers to Boycott Government Session Over Sectarian Violence
Iraqi Forces Hunt for Kidnapped Americans
Kidnapped Americans Taken to Baghdad Flat for 'Women and Alcohol'
Abduction of Americans in Iraq Raises Fears About Security
Five Starve, Dozens More at Risk, in Syria's Besieged Madaya: UN
Denmark Tells UN It Has Trained Radar on Syria
ISIS's Double Standards Sow Growing Disillusion
Syrian Refugee Crisis
US Senate to Consider Tougher Screening for Syrian Refugees
14 Migrants Held on Charges of Assaulting Police in Hungary
Despite Traumas of War, Syrian Children in Turkey Dream of Home
Calais 'Jungle': Bulldozers Move in to Clear Part of Camp
German Town Reopens Pool to Asylum Seekers After Gender Education Drive
Seven Killed in Violence Across Turkey's Mainly Kurdish Southeast
US Ambassador to Israel: Israel Has Two Standards of Law in West Bank – One for Israelis and One for Palestinians
US Criticizes Israeli Settlement Policy
EU Softens Statement, but Lays Line Between Israel and Settlements
West Bank Tensions Rise After Palestinian Stabbings in Israeli Settlements
IDF Orders Removal of Palestinian Workers From Gush Etzion After Attacks
Six Niger Soldiers Killed by Mine Near Nigerian Border
UN: Niger Moves Nearly 100 Schools Away From Boko Haram Threat
German Defense Minister Raises Prospect of Libya Mission
Nigerian Separatists Claim Police Kill 8 in Biafra Protest
Teenage Suicide Bomber Kills 4 at Cameroon Mosque
Ethiopia Scraps Addis Ababa 'Master Plan' After Protests Kill 140
Al-Qaeda Names Fighters Behind Attack on Burkina Capital
Morocco Arrests Belgian National Linked to Paris Attackers
France's Fabius Says EU to Discuss if New Iran Sanctions Needed
Rouhani Says Iran Will Honor Nuclear Deal if West Does the Same
Saudi Arabia Alarmed, in Private, at Iran's Sanctions Relief
Iran Boosts Oil Output, Foreign Firms Keen to Seal Deals
Iran Reformists Demand Review After Candidates Rejected
2 Iranian Poets, Facing Lashings and Prison, Escape Country
Iran-Venezuela Oil Tanker Deal Hit by Sanctions Snags
Hellenic Petroleum to Meet Iran Oil Officials on Friday
Spain Seizes on End of Iran's Sanctions With Plan for Joint Refinery
Jakarta Attacks: ISIS Considers Indonesia Un-Islamic
Jail to Jihad: Indonesian Prisons a Breeding Ground for Militancy
Bomb Kills Five Soldiers in Western Pakistan
Pakistan 1999 Coup Leader Musharraf Acquitted of Murder, but Other Cases Remain
North Korea Nuclear Test Paves Way for Rare Party Congress
Philippines Plans Tracking System for Civilian Flights Over Disputed Sea
Five Bangladesh Militants Jailed for 10 Years for Bombings
Uzbeks Say Political Prisoner Due for Release Died in 2010
Thailand's Ousted Shinawatra Clan Defies Junta With Publicity Drive
David Cameron Backs Bans on Muslim Face Veils as Tories Plan Crackdown on Gender Segregation
Muslim Women Must Pass an English Test or Be Deported, British PM Says
The UK Foreign Office's Secret Survey to 'Measure Zionist Influence'
Ukraine Threatens Sanctions Against Israelis Doing Business With Russians in Crimea
Polish and EU Presidents Call for Calm in Spat Over Warsaw's Reforms
Germany Seeks to Limit Migration From North Africa
Greek President Accuses Turkish Port Officials of Helping People Smugglers
France Soldiers Killed in Alps Avalanche While Training
Several Election Offices Attacked in Haiti as Runoff Nears
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