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Updated January 22, 2016 - 11:19 PM EST
US Troops Take Over Syria Airbase
  Report: Russia Seeks Airbase in Northeast Syria
  Kerry Lowers Expectations on Upcoming Syria Peace Talks
Pentagon Given OK to Target ISIS in Afghanistan
  Pentagon Wasted Millions on Reconstruction in Afghanistan
Saudi Airstrikes Kill 18 Civilians in N. Yemen
  Nine Civilians Killed by Saudi Strike on Yemen Oil Port
  Saudi Forces Capture Port in al-Qaeda-Held Yemen City
Israel Evacuates Hebron Settlers, They Could Return Soon
Al-Shabaab Attacks Somali Beach Restaurants, Five Killed
What Kind of Diplomacy Do Hawks Want?  by Lucy Steigerwald
How To Succeed at Failing, Pentagon-Style  by Nick Turse
Nation Is Paying a Heavy Price for Knee-Jerk Military Spending  by William Ruger
The Craziest Conspiracy Theory of Them All  by Justin Raimondo
No More Holding Hands  by Andrew J. Bacevich
Kerry Pressed for MH-17 Evidence  by Robert Parry

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Month of Guantanamo Releases Ends as 2 More Leave, 1 Refuses
Hawaii Crash: Missing Marines Declared Dead
Japan Lifts Nuclear Sanctions on Iran
Half the Signers of Clinton's Anti-Sanders Letter Tied to Military Contractors
Sanders Compares Hillary to Cheney
Series of Bombs Rocks Baghdad; 147 Killed Across Iraq
German Military Weapons Reportedly Resold by Kurdish Peshmerga Fighters
US Approves Nearly $2 Billion in Weapons for Iraqi F-16 Fighter Jets
Shi'ite Militias Suspects in Iraq Abductions
Iraqi Minister Says 'Blackmail' Behind Kidnapping of US Citizens
Sunni Leader Warns Sectarian Conflicts Dividing Iraq Into Smaller Countries
Vice President Biden, Iraq's Abadi Discuss Turkish Troop Issue: White House
With Days to Go, Rival Camps Bicker Over Teams for Syria Peace Talks
Syria Talks to Start Even if Opposition Boycotts: Russian Diplomat
Kerry Says First Syria Meeting in Geneva Will Be 'Proximity Talks', Not Face-To-Face
Assad Govt Accuses Israel of Being 'al-Qaeda's Air Force'
Losses in Syria May Force Some ISIS Leaders to Move to Libya: EU Official
Syrian Refugee Crisis
Italian Church Groups Open Refugee 'Humanitarian Corridor'
Germany Follows Denmark and Seizes Valuables From Refugees
Denmark Considers Moving Migrants to Camps Outside Cities
Denmark Moves Ahead With Bill to Curb Migrants' Rights
US Offers Turkey Technology to Block ISIS at Syria Border
Amnesty: Some 200,000 at Risk in Turkey's Fight Against Kurdish Militants
German Defense Minister in Turkey: Differences in Fight Against ISIS
New UN Arrangements Set Out to Monitor Arms Embargo on Iran
US Congressman From Michigan Pushed Iran to Free Detainee
Three Al-Jazeera Journalists Kidnapped in Yemen
Saudi-Led Coalition Captures al-Qaeda-Controlled Port in Yemen
Palestinians Seek UN Security Council Resolution Declaring West Bank Settlements Illegal
Abbas: I Agreed to Meet Netanyahu, but Israel Never Responded
Netanyahu at Davos Says Israel Needs More Aid After Iran Deal
Israel Says Will Seize West Bank Land; Demolishes EU Structures
Poll: Party With Lapid, Kahlon, Ex-IDF Chief Could Beat Likud
Head of Atheist Organization's Jerusalem Home Vandalized in Apparent Jewish Hate Crime
Middle East
China Inks $55 Billion Middle East Deals
Chess Forbidden in Islam, Rules Saudi Mufti
Human Rights Group Claims Bahrain Has Imprisoned at Least 250 Minors
The 'Obama Is a Muslim' Conspiracy Theory Is Still Reverberating in the Middle East
Colombia Releases 16 FARC Members as Havana Talks Go On
Venezuela Ministers Shun Hearing on Economic Crisis
Gang Warfare in El Salvador Pushes Death Rate to Record
Haiti in Talks to Delay Sunday Presidential Runoff After Protests
The War at Home
Kent State Professor Investigated for Possible Ties to ISIS
ISIS May Have Saved the A-10
US Escalates Battle to Keep Guantánamo Force-Feeding Tapes Hidden
NSA Chief Stakes Out Pro-Encryption Position, in Contrast to FBI
How a Young American Escaped the No-Fly List
Backdoor Account Found on Devices Used by White House, US Military
Charities, Military Leaders Step in to Help Wounded Veteran Where Va Failed
US Tightens Visa Waiver Rules for Visitors After Paris Attacks
Jonathan Pollard to Reportedly Address Major US Jewish Leaders Next Week
Taiwanese Military Pilot Presumed Dead in F-16 Crash in Arizona
1st of 9 Defendants Sentenced in Massive Navy Bribery Case
Miami-Dade Commissioners Vote to Reject Cuban Consulate in Miami
ISIS Radio Beams Propaganda, Threats Across Rural Afghanistan
Taliban Warns TV Station Staff Not to Promote Immorality After Attack
Attack on Afghanistan's TOLO TV Staffers Named 'Black Wednesday'
Pakistan Army: School Attack Managed by Taliban in Afghanistan
Pakistan Attack Raises Tough Question: Should Teachers Shoot Back?
Govt Decides to Ban Afghan SIMs in Pakistan
Foreign Secretary Talks: India Sets Agenda for Pakistan
Seoul: Time to Push for Nuclear Talks Without North Korea
Following North Korea on Twitter Is Not a Crime, South Korea Court Rules
Tokyo Goes for Broke in Okinawa Poll at US Airbase City
Nepal Police Fire on Madhesi Protesters, Killing at Least 3
Militant Attacks in Asia Inject New Urgency Into US Bomb Training
Filipinos Plan Second Protest Trip to Islands Disputed With China
Taiwan Says China Drills Days After Election 'Very Bad News'
Egypt Intensifies Crackdown Ahead of Arab Spring Anniversary
Bomb Kills Nine in Cairo Suburb as Police Raid Hideout
Kenyan Military Says Mastermind Behind Somalia Attack Believed Killed
Kenya Troops Killed by 'Huge Bomb' in Somalia Attack
What Happened When Al-Shabab Attacked a Kenyan Base in Somalia?
Tunisia Protest: Clashes as Demonstrations Spread
Tunisia's Disillusioned Youth
ISIS Attack Sets Storage Tanks Ablaze at Libyan Oil Terminal
Fearing Genocide, Ex-Burundi Presidents Plead for UN Troops
Swedish Prosecutors Say No Deal Yet on Assange Interrogation
Security Researcher: Ukraine Power Grid Facing New Wave of Cyberattacks
Kosovo Serb Politician Jailed for War Crimes
Unrest for 2nd Day: 7,000 Hold Anti-Govt Protest in Moldova
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