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Updated January 24, 2016 - 11:14 PM EST
Saudis Bankroll CIA Backing of Syrian Rebels
  Pentagon Admits to Killing More Civilians in Syria
  Children Among 30 Killed in Airstrikes Against Eastern Syria
  Erdogan: Turkey Won't Tolerate Russian Build-up in N. Syria
Pentagon: No Clue How Many Arms Lost to ISIS
  Some Anti-ISIS Partners Do 'Nothing at All': Pentagon Chief
US to Put 'Boots on the Ground' in Iraq
  259 Killed in Iraq as Heavy Clashes Takes Place in Anbar
Saudi Strikes Kill 59 in Yemen, Mostly Civilians
Joint Chiefs Chair: US Looking to Attack ISIS in Libya
Israel Evacuates Hebron Settlers, They Could Return Soon
Video: Kurds Waving White Flag Shot by Turkish Soldiers
Egypt, Five Years Later: A Human-Rights Catastrophe Made by the US  by Ganzeer
Don't Hide Video of Force-Fed Detainee  Miami Herald
Iran and the Diplomatic Jackpot  by John Feffer
Extreme, Extremer, Extremest  by Uri Avnery

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Muslim Leaders Plan Summit on Protecting Non-Muslims in Their Midst
Poland Clouds NATO's Nuanced Russia Plan
15 Countries in Arrears to UN Including Venezuela Lose Vote
Rise in Space Junk Could Provoke Armed Conflict Say Scientists
259 Killed in Iraq as Heavy Clashes Takes Place in Anbar
US-Led Coalition Needs to Take Back Mosul and Raqqa: Carter
Iraqi PM Wants Turkey to Pull Out Troops
Syrian Kurds Say Must Be Represented at Geneva Talks
Syria Opposition Rules Out Talks Before Russian Air Raids End
Syrian Refugee Crisis
At Least 42 Migrants Drown as Boats Capsize Off Greek Islands
'Panic' as Europe Faces Demise Over Refugees, Top Officials Say
Five Children Hurt in School Attack in Southeast Turkey Blamed on PKK
In Turkey, Biden Criticizes Erdogan's Crackdown on Freedom of Expression
Iran Opening Stirs New Interest From Businesses
Aviation Giants Tread Carefully in Test Case for Post-Sanctions Iran
Chinese Leader in Iran to Discuss Economy, Regional Crisis: State TV
Saudi Arabia
Kerry in Riyadh to Talk Iran, Syria With Gulf Arabs
Saudis Slam 'Irrational' Oil Price as Market Tanks Under $27
US 'Hopes' Saudi Arabia May Reopen Tehran Embassy
IDF Demolishes Two EU Funded Palestinian Structures
Palestinian Moved to IDF Jail in West Bank After Court Orders His Release From Jerusalem Jail
Hebron Evictions Cause Political Strife
Obama to Visit Israeli Embassy as Tensions With Netanyahu Thaw
Chinese President Calls for East Jerusalem as Capital of Palestinian State
Switzerland 'Made Secret Deal With PLO' After Bomb Attacks
French Plan to Prolong State of Emergency Over Terror Threat
France to Try Seven Jihadists Including Paris Bomber's Brother: Judicial Source
Kerry Says Effort and Good Faith Could Lead to Lifting of Sanctions on Russia
US Strips Five Russian Honorary Consuls of Credentials
Thousands Rally in Support of Chechen Leader Kadyrov
ISIS Threatens Attacks on Spain in Latest Propaganda Video
Weekend Reviews
Inside the Drone Warfare 'Theater': Drones
Zooming In and Out of Serial Season 2
The Devil's Chessboard: Allen Dulles, the CIA, and the Rise of America's Secret Government
The War at Home
Sanders Smeared as Communist Sympathizer as Clinton Allies Sling Mud
Trump Has 'Compromised' Bergdahl's Right to a Fair Trial, Lawyer Says
Trump Alters Campaign Ad to Remove Russian Soldiers
Guantanamo Bay Inmate Refuses to Leave
Air Force: Human Error Damaged Nuclear-Armed Missile in Silo in 2014
Student Says 'ISIS' During Pledge, Gets Pulled From Connecticut High School
Epic Navy Bribery Scandal Shows How Easy It Can Be to Steal Military Secrets
Disney Loved Its No-Fly Zone Until It Wanted to Fly Its Own Drones
Don't Read Too Much Into Military Drills, China Says After Taiwan Alarm
China Taking 'Self-Isolating' Steps in South China Sea: Pentagon
China Jails Rights Activist on Spying Charges as Crackdown Widens
Chinese Journalist Who Defected Is Missing From Thailand
Splinter Taliban Group Threatens More School Attacks in Pakistan
US Report Claims Pakistan Has 110-130 India-Specific Nukes
North Korea
North Korea Says It Arrests US Student for 'Hostile Act'
UN: North Korea Leaders Should Face Trial for Crimes Against Humanity
Myanmar Releases Political Prisoners Before Power Transfer
Laos Picks New Communist Party Chief
Tunisia Imposes Curfew After Worst Post-Revolt Unrest
Five Years On, Unrest Tests 'Arab Spring' Model Tunisia
A Climate of Fear Intensifies in Egypt Before the Arab Spring Anniversary
Fires Still Raging at Major Libyan Oil Terminal After Attack
Thousands Return to Nigerian Town After Boko Haram Ouster
Ivory Coast Army Chief Urged Burkina Coup Leader to Act
Venezuela Opposition Rejects Maduro's 'Economic Emergency' Decree

Spain Summons Venezuelan Ambassador Over President's Remarks

Cuba, US Officials Hold Talks on Internet and Telecoms
Mexico Arrests 3 More in Disappearance of 43 Students
Haiti Postpones Presidential Election as Violence Erupts
Colombians Smuggled Drugs to New York on Spanish Navy Ship: Prosecutor
Americans Still Dying
Air Force Major Dies in Qatar From Non-Combat Incident
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