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Updated January 25, 2016 - 11:19 PM EST
Kerry: US Supports Saudi War in Yemen
US Ready to Impose Military Solution in Syria
  Hundreds Killed as ISIS Makes Gains in Eastern Syria
  Syrian Govt Retakes Last Major Rebel-Held Town in Latakia
  Saudis Bankroll CIA Backing of Syrian Rebels
  Jordan: 12 Infiltrators Killed by Troops on Syrian Border
Biden: PKK and ISIS Are Equal Threats to Turkey
UK Drops 58 Probes of Iraq War Crimes
Congress Is Writing the President a Blank Check for War  by Ron Paul
What Donald Rumsfeld Knew We Didn’t Know About Iraq  by John Walcott
The CIA's Syria Program and the Perils of Proxies
 by Daveed Gartenstein-Ross & Nathaniel Barr
Nationalism and Its Discontents: The Meaning of Trump  by Justin Raimondo
Failed States and States of Failure  by Tom Engelhardt
Neocons Flack for Unsavory Saudis  by Daniel Lazare

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New Privacy Bills to Hinder Data Collection Could Affect 100m Americans
Saudi-Iranian Proxy War Spreads to Davos
Former Spy Seeks to Show UK Knew of Guantanamo Torture
'Terminator Conundrum': Pentagon Weighs Ethics of Pairing Deadly Force, AI
ISIS Executes Own Recruiter; 84 Killed in Iraq
Iraq Seeks More Coalition Trainers for Local Police
Turkish PM Davutoglu Says Turkey Respects Iraq's Territorial Integrity
Iraq Summons Saudi Envoy Over Comments on Iran-Backed Militias
Iraqi Fighter Suing Army 8 Years After Making Up Story That His Sister, 7, Was Killed by Troops
Syrian Opposition Says Kerry Applies Pressure Over Peace Talks
Three Killed in Bombing Claimed by ISIS in Northeast Syria
Syrian Rebel Groups Hold Assad, Russia Responsible for Any Failure of Talks: Statement
'Jihadi Jack': Jack Letts Reportedly First White British Male to Join ISIS
Syrian Refugee Crisis
Why Is It So Difficult for Syrian Refugees to Get Into the US?
Britain May Take in Unaccompanied Children Fleeing Syria
Asylum Seekers Made to Wear Coloured Wristbands in Cardiff
Protests at Greek Border After More Migrants Drown in Aegean
Greece 'Facing Exclusion' From Schengen Passport-Free Zone
Despite Patrols, Sealing Greek Sea Border Is Near Impossible
Merkel Pressured on All Fronts as Ally Takes Swipe Over Migrants
Germany Wants Extension of Schengen Border Controls
35 Arrested as Migrants Storm French Port of Calais, Disrupt Ferry Traffic
Russia Says Norway Border Post Closed to Migrants for 'Security'
One Wounded in Turkey as Rocket Hits House Near Syria Border: Media
Turkey's Pro-Kurdish Opposition Will Join Work on New Constitution
Turkish Soldier Killed in Operations Against PKK
Pentagon Chief Says Turkey Could Do More in Fight Against ISIS
Kerry Tries to Ease Concerns About Warming US-Iran Relations
Iran, China Agree $600 Billion Trade Deal After Sanctions
Sanctions Lifted, Iran's Rouhani Heads to Europe to Drum Up Business
Iran Wishes to Purchase Hundreds of Airplanes From Europe, US
Europe's Big Banks Remain Wary of Doing Business With Iran
Iran Parliament Defines 'Political Crimes' in Apparent Nod to Reform
US Prisoner Who Stayed in Iran Was FBI Consultant, Expatriate News Service Says
White House Raises Concerns About Harm to Civilians in Yemen
Gunmen Kill Police Colonel, Four Others in Yemen's Aden
UN Says Access Difficult to Besieged Yemeni City of Taiz
Netanyahu Seeks to Return Israeli Army-Evicted Settlers to West Bank Houses
Benjamin Netanyahu Fails to Quell All Coalition Rebellion Threats Over Hebron Homes
Palestinians Mourn 13-Year-Old Girl Shot Dead
Bennett in West Bank: No Palestinian State Here
EU Agrees to Provide Palestinians With 9.5 Million Euros in Developmental Aid
Zionist Union MK Yacimovich Blasts Herzog for 'Playing Into Netanyahu's Hands'
Palestinian Teen Reported Killed by Bomb He Was Carrying East of Jerusalem
Israel Says No Charges Over Video Attack on Rights Groups
Israeli Army to Return Some Jordan Valley Land to Palestinian Owners
Two Thirds of Israelis Unhappy With Way Netanyahu Handling Terror Wave
Protests by Both Sides Spread After Postponement of Haitian Election
Protesters in Haiti Demand That President Quit
Ex-Haiti Coup Leader Says to Fight 'Anarchists' as Unrest Spreads
The War at Home
Pentagon Wants Psychologists to End Ban on Interrogation Role
Hillary Clinton Laughs When Asked if She Will Release Transcripts of Her Goldman Sachs Speeches
Army Major's Gunshot Death Near Fort Hood Ruled a Suicide
Nuclear Missile 'Mishap' Costs Air Force $1.8 Million
Despite Decades of Stealth, Sticking Points Bedevil F-35 Jet
An American Muslim in Kansas Tries to Claim Her Place in Her Own Country
Taliban Demands Prisoner Release to Rejoin Afghan Peace Talks
Afghan Officials, Voicing Security Fears on Facebook, Are Fired for Their Trouble
China Considers Larger Role in Afghanistan Peace Process
ISIS in Afghanistan: We Will Bury Them, Says President Ghani
Pakistani Military Arrests 5 in University Attack
Pakistan Army Says Deadly University Attack Controlled From Afghanistan
Pakistan Wants US to Drone Fazlullah in Afghanistan
Anti-Base Okinawa Candidate Loses Key Mayoral Poll: Media
Asylum Seekers in Japan Reach Record 7,586 in 2015; 27 Accepted
Kerry to Press China Over North Korea, Urge ASEAN Unity Over South China Sea
India Declassifies Files on Death of Independence Leader
Ethnic Protesters in Nepal Reject Constitutional Amendment
Malaysia Says Arrests 7 ISIS-Linked Militants Suspected of Planning Attacks
US Student's Detention by North Korea Was a Surprise, Tour Group Says
2 Chinese Killed in Laos Suspected Bombing Attack
Vietnam's Communist Party Boss 'To Run Unopposed'
Australia Seeks Regional Terrorism Cooperation After Jakarta Attack
Gunmen Kill 2 Egyptian Policemen at Checkpoint
Tale of Egyptian Teen Held for Two Years Without Trial
Algeria Detains 270 Moroccans on Way to Libya
Algeria Summons Morocco Envoy, Detains Moroccans Headed to Libya: Sources
Fires Caused by ISIS at Major Libyan Oil Terminal Put Out
Morocco Journalist Faces Trial for Western Sahara Comments
Burkina Faso
Burials Begin for Burkina Faso Nationals Killed by Jihadists
Burkina Faso: 10 Soldiers Arrested Over Armory Raid
Secession Talk Leads to Rising Tensions in Nigeria
South Sudan Misses Deadline to Form Unity Government
Tunisia PM Urges Patience After Social Unrest
Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe Returns Home
Nearly a Quarter of Niger Voters Barred From February Election
French Minister Says State of Emergency Will Not Last for Ever
New ISIS Video Claims to Show Paris Attackers Beheading Prisoners
Au Revoir and Shalom: Jews Leave France in Record Numbers
Hungarians Rally Against Government Push for Sweeping Anti-Terror Powers
Polish Protesters Take to Streets to 'Defend Freedom'
40,000 Rally Against Government in Ex-Soviet Moldova
No Special Status for East Ukraine Without Ceasefire: President
Spain's Opposition Socialists Accuse Hard-Left Podemos of 'Blackmail'
Portugal Picks Center-Right President for Center-Left Government
As Frustrations With Mexico's Government Rise, So Do Lynchings
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