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Updated January 26, 2016 - 10:17 PM EST
Pentagon on Afghanistan: US 'Can't Really Leave'
  Taliban Infiltrator Drugs, Kills 10 Afghan Police
UN Hopes Six-Month Syria Talks to Start Friday
  Suicide Truck Bomb Rocks Islamist-Held District in Aleppo
  Syrian Army Seizes Key Southern Rebel Town
Leader of Oregon Occupation Arrested After Deadly Shootout
Libya's UN-Recognized Parliament Rejects UN-Backed Govt
Ending 'Freeze,' Israel OKs More Settlement Expansion
US Treasury Official: Putin the 'Picture of Corruption'
Saudi Strike Kills Anti-Hadi Judge in Yemen, Six Relatives
Europol Claims ISIS Has Training Camps Across the EU
How Petraeus Avoided Felony Charges and Prison Time
Iran Is Guilty of 'Contempt of Empire,' Nothing More  by Shane Smith
US Foreign Policy Needs To Regain Some Old-Fashioned Subtlety  by Ivan Eland
The Syrian Civil War Just Became Even More Complex  by Ted Galen Carpenter
Uncle Sam’s Suicide Squads  by Dan Sanchez
Hillary Clinton Seeks Neocon Shelter  by Robert Parry
Politifact Is Wrong About Sanders' Criticism of the Pentagon Budget  by Robert Naiman

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Noam Chomsky Supports US Airstrikes on ISIS to Protect Kurds
Which European Countries Have Produced the Most ISIS Fighters?
Saudis Say Their Iraq Envoy Not Representing Them
Air Force Withheld Nuclear 'Mishap' From Review Team
Australian Leaders Unite for Split With Britain's Queen Elizabeth
Mass Grave Found in Ramadi; 167 Killed Across Iraq
Czechs to Send Guns, Ammunition to Iraq and Jordan to Fight ISIS
Kurds Accuse Syria Pro-Govt Militia of Bombings
In Berlin, Little Optimism Ahead of Syria Peace Talks
Syria's US-Backed Rebel Alliance Expanding Landing Field for Non-Combat Goals: Spokesman
Syrian Refugee Crisis
Arab Monarchies Turn Down Syrian Refugees Over Security Threat
French Official Calls on Paris to Send Troops to Calais Over Migrants
Child Watchdogs Warn of European Refugee 'Race to the Bottom'
Denmark's Daylight Robbery of Refugees
'Running Out of Time', EU Puts Greece, Schengen on Notice
London Builders Cover Up Banksy Mural Against France
Refugee Center Worker Stabbed to Death by Migrant in Sweden
French Study Finds Children of Immigrants Embracing 'Frenchness'
MSF Calls for Inquiry Into Deadly Yemen Hospital Attack
Yemen's Healthcare System Left in Tatters Due to Saudi Bombing Campaign
Deals and Warms Words Flow as Iranian President Visits Europe
Italian PM Says New Business Accords With Iran 'Just the Beginning'
Amnesty: Dozens of Juvenile Offenders Face Death in Iran
Ya'alon Keeps West Bank Authority as PM Sets Up Settlement Panel
Two Women Wounded in West Bank Stabbing, One in Critical Condition
Israeli Arabs Furious Over Islamic Movement Ban, to Mark Day for Israeli Arab Rights
Teen Palestinian Twins Planned Terror Bombings, Shin Bet Says
US Envoy Shapiro 'Regrets' Timing of Comments on Israeli Double Standard in West Bank
France Said to Plan Summit With Israeli PM, Abbas Attending
Israeli Army Enlists Popular 'Bill' Meme for Arabic PR Campaign
Middle East
Turkey Detains 10 Over ISIS Recruiting
UAE Terror Suspect ISIS 'Emir,' Judge Hears
15-Year Terms Added for 57 Shiites in Bahrain Jail Mutiny
UN OKs Mission to Monitor Future Cease-Fire in Colombia
Short-Term Interim Government Likely in Haiti: US Official
Costa Rica Sets Date for 2nd Airlift of Stranded Cubans
UN, El Salvador Launch US-Backed Anti-Corruption Program
Putin Denounces Soviet Founder Lenin
Russian Fighter Jet Crashes in Siberia, Pilots Survive
French PM Says State of Emergency to Be Prolonged
New ISIS Video Suggests Paris Attackers Encrypted Their Data
The War at Home
Motion Filed to Block State From Delaying Release of Clinton Emails
West Virginia Bill Would Block Unconstitutional National Guard Deployments
Rand Paul Blasts Pentagon for $40,000 Model Base
If You Say 'ISIS' While Doing a Crime You Get to Be on the News
US Air Force Veteran, Smeared as 'An ISIS Fighter,' Just Returned to the US
Fearing Return to Jail, Freed Spy Pollard Aborts First Speech in 30 Years
Five Years After Egypt Uprising, Police – Not Activists – Celebrated
Police Presence in Egypt Mutes Most Protests on 5th Anniversary of Uprising
Online, Egypt's Internet Activists Mourn Their Stifled Revolt
Hero of Egypt's Uprising Still Hopes for Change Despite Return of Repression
Sudan: Amendment Means Protesters Could Now Face Five Years in Prison
Nearly 10,000 Displaced by Clashes in Sudan's Darfur: UN
US Leaders Speak
Cameroon: 4 Suicide Attackers Kill at Least 35 People
Nigerian Herdsmen Kill 20 in 'Revenge' Attack in Adamawa
Libya Lost $68 Billion in Attacks on Oil, Industry Chief Says
Tunisian Police Protest Over Pay in New Test for Government
Burkina President Vows to Do 'All Possible' for Kidnapped Australian Pair
Rwandan Police Kill Suspected ISIS Recruiter
Algeria President Takes Control of Security Services: Media
UN: South Sudan Needs Arms Embargo; Leaders Killing Civilians
Witness Testifies in US About 2000 Murder of Diplomat in Niger
Pakistan's Powerful Army Chief Says to Step Down When Term Ends
Obama Urges 'Serious' Action Against Pakistan Extremists
Philippine Muslim Rebels Say Concerned at Rising Radicalism
Malaysia Says ISIS Threat Very Real as Video Warns of Attacks
Russia Invites Japan to Fish Around Disputed Islands
India, France Sign Fighter Plane Accord but Haggle Over Price
China Releases Swedish Rights Activist Peter Dahlin
India to Build Satellite Tracking Station in Vietnam That Offers Eye on China
Vietnam PM Out of Contention in Party Leadership, Political Exit Looms
How a Small Swiss Company Is Fighting a Surveillance Law – and Winning
Montenegrin PM Risks Losing Confidence Motion After NATO Invite
Bosnian Police Arrests Media Mogul and Former Minister
Moldova PM Pavel Filip Rejects Calls to Step Down
Spain's Ciudadanos Says It Opposes Any Government Involving Podemos
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Uncle Sam’s Suicide Squads

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What Kind of Diplomacy Do Hawks Want?

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Why Won't Iran Act Like Our Enemy?

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